How to Furnish Your First Student Apartment?

How to Furnish Your First Student Apartment? | 6 Budget plans| The Enterprise World

Moving to your first college apartment is exciting. Now you get to design the space and choose the style you want. A lot of students do worry about budget, which is a valid concern. But even if you do not have much money to invest, it is possible to make it a cozy and welcoming space.

In this guide, you’ll find out how to furnish your student apartment nicely;

1. Take Your Time Planning

To stick to the budget and cover all the essentials, you’ll need some proper planning. The earlier you start, the better, as there are many decisions to make. If you are worried that you won’t have enough time for that because of the college curriculum, there is a way out as well.

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And you will be able to devote more time to planning how to furnish Student Apartments. You’ll need to consider several crucial factors, namely:

  • Layout;
  • Style;
  • Budget;
  • Essential pieces;
  • Color palette.

2. Decide on the Layout

Define how much space you have and how you can use it. You can draft an apartment plan on paper or use design software to create a model.

To have an efficient layout, you need to fit in

  • a bedroom;
  • study space;
  • kitchen;
  • living space.
How to Furnish Your First Student Apartment? | 6 Budget plans| The Enterprise World

If you are working with a studio apartment, this could be tricky. Try different layouts on paper and make sure you can maximize the efficiency in terms of the furniture and storage space.

3. Think About Style and Colors

Often the case, students need to buy as cost-efficient as possible with renovations. But even if you have the smallest budget, it is still great to have a design idea in mind. This way, it would be easier to pick specific pieces and accessories. And it will make it all come together.

And you can make a lot of home improvements on your own.

Decide how you want the apartment to look and feel. Look for inspiration on Pinterest or YouTube. Think about the color palette for the whole space or various rooms. Stick to 1-2 main colors and several shades to make it comprehensive.

Even if your furniture pieces are not a perfect match, you can make them work by painting them the same color, using the same knobs, or placing accessories in one style.

4. Budget and Essentials

Define how much you can spend in general. After that, you need to create a list of the essential furniture you need. These are pieces your college apartment cannot be functional.

How to Furnish Your First Student Apartment? | 6 Budget plans| The Enterprise World
some of those essential pieces are:
  • Bed frame;
  • Mattress;
  • Nightstand;
  • Working desk;
  • Comfortable chair;
  • Sofa;
  • Drawers;
  • Coffee table;
  • Dining table;
  • Dining chairs;
  • TV stands;
  • Wardrobe.

Other essentials include appliances you will need, like an oven, microwave, or kitchenware. All other things you might want to buy should go into the “desired” category. You can purchase them after you are done with essential ones or even later in the college year.

Also, consider what you can save on and what you do not want to compromise on. For instance, a dining table can be thrifted and refurbished. But a mattress should be comfortable, so you get good rest. Also, the work desk and chair need to be ergonomic as you are going to spend a lot of time studying there.

5. Find Affordable Pieces

By this time, you have a good idea of what you need and what style you are looking for. But the hardest part is to find those pieces for a reasonable price.

Write down exact measurements for the furniture you’ll need, so it fits in the space. Also, pay attention to the condition and functionality. The great idea is to use furniture with several purposes or hidden storage.

As for finding affordable options for Student Apartment, here are several options:

  • Look at what you have currently at your residence and what you can take with you;
  • Ask friends and family members whether they have some spare or old pieces you can take or buy from them for cheap;
  • Check local recycling centers for used furniture;
  • Visit thrift stores – there might be some gems;
  • Look online on the Facebook marketplace or Craigslist for cheap or even free pieces;
  • Go to the dollar store for accessories or little things;
  • Check out yard sales or antique shops;
  • Go to the college surplus store for reasonably-priced lamps, tables, or tools.

It might be a bit chaotic to find various pieces of furniture in different places. But it all depends on your budget and vision. If you want to spend as little as possible, be ready to dig deep and look everywhere for what you need.

6. Bring it Home and Organize

If you are picking several large pieces from one store, it makes sense to hire movers. But otherwise, you will be fine with your car and a couple of friends. You can ask your family to help bring all the furniture to the apartment.

Put it all in place and assemble the pieces together. You can use paint or stickers to change the color palette and create a more welcoming atmosphere. Now it is time for the best part – you get to organize your desk, living room, kitchen space, and bedroom.

How to Furnish Your First Student Apartment? | 6 Budget plans| The Enterprise World

Bring a few items from home as accessories. Or consider thrifting interesting pieces to create a space that fits your needs and personality.

In Summary

Finding great furniture for a student apartment can be tricky if you have a limited budget. But there are many options to try, from thrifting to altering old pieces. Make sure you have a vision and cover all essentials.

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