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In the growing age of technology, products, and services, one of the major domains that need attention is the delivery and safety of goods and services. Logistics has become one of the most talked about and integral parts of today’s global economy.

Organizations around the world are importing and exporting goods, etc. but how do they ensure safety and compliance with all regulations and standards?

Freightgate has been developing Best-in-Class Logistics Cloud solutions for the freight industry since 1994. Named as a Top 100 Logistics IT provider for 13 consecutive years by Inbound Logistics Magazine. Freightgate has decades of supply chain logistics experience being the early pioneer of cloud computing, open connectivity, mobile applications, and web service-enabled solutions.

Breaking the Barriers – Freightgate

Freightgate began its journey as an established company in the year 2000 with its base of operations in Fountain Valley, California. Freightgate’s Logistics Cloud Platform, known as the Freightgate Universe, enables transportation professionals on all levels to collaborate with global vendors and logistics providers seamlessly on a single common transportation sourcing platform for informed decision-making across the entire network.

It encompasses ISO9001:2008-certified end-to-end transportation management processes from procurement, rate management, optimization, execution and visibility, and carbon footprint, through invoice audit & pay.

Freightgate was established with a mission to deliver digital transformation and exceptional value to Importers, Exporters, and LSPs alike, by offering the most flexible, highly configurable, and modular internet native platform. Now known as the Cloud – Freightgate’s founders are early pioneers and visionaries that are driven to harness the power highly collaborative ecosystems hold. Freightgate’s vision is to create solutions that empower its customers to generate exponential returns.

The Freightgate Universe consists of adaptive easy-to-deploy modules to help companies leapfrog into the 21st century with minimal start-up costs. Freightgate is the only commercial EFM-compliant platform enabling standardized web services as promoted by the US-DOT and Transport-Canada.

Freightgate has been the early pioneer in cloud computing and mobile applications for logistics and global supply chain management. Logistics cloud technology unlocks a new age of competitiveness giving every business an equal opportunity to participate in global markets with smart logistics tools and greater agility. Connecting your global supply chain to a best-in-class logistics cloud solution is now the difference between success and failure!

Freightgate’s Journey to Success

Over the last couple of years, digital transformation in the supply chain has become increasingly important. There is so much to manage and control with a single shipment and the need for more efficient processes and the use of technology to make better-informed decisions.

That pushed customers to look around with a growing need of making market-driven decisions with something like Freightgate’s Cloud Platform to better manage using sailing schedule data, AIS, port data feeds, API/EDI, drayage feeds, company data feeds, rail data feeds and only by overlaying all these touch points can you create something comprehensive enough to manage today’s complexities in the supply chain.

The general advancements team Freightgate has made in the configurability of the platform and building out the microservices architecture is empowering customers to take their logistics automation to the next level.

Freightgate has one of the broadest, most flexible logistics cloud offerings in the market. And the team has created tailored packages to enable even smaller Importers and Exporters to take advantage of their unique dynamic rating and routing paired with comprehensive schedules and benchmark data.

They have decades of experience delivering digital supply chain transformation services and software to shippers, 3PLs, and their customers. With one of the most flexible, vertically-integrated real-time global visibility platforms. With an impressive history, proven track record of innovation, and recognition such as Freightgate For Most Recommended Logistics Solution/Service Providers 2022, the Freightgate team strives in creating solutions that help its customers generate exponential returns.

Service Arsenal of Freightgate

Freightgate is uniquely positioned to empower many new customers with its DYNAMIC RATING and ROUTING platform, enabling vast efficiency gains with zero-touch dispatch (RPA) and our investment in IoT.

Driven by their passion for logistics, supply chain, and flexibility the Freightgate Logistics Cloud is hyper-connected and sports unmatched flexibility. Their goal, as always, is to keep every customer happy, with a keen focus on genuine satisfaction and on providing the best, smartest services they can!

Their service offering includes:


  • Contract Rate Management Contract Rate Management
  • Visibility Control Solutions Visibility and Control Solutions
  • Audit and Payment Audit and Payment
  • Purchase Order Management Purchase Order Management
  • Quote Automation Quote Automation
  • Supply Chain Dashboard Supply Chain Dashboard
  • Procurement Management Procurement Management
  • Ocean Sailing Schedules Ocean Sailing Schedules


  • NetSuite Cloud Logistics NetSuite Cloud Logistics
  • ERP/TMS IntegrationERP/TMS Shipping Integration
  • IOT IntegrationsIOT Integrations
  • IoT TrackersIoT Trackers


  • SOLAS VGM ComplianceSOLAS VGM Compliance
  • Denied Party Screening Denied Party Screening
  • Import Security Filing Import Security Filing
  • FMC Tariff PublishingFMC Tariff Publishing

How does Freightgate go ahead with the changing times and trends?

To understand the current industry scenario and how Covid-19 has affected the freight industry the team started looking at the broader economy and understand the path of a general economic recovery which widely depends on outside factors they do not have control of, like a possible resurgence of the virus, government’s economic-policy response, and the ability to reinstate business and consumer confidence.

What they do have control of is how they can adapt to these times by responding with more efficient processes and the use of technology to make better-informed decisions. The direct effect this pandemic has on Freightgate provides an opportunity in helping promote advanced solutions to customers and prospects while helping them to take control of the transportation, supply chain, and freight spending, make dynamic data-driven decisions, and respond to the market conditions in real-time with the use of their Freighgate Cloud Platform.

How Freightgate is an undisputed leader in Logistic solutions/services

Freightgate’s Management team has a profound knowledge of the logistics and supply chain industry and is uniquely suited to transform it by constantly improving product offerings to meet and exceed the logistics industry’s challenging demands.

Their long-term relationships with customers help us develop adaptive easy-to-deploy solutions enabling companies to be competitively positioned within their marketplace. Having established alliances with technology companies around the world we are managing the globalization of logistics and supply chain management using the latest Cloud Technologies.

Their Experienced Team excels at finding innovative solutions to improve Logistics and Supply Chain Management with their vast arsenal of flexible cloud technology tools – give them a call and experience the difference yourself firsthand. Share your toughest Logistics challenge and allow Freightgate to come up with a creative, potentially out-of-the-box solution!

The team at Freightgate

Driven by a passion for innovation and never-ending improvements. Leading a team that strives to provide innovative logistics solutions, fostering global collaboration and productivity, while building a highly configurable platform with a global-by-design philosophy.

Martin and his team continue to deploy technology to find smarter ways to solve today’s and tomorrow’s supply chain challenges.

“The general advancements we have made in configurability of the platform and building out the microservices architecture is empowering our customers to take their logistics automation to the next level.” – Martin Hubert, CEO, Freightgate

Leadership at Freightgate

Freightgate is a highly advanced and technology-integrated company leading the logistics space with unshaken roots and undefeated standards. A company embedded with strong core values, with expert personnel weaving crafted and highly sophisticated solutions to provide unparalleled services and logistics solutions.

A company of this repute requires a leadership that is a visionary, a thorough expert, and an effervescent leader that can lead the team, motivate them, and constantly inspire them to push past boundaries and innovate.

Martin Hubert is the CEO of Freightgate.

Martin Hubert was born in Germany, He sold his first program at age 16, then went on and studied computer science. While at the university, He started a software company selling custom software solutions.

After graduating with a Masters and MBA he did a short engagement in New York, NY at a freight company whose president afterward offered him a job as Director of IT. In 1994, his independent Internet quest began by founding a company that focused on providing track and trace capability over the internet through establishing EDI capabilities with carriers.

This led to the inception of Freightgate in 2000 with a vision to provide a focused platform that improves the life of logistics companies and shippers.   

Driven by a passion for innovation and never-ending improvements. Leading a team that strives to provide innovative logistics solutions, fostering global collaboration and productivity, while building a highly configurable platform with a global-by-design philosophy. Martin continues to deploy technology to find smarter ways to solve today’s and tomorrow’s supply chain challenges.

Martin’s views on the healthcare industry and its digitization?  

When we think of the healthcare industry, we often think of professionals such as doctors and nurses. Although these are, of course, essential roles in this field, they’re far from the only ones. The healthcare industry encompasses a wide range of sectors that provide goods and services to treat patients.

As well as, the industry also includes those who research, manage, and provide essential equipment and services. With digital healthcare services patients can keep detailed and automatically updated medical records for themselves, making their medical history easily accessible.

Martin’s views on the responsibilities of an entrepreneur and his advice for them? 

Entrepreneurs are held accountable by their clients to provide their products or service and to themselves to market their business. Evaluating market opportunities, devising a business plan, sourcing funding, founding the business or firm, and overseeing its operations. Seeking new directions and ways to improve and grow the company. Overseeing financial records and taking action, such as securing a new line of credit to handle unforeseen events.

Go after your passion and try your hardest to build a product or service that will make your customers’ lives easier. Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires an intense level of dedication to your dream, and this means sacrificing time and money to make it happen. It may not be fun to give up those nightly Netflix binges or weekend parties with friends so you can put in some extra hours on your startup, but these sacrifices are much easier to make now than when you’re older.

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