8 Fun Dinosaurs Activities and Crafts for Kids

8 Fun Dinosaurs Activities and Crafts for Kids

Kids love dinosaurs and can get obsessed with them at times. Once you have introduced your children to dinosaurs, they won’t stop talking about it and will ask you all sorts of questions related to them. If your child is a dinosaur lover, then you can take that opportunity to educate them and introduce new Dinosaurs Activities to them.

Nowadays, there are plenty of dinosaur theme toys and gadgets available in the market. You can choose a variety of those toys and decorate your kid’s room with them. However, to entertain your child’s obsession with dinosaurs, you shouldn’t just stick to toys. In this article, I have mentioned some Fun Dinosaurs Activities and crafts that your child will love greatly. Let’s take a look:

1. Kinetic Sand and Dinosaurs Activities

One of the most fun Dinosaurs Activities your kid can take part in is digging kinetic sand for Dinosaurs Activities. Kinetic sand is fun to play with and is completely safe. Your kid can take their dinosaur toys and can bury them under the kinetic sand. They can act like they are an archeologist and are digging Dinosaurs Activities.

You can make this activity more fun by educating them about dinosaurs and how humans are still digging their bones even in the 21st century. This will not only provide them education but also entertainment.

2. Dinosaurs Costumes Play

If your kids are too attached to their dinosaur toys and are always playing with them, then there is one thing you can do to make them play with their friends. Going out or playing with friends indoors is important for your child as it helps them socialize. You can simply buy some dinosaur costumes for them and can ask them to do a dinosaur play.

You can show them some friendly dinosaur cartoons, and they can wear costumes and imitate those Dinosaurs Activities. If you are wondering where you can get dinosaur costumes, you can check onlydinosaurs.com, realistic dinosaurs costumes by browsing over to the highlighted text. Make sure to choose the costumes that your kids prefer.

3. Dinosaurs Stomps

One of the easiest, simplest, and the most fun crafts your kids can create is dinosaur stomps. If you are getting some dinosaur costumes, getting some stomps as well only makes sense.

Your kids can make these stomps with cardboard, and you can assist them with cutting and measurements.  Cut the cardboard into two stomp shape pieces and pinch a couple of holes in them. You can put laces in the holes and can let your child wear them around the house. Just make sure that they wear those stomps indoors only as they are not an alternative for shoes.

4. Build Dinosaur with Play-Doh

If you want your kids to get more creative, you can simply get some Play-Doh for them and can let them play with it. If they are dinosaur lovers, they will start building dinosaurs with it even before you tell them.

If your children have never played with Play-Doh before, you can introduce them to it and show them how they can create different shapes. Once they see you making the shapes, they will get the idea themselves and start building dinosaurs. However, make sure that your children are using Play-Doh safely and are not putting the Play-Doh in their mouth or eye.

5. Building Blocks

If you don’t want your kids to get messy with Play-Doh, then you can simply buy them building blocks and can ask them to build dinosaurs with them. There are plenty of different types of building blocks available in the market, and you can choose the one that has the right shapes for the dinosaurs.

You can show your children how they can create dinosaur-like shapes with it or can show them a YouTube video of it. They will be able to make their craft and are going to be proud of it. Building blocks are also safer than Play-Doh; just make sure that you are packing them properly when the kids are not using them.

6. Show them A Dinosaur Movie

When it comes to Fun Dinosaurs Activities, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something where your kids have to put in physical effort. There are plenty of dinosaur movies out there, and some of them are really good. You can show your kids these movies on a nice weekend, and it will make them.

From something as realistic as “Jurassic Park” to a light-hearted movie like “The Good Dinosaur,” you can schedule anything for your kids. Just make sure that the movie has the right rating and isn’t too scary for the kids.

You can also show your kids some documentaries that will entertain your kid and teach them some interesting facts about Dinosaurs Activities. The dinosaur documentaries available on Amazon and Netflix are quite informative and will add a lot to your child’s knowledge.

7. Dinosaur Sorting

If your kids have tons of dinosaur toys, then you can interest them in sorting them by type. Sorting Dinosaurs Activities might not sound like a really boring activity, but it’s not. Once your kids start sorting them, they will enjoy remembering the names and types. It will also increase their knowledge, and they will be able to learn more about the rich history of dinosaurs in Dinosaurs Activities.

You can make this activity more fun by adding some building blocks and creating a dinosaur park. You can put different types of dinosaurs in different areas and can treat the park as a zoo. You can also use toys that allow you to make home zoos.

8. Creating Paper Dinosaur

Crafting paper dinosaurs and adding colors to them is another excellent activity kids can enjoy in Dinosaurs Activities. Show your kids how they can make dinosaurs just by folding paper, and they will be able to create their own shapes.

You can also teach them to cut paper with dinosaur shapes, and if they are not old enough to use a paper scissor, you can cut the shapes for them and ask them to color them. It would be a fun coloring activity; just make sure to cut the shape rights.

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