FreightPOP – Delivering Value, Propelling Growth!

FreightPOP-Delivering Value,Propelling Growth Kurt Johnson

Logistics management is one of the most important industries in today’s era. Most businesses/organizations are dependent on goods, raw materials, finished products, etc. for conducting their business. A simple delay or mishap can cause concurrent losses to several companies and industries, as one product/service is never connected to one organization.

Thus, it calls for an expert solution provider in Logistics management that offers unique and reliable services. But in today’s times, this trust is very hard to earn, and establishing respect in the market as a leader is a completely different ball game.

In comes FreightPoP, with its advanced, reliable, and suite of services that come acclaimed from prestigious companies and brands, making them highly sought-after and respected names in the market.

They truly are the revolution in the Logistics industry, and one of the best performing NetSuite solution providers!

FreightPoP – Redefining Supply Chain

FreightPop is a cloud-based software founded in 2015 with its base of operations in Lake Forest, California. The company was founded with a vision – “To Simplify and Streamline the Logistics experience for Manufacturers, Distributors, E-commerce, and 3PL’s by reducing Friction and Connecting Systems for a Seamless and Optimal Supply Chain.”

FreightPoP makes logistics simple with one log-in for all transportation management, including inbound and outbound freight management across parcel, LTL, FTL, ocean, and international air. 

FreightPOP offers unmatched and seamless integration into their client’s current tech stack (ERP, WMS, CRM), Their services offer high configuration capabilities to existing workflows and processes. 

They hold connections to over 300+ carriers, ERP, WMS, and rate marketplaces, getting the best rates and optimizing shipping processes. This allows them to offer their clients best-in-class services with ease and foolproof precision. 

Initial challenges of FreightPoP’s journey

FreightPoP’s parent company Horizon Technology has commanded and holds 18+ years of experience as a top distributor of computer equipment. Horizon has already faced and dealt with many of the pain points that shippers face, giving them invaluable experience, establishing their brand in the market.

The team created FreightPOP to solve those problems as they learned early on that most shippers faced the same core challenges in managing logistics. Earlier the only solutions available were enterprise-level TMS. What the market needed was a broad and deep solution to simplify shipping for businesses. Companies faced high and increasing freight costs, fragmented workflows, and a limited solution landscape.

In comes FreightPoP with their innovative and comprehensive solutions that offer one-stop-solution to all their client’s needs. It is their team’s expertise and countless successful implementations that have stronghold their position in the market as the one of leaders of Logistics Management solutions.

What triggered their growth, and factors establishing their long-standing success?

For FreightPoP, one of the turning points for the company was when they signed Porsche as their client. This made them realize just how powerful, and broad a solution for the fragmented supply chain was built by them.

“We’ve grown at least 100% each year for the past four years, making us realize that we created an Expedia for business shipping”, Kurt Johnson, CEO of FreightPoP. 

Although the pundits were touting convergence of solutions, clients told them they wanted connectivity. Shippers want connections to current software in their tech stack and solutions outside of it. This is where FreightPoP and its team went, listening to their client’s needs and devising innovative, affordable, scalable solutions for them. That’s how they work and dominate the market!

What establishes their dominant position in the market, bespoke services, and long-standing success is their passion for customer experience and delivering value. The company’s values are deep-rooted in every member of the team and are also embedded and showcased in their service offerings. 

Their Core-Values are:

  • Stay Grounded: Balance the 5 Fs: Faith, Family, Finance (work), Fitness, Fun.
  • Dream Big: Shoot for the stars in every endeavor.
  • Light It Up: Strive to be a source of light for those around us.
  • Give Back: Make a difference in our communities.
  • Go The Extra Mile: There’s no traffic jam on it.

Not only this, the company and its services receive exceptional reviews and feedback from their clients, adding to their brand name. Check out these reviews, here.

All these factors propel their growth and make them one of the most sought-after companies providing precise, tailor-made, and subpar Logistics Management solutions. 

A class-apart range of services

One-Click Logistics: FreightPOP can handle your inbound and outbound freight process, no matter the mode. Reducing the number of systems you use can make life easier for you and your team, reducing busy work and costs.

When you use FreightPOP for all your modes, you’ll see:

  • Use data from your order system to shop for rates, configure your shipment, and print documents, BOLs, and labels in one system that works with your existing hardware
  • Optimize your shipments at the box, pallet, truck, and route level.
  • Track all types of inbound and outbound shipments, including 3PL and multi-leg shipments.
  • Analyze, audit, and report on your whole process to identify and eliminate root causes of extra charges

Automation And Streamlined Process: It’s frustrating and time-consuming when your systems are separate. Data entry mistakes, mismatched field types, and more make your data dirty too. Not to mention the time-lapse that slows all your processes down. But there’s a better way!

When you use FreightPOP’s fully integrated transportation management system your freight and parcel operations can click right into your order management and warehouse operations systems to reduce data entry problems, increase data compatibility, and reduce time spent across the entire supply chain flow.

  • Bi-lateral integrations to multiple order management systems, WMS, and downstream accounting software.
  • Out of the box and custom integrations available with your team or ours.
  • Completely configurable to your existing processes. We can make it work YOUR way using our built-in business rules or optional customizations.

You also hold access to services such as:

  • Cross-Functional Engagement
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Warehouse Operation
  • Customer Service

Integrated Operations: Most growing companies aim to reduce friction throughout their entire operations process, from manufacturing inputs to final delivery. If you’re looking to integrate your freight and shipping operations with your warehouse management, order management, ERP, CRM, or other accounting or business software, you’re in the right place.

FreightPOP’s cloud-based secure system makes it simple for you to:

  • Connect to your existing systems using out-of-the-box connections or our well-documented API.
  • Develop custom integrations using your resources or ours.
  • Trust the AWS securely hosted infrastructure with 99.99% uptime.
  • Help your teams get real-time data across systems.

To know in detail about their services, visit.

How does FreightPoP go a step ahead with its services, and new additions to its service arsenal?

They are always working, striving to perfect their services and provide constant support. They listen to their client’s needs and feedback, make regular changes, and evolve their services on the go. They make sure to incorporate the latest technological advancements into their services, keep track of trends, enabling them to stay a mile ahead of the competition! 

The company is gearing up to announce its new freight rate marketplace feature to help shippers compare and save on shipping & freight rates with ease and in real-time. 

The team is also working to offer their next innovation – Advanced analytics. They will soon release new functionality incorporating machine learning and AI to help companies ship smarter. Data has become the most valuable key strategic asset. Applying machine learning and prescriptive analytics to their high-value data set will drive customer success.  

Distinguished Leader of FreightPoP

A highly advanced and innovative company like FreightPoP needs to have an exuberant yet capable leader bearing its flag. FreightPoP has one of the most talented and extraordinary leaders at its command, who holds more than two decades of experience, showcasing unmatched leadership with his charismatic personality, taking the team and the company’s services to the podium.

Kurt Johnson is the Co-Founder and CEO of FreightPoP. 

Kurt founded Horizon Technology back in 1996 in the garage of his home, as a PC refurbishing and parts distributor. He guided the company to twenty years of consistent growth and profitability. 

With revenues of $95M in 2011 over three unique business units, Horizon became a technology company that thrives on disruptive business models and innovation. By embracing an entrepreneurial culture, they have uniquely positioned the company as an incubator of employees’ ideas for new business models following the Lean Startup principles.

FreightPOP is his sixth start-up. His company has also acquired two companies along the way. In 2005, Kurt was named the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in the Technology category for the southwest region. 

Besides his executive responsibilities of business model evaluation, talent development, and core process improvement, Kurt is highly passionate about building an inspiring culture at each of the businesses.

He has set out with a goal of building an environment of opportunity and engagement. Kurt and his management team have implemented the Hopes & Dreams program for all employees, requiring all new staff to complete their ten-week leadership training class, giving all employees paid time off to volunteer in their community.

As a Faith Driven Entrepreneur, I aspire to build our foundation and culture on Micah 6:8 and John 13:35. 

These are the key achievements of Kurt’s professional journey:

-Six startups.

-Garage to $100M.

-Two exits.

-Two acquisitions.

-EoY award. 

Kurt’s views on the responsibilities of an entrepreneur?

I believe in the Home Depot inverted leadership pyramid. Essentially, I am at the bottom and serve all the stakeholders above, and carry the burden of delighting customers. 

As we serve those above us, we are aligned and ultimately deliver a great customer experience. If we take care of the employees, they will take care of the customers.  

“There is no traffic jam on the extra mile” – Zig Ziglar

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