Freightgate: Optimizing the Supply Chain Industry with Innovative Digital Technologies

Freightgate - Optimizing the Supply Chain | Martin Hubert | The Enterprise World

Digital transformation in the supply chain has become increasingly important over the past few years. With so much to manage and control, there is an increased need for more efficient processes and the use of technology to make better-informed decisions. Customers in the supply chain industry are thus seeking platforms to help them make market-driven decisions.

Companies like Freightgate are catering to this need with their innovative solutions. The company’s cloud platform enables its customers to manage better by using sailing schedule data, AIS, port data feeds, API/EDI, drayage feeds, company data feeds, and rail data feeds. 

Established in 2000 by Martin Hubert (Founder, and CEO), Freightgate’s mission is to deliver digital transformation and exceptional value to importers, exporters, and LSPs alike. It does so by offering the most flexible, highly configurable, and modular internet-native platform.

Freightgate’s founders are early pioneers and visionaries that are driven to harness the power highly collaborative ecosystems hold. The company’s vision is to create solutions that help its customers generate exponential returns. It takes pride in jointly solving supply chain puzzles with its customers and helping to make the world a better place. 

Turning Point and Mantra to Success 

Freightgate provides one of the market’s most comprehensive and adaptable logistics cloud products. Smaller Importers and Exporters can now benefit from the distinctive dynamic grading and routing along with thorough schedules and benchmark data thanks to the specially designed packages that have been developed by the company.

The company has decades of experience working with shippers, 3PLs, and their clients to deliver digital supply chain transformation services and software, utilizing one of the most adaptable, vertically integrated platforms for real-time, worldwide exposure. The Freightgate team works hard to develop solutions that assist its customers in generating exponential returns. With an excellent history, a demonstrated track record of innovation, and awards like 2022’s Most Innovative SCM Solution Provider, they have achieved great success.

Freightgate has generally improved the platform’s configurability and built as well as expanded the microservices architecture, enabling its customers to progress their logistics automation.

Dealing with COVID 19 

Businesses are facing major difficulties, including worker vulnerability, significant variations in product demand, and significant supply chain interruption from the affected regions. Unpredictable occurrences and uncertainties associated with the pandemic continue to widen the range of risks, emphasizing the increased need for crisis management and strategies to increase industry-wide strategic, operational, and financial resilience. Freightgate is grateful to have developed a devoted client base and is inspired by the confidence customers have in the business. Freightgate conducts daily stand-ups and check-ins to maintain alignment and share daily victories.

On the other hand, Freightgate has control over how it responded to these times by using technology to make more informed judgments and more effective procedures. Through the usage of the Freightgate Cloud Platform, Freightgate can assist its customers to take control of the freight, making data-driven choices, and reacting to market conditions in real-time by helping to give the solutions they require.

Bouquet of Services

Freightgate is ideally positioned to empower many new customers with its DYNAMIC RATING and ROUTING platform, which enables huge efficiency savings through zero-touch dispatch (RPA) and IoT investment. Its Logistics Cloud is highly linked and offers unparalleled flexibility because it is driven by a passion for logistics, supply chains, and adaptability. Its objective is to keep every customer satisfied, with a strong emphasis on delivering the greatest, most intelligent services.

By taking note of the problems and specific requirements of its clients, Freightgate’s Logistics Cloud seeks to deliver the best solutions. The business is motivated to keep improving its AI and ML skills and staying at the forefront of the digital supply chain transformation.

One of the most comprehensive and adaptable logistics cloud products has been developed by Freightgate. Based on this framework, it provides packages that let importers and exporters of all sizes benefit from its distinctive dynamic grading and routing, along with an extensive schedule and benchmark data.

Logistics Platform (TMS)

The management team at Freightgate is ideally suited to alter the logistics and supply chain sector by continuously enhancing product offerings to meet and surpass the demanding requirements of the industry.

Its long-term ties with customers have aided in the development of adaptable, simple-to-deploy solutions that allow businesses to occupy competitive positions in their markets. Freightgate is leveraging the most recent Cloud Technologies to handle the globalization of logistics and supply chain management after forging agreements with international technology firms. With its extensive collection of adaptable cloud technology tools, its experienced team excels in coming up with creative solutions to enhance logistics and supply chain management.

Increasing Scalability and Sustainability 

Many of Freightgate’s clients have spent years trying ineffectively to discover solutions to their particular logistical problems; nevertheless, the Freightgate team was able to solve their logistical conundrum in innovative, effective, and scalable ways that have allowed them to break new ground. The secret fuel that keeps the Freightgate team pushing the limit is puzzle-solving and brainstorming about effective out-of-the-box ideas that produce exceptional innovation.

Freightgate has created a culture that encourages innovation and constant development. Additionally, the organization conducts annual ISO9001:2015 audits to have unbiased external auditors certify its procedures adhere to this overarching objective. “We developed one of the market’s most comprehensive and adaptable logistics cloud products using this strategy,” says Martin Hubert (CEO). 

Leadership & Entrepreneurial Journey

Martin Hubert was born in the German state of Bavaria. At the age of 16, he sold his first piece of software. After that, he pursued computer science. He founded a software business selling specialized software while still a student. He completed a brief internship with a freight firm in New York, NY, after earning his MBA and Master’s degrees, and the company’s president later offered him a position as director of IT.

His independent Internet journey started in 1994 when he founded a business that was dedicated to delivering track and trace functionality through the internet by developing EDI capabilities with carriers. In 2000, he started Freightgate to offer a targeted platform that made life easier for shippers and logistics providers.

Towards Bright Future 

With the support of the Freightgate Cloud Platform, clients will be able to take control of their freight, make data-driven decisions, and react to market conditions in real-time thanks to the direct impact this pandemic has on Freightgate.

Freightgate leads a team that works to create innovative logistics solutions, enabling global collaboration and productivity, while providing a highly adaptable platform with a global-by-design mentality. The company is driven by a passion for innovation and never-ending improvements. Martin and his team will keep using technology to come up with creative solutions to the supply chain problems of the present and the future.

Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs

When asked about a piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs, Martin asserts, “Go after your passion and try your hardest to build a product or service that will make your customers’ lives easier.” Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires an intense level of dedication to achieve a dream and requires sacrificing time and money to make it happen. He further adds,

“It may not be easy to give up those nightly Netflix binges or weekend parties with friends so you can put in some extra hours on your startup, but these sacrifices are much easier to make now than when you’re older.”


“Freightgate’s mission is to deliver digital transformation and exceptional value to importers, exporters, and LSPs alike.”

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