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Synergetics Consulting Information Technology Ajay Khankhoj

Managed IT services and other IT services have become more than a necessity for any organization to navigate their imprints in this digital era. Making this all really easier, having a Microsoft partner on board can help you in lot more ways than you can think of. For one, a Microsoft partner will help you to implement the latest hardware and software with other mobile solutions for your organization. 

Featuring for the Cover Story of The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Best of 5 Recommended Microsoft Partners for 2022 is Synergetics Consulting Information Technology Services, your trusted cloud adoption partner.  

The Company-

Synergetics Consulting is a “Born in the CLOUD” multi-services company focusing on the growth of Small-Medium Enterprises through services that include data center modernization and application innovation involving the adoption of Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud technologies as Business Accelerators.

In 2004, Synergetics Consulting was set up in MUMBAI, India, to provide services for modernizing data centers by implementing a hybrid cloud that propels enterprises in their IT-as-a-Service journey, enabling global enterprises to become more agile and innovative.

The company implements hybrid cloud transformation, workspace transformation, service transformation, and Cloud Infrastructure Management enabling the Modernization of data centers. Synergetics Consulting leverages analytics, automation, and assurance to deliver reduced TCO, greater IT-Business Alignment, and higher SLAs for its customers.

Their team of 50+ specialists creates Systems for Employee Engagement, integrating Enterprise Systems with Devices, Sensors, Cloud services, Mobile & Data, resulting in the modernization of applications, and more.

“We are Gold Microsoft Partner for Cloud Platform, Data Center, Data Analytics, and Application Development. Also, we carry accreditation as Silver Microsoft Partner for Security and DevOps along with Microsoft Advanced Specialization Partner for Windows Server and SQL Server Migration and Modernization of Web Application.”

Synergetics Consulting is the Gold Cloud partner of Microsoft in this geographical area and has advanced specialization in Windows Server & SQL Server Migration and Modernization of Web Application. 

Cutting Through the Complexities-

There was a phase during which the company was establishing themselves through their solutions, deliveries and services.  Synergetics’ initial challenges included low profile engagement and minimal awareness as trustworthy partner delivering cloud solutions and services.  The company experienced delays and time-lags of more than a year in client acquisitions.

With time, Synergetics Consulting is emerging as providers of reliable cloud solutions. The team today bears the stamp of recognition as they set higher benchmarks for their achievements and successes over the next years. 

“In the current scenario of rapid cloud adoption, we are keen to have a viable pan-India and global presence for added leverage and business.”

The past 5 years have been the riders of accelerated growth of Synergetics Consulting. The company has had clients from the Public Sector, BFSI, E-commerce, Retail, Manufacturing, Pharma, and Travel and Hospitality. Synergetics Consulting has helped them overcome their key challenges of achieving of digital transformation thru hybrid cloud solutions.

Synergetics Consulting has been associated with Microsoft Azure since the very first day of its launch. Their growth was accelerated with the adoption of cloud computing technology across the enterprises. 

The 2000s decade witnessed adoption of the Cloud albeit at a slow pace.  Also, the mid-2010 decade witnessed the emergence of cloud storage as a cost-effective service provider. 2020 has been the year of exponential rise in the demand for Cloud solutions and services.  

In the year 2021, with the remote work option becoming the most feasible option to perform and deliver business targets. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) emerged as an essential in order to survive, perform and deliver all throughout the lockdown imposed during the COVID pandemic.

“We have definitely garnered more clients and are looking forward to offer Cloud solutions, managed as well as partner services.”

The Growth Quotient-

The reason behind our company’s long-standing success is perseverance and diligence in delivering above the client’s expectations. The company’s dynamic leadership accompanied by their team who is keen to learn and grow whilst imbibing emerging technologies always.  

“Synergetics Consulting believes in dynamism and leveraging the knowledge space for expansion and growth.  We believe in learning, experimenting and evolving within the arena of IT technology.”

Synergetics Consulting’s engagement model of Educate, Advice, Implement and Manage helps clients at every step of their review/consultation or implementation phase. The client is involved and well briefed at the Cloud Planning, Assessment phase. 

Similarly, for the Managed Services the company manages diverse resources involving workflow management, server management, third party applications, workload management and other vital processes. 

Synergetics Consulting has witnessed a steady growth since its inception. The company has grown to family of 30 Microsoft Certified consultants and trainers. In terms of revenue, their current serviced revenue for Microsoft stands at $10 million and are still going strong. Their Azure services Revenue has crossed $1 million. 

“Our customer base has grown quite well with nearly 5-10 customers across every sector of the economy.”

  • Team for consulting 30+ tech experts
  • 5 cr Services revenue and 77 cr- azure consumption revenue

The Products and Services-

Synergetics Consulting offer –

  • Cloud Assessment & Strategy 
  • Data Center Modernization 
  • Data Estate Modernization 
  • Cloud Infrastructure & Application Migration
  • Cloud Management – Managed Services
  • Application Modernization and Innovation 

“We strive to offer a gamut of comprehensive services fortified with best possible solutions that can cover anticipated issues for BFSI, Manufacturing, and startup sector.”

The customers are relieved to know that their IT solutions are well formulated to the extent that they cover most of the contingency situations. Moreover, the company’s governance policy goes lengths to ensure discipline, transparency and clarity in the cloud operations, its scalability and accessibility. In all, Synergetics Consulting assures the clients a seamless cloud experience right from the day one. 

Their forte lies in the team of Microsoft Certified Cloud engineers and consultants across 15 countries. 

A special mention to the company’s Cloud Consulting Services that have evolved exponentially. I would like to mention that our Cloud Consulting services has evolved exceptionally. Synergetics Consulting has had great success in bringing to fold many SME’s within the Cloud environment. 

Almost 90% of the businesses across the world have adopted the Cloud. In fact, it is the need of the hour and imperative to do so. At the same time, the world is more connected than ever and having a pan global presence is feasible within shorter timeframes and remotely too.  In such circumstances, data accessibility and applications become even more critical for businesses to stay ahead of the competition and outperform with business acumen. 

Synergetics Consulting has been in this field when the concepts of the cloud were in the nascent stage and have witnessed its evolution journey. Meaning that the team is well aware of the entire journey of cloud assessment, cloud migration and its adoption to its actual working along with the challenges. 

“We have in place a team of exceptionally skilled professionals who have years of experience in offering viable Cloud solutions.”

The company’s cloud solutions are robust and future driven. They are in perfect sync with current market trends while arm the business to embrace the new trends in technology with dexterity and resilience. 

Synergetics is looking to grow in Europe and Asia Pacific by providing it’s cutting age services to customers looking for a partner who can provide end to end cloud adoption services.

In the Indian market, Synergetics wants provide the world class and highly sophisticated cloud journey planning, adoption and management solution to enterprises who cannot access it due to the high cost and barriers established by large SIs and advisories. 

Ajay Khankhoje – (Founder & CEO)- Leading the Way-

As Founder & CEO of Synergetics that is based in India and in the USA, Mr. Ajay Khankhoje is passionate about transforming the company from a learning services organization to a Cloud Consulting Organization that provides unique solutions like Mirror shoring to enable organizations to mirror their growth globally. 

Synergetics Consulting today provides learning services on emerging technologies on Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence enabling an organization to digitally transform by re-skilling their workforce, channel and customers plus onboarding solutions for new hires to improve employee retention, recruit top talent and help maximize the training budget.

The Cloud Consulting team is deeply involved in helping Enterprises plan and migrate workloads to the cloud.

Mr. Ajay’s Professional Highlights include-

  • 100% growth in Microsoft Business.
  • Successfully transforming the Organization into a Solutions Organization.
  • Transformation of the structure/Competencies/Offerings.
  • Acquiring customers for Solutions offerings.
  • Achieved 75% sales growth rate in the last 10 years.
  • Received the “Best .Net Trainer Award” from Microsoft.
  • “Best Vendor Award” from Datamatics Ltd.
  • Establishing global alliances with vendor community members such as IBM, Microsoft, etc.
  • Significant success in taking Synergetics services to countries like the US, Japan, UK, south Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. 

What Does Being an Entrepreneur Mean? – In Words of Mr. Ajay-

It is indeed challenging to be an entrepreneur which is full of responsibilities.  An entrepreneur is an individual with strategic vision and who steers the company towards it. With key focus on growth, the entrepreneur seeks to have a world-class team inculcating the spirit of teamwork, cooperation and the right corporate culture within the team. 

The entrepreneur is the face of the company and its mirror image, and hence proceeds with partnering with similar corporate entities through strategic alliances and brands for mutual benefit. 

Alongside, the entrepreneur plays a key role in visualizing, and creating marketing initiatives to establish a strong market presence and brand while reaching out to the desirable market audience and target group. 

The entrepreneur plays an important role in finance management, optimizing capital spend to drive growth, Initiate acquisitions, and mergers to grow further while spearheading new products, services and locating new channels for expanding sales and distribution. 

“My simple advice would be to purse your dream and persevere till you succeed.”

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