6 Ideas for Students on Starting Their Own Travel Business

6 Ideas for Students on Starting Their Own Travel Business | The Enterprise World

For most young people, traveling across the world is on their bucket list. But what if it was possible to earn a living while doing so? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to start your career in tourism and hospitality. Moreover, you can do so while still in uni. And it does not have to be working in a hotel or writing articles about the top ten places to visit this summer.

You can start your own travel business. Granted, it is unlikely to run a travel agency while studying. But there are ways to start your own travel business on a smaller scale. So, do not wait for your next big opportunity.

Create one for yourself with these six ideas for your own travel business;

1. Private Tour Guide

One of the easiest ways to start a travel business as a student is to put up an ad for giving private tours in the area. Do extensive research on the places worth visiting in your area and create a draft of the tour. Try testing it on your classmates or friends for free first to collect feedback. Improve on your draft after feedback, and you can start searching for clients.

The great benefit of this Travel Business is flexibility in schedule. As a student, you have limited spare hours since you not only have to attend classes but study extensively afterward. Create more time for your new venture by googling “write essay for me” and entrusting some papers to professionals. This will allow you to put more effort into your Travel Business.

Be sure to explore different tour options to stand out. Do not stop at historical sights. You can collect local city legends and organize a tour around them. Or, you can organize a street food tour that includes a history of the most famous spots and their cultural significance. Concentrate your effort on what interests you, and you’ll be getting tons of clients in no time.

2. Travel Vlogger

Another great idea that is compatible with your studies is starting a travel vlog. Today, it is quite possible to make a career out of showing your traveling adventures online. But it is also a highly competitive environment. So, you’d need to find a way to stand out and attract your loyal audience first.

First, you need to choose your platform. Think about what you’d like to do. Is it traveling photography or videos? Whatever you choose, do not limit yourself to just Instagram or Youtube. Have your main production in one place and more personal and chill content elsewhere. Be sure to treat your content plan seriously.

6 Ideas for Students on Starting Their Own Travel Business | The Enterprise World

It will take some time, so you will have to be patient. You would not be able to afford fancy equipment right from the start. Thus, work extra hard on your cinematography and creative ideas for the vlog. It is not an easy route, but it’s worth it in the long run. 

3. House Sitter

A more low-key but unusual idea is to pursue house sitting. People who travel for long periods due to work often feel uneasy about leaving their houses unattended. There are a lot of details to think about when leaving your home for months. Thus, it is easier for them to have someone living or at least looking after their house while they’re gone.

Of course, you would need to create a reputation for yourself for other people to trust you with their homes. But once it’s done, house sitting would be a perfect business for a student. Your schedule will not interfere with your studies, and you get a place to hang out by yourself if there’s a loud party in the dorm. You won’t travel far for this job, but it sure is convenient.

4. Local Cooking Classes

If you like food and travel, this one could be a win for you. There is no secret that many people travel just to taste local food. And what can be more exciting than making the dish by yourself with a local? Thus, a tourist not only gets to cook the local treats and dishes but learns a lot about the culture from the locals themselves.

6 Ideas for Students on Starting Their Own Travel Business | The Enterprise World

Notably, to pursue this Travel Business, you’d need to have certain conditions to meet. Most importantly, you need a space to cook and accept guests. If you live in a dorm, think about people who can become your business partners in this. But be sure to run a background check on your clients before letting them in the house as well.  

5. Travel Planner App

Do you enjoy traveling and are handy with technology? Consider developing an app for travel planning. There is a lot that goes into organizing even a simple trip. What to pack, what to eat, what to see. And it would be extremely useful to have an app with all the necessary templates instead of a hundred lists.

Think about including:

  • Weather forecast. It is easier to pack if you know what temperatures to expect.
  • Necessities. A traveler will always need a first aid kit or a bottle of water. So, it’s easiest to cross them off the list as quickly as possible.
  • Sights. Have a template of what has to be seen or the most significant places to visit. 

Be creative with your choices and design, and you’ll have tons of downloads in a blink of an eye. 

6. Travel Discount Website

Finally, a traveler is always looking for a discount. Whether it’s for flights or for booking a place. As a student, you’ve probably learned a few tricks yourself to save money while traveling. Use this knowledge to develop a travel discount website. You can gather all possible discounts for different things in one place.

6 Ideas for Students on Starting Their Own Travel Business | The Enterprise World

Develop different categories and see how to scan all the websites to come up with the best offer. Notably, you can monetize your website with ads at the start. But be sure that the advertisement is relevant and not annoying. Otherwise, you’ll risk scaring your visitors away.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it. Explore different ideas for personal tour guides. Consider a travel vlogging career if you’d like to share your experience with others and earn money from it. Purse house sitting for comfort. Start local cooking classes if you want to attract food tourists as your customers. And finally, think about developing a traveling planner app or travel discount website if you’re good with technology.    

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