Indian Techie and Space Science Enthusiast Found Lost Vikram Lander on Moon.

Indian Techie and Space Science Enthusiast Found Lost Vikram Lander on Moon.

Vikram Lander found! Indian technologist and space science enthusiast from Chennai, Shanmuga Subramanian has spotted remains of Vikram Lander within 750m distance from its crashing point. He was continuously observing images of the moon where Vikram Lander was about to land. NASA and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s camera (LROC) team had confirmed that those are the debris of Vikram lander and credited Shangmuga who gave them tips about the remains.

NASA spacecraft the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter scanned the landing location of the Lander but they failed to find saying it might be hidden in the shadows.    

Vikram Lander

Shanmuga Subramanian gave that he found Vikram lander to NASA and LROC back in September. NASA and LROC took more than one and a half months to confirm it. In an email to Shanmuga, LROC confirmed that the location does exhibit changes in images taken before and after the date of landing. After getting a tip from him LROC team did additional searches and confirmed that the spots shown in the image are remains of Lander. The LROC team has congratulated Shanmuga for his efforts.

India launched Chandrayan to the moon on 22 July 2019 at 2.45 PM from Satish Dhawan Space Centre with the help of GSLV Mk III. It was a successful launch after postponing the first attempt as fuel leakage issues were noticed. On 20th August 2019, Chandrayan reached moons orbit. The rover Pragyan and a lander carrying it Vikram were scheduled to launch on 7th September at 1.55 AM.

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