Get ready to witness a Harvest Moon!

Harvest Moon!

Get ready to witness a harvest moon tonight. Friday the 13th of 2019 is here and don’t get afraid of the micro moon tonight. The Harvest Moon will show up in some parts of the world tonight. The last fool moon on Friday the 13th occurred back in October 2000. The Australian space researchers and enthusiasts will surely not miss this opportunity as the next harvest moon will show up in 2049.

Why it is called Harvest Moon?

The different phases of the moon are named after seasons. This is a big harvest season going on. The farmers can work in fields till late at night in the shining moonlight. That’s why it is called the harvest moon.

When a day and night are the same in duration then the moon seems bigger than every night. The harvest-moon is big but people will see a micro moon as the distance between moon and earth will be 252,100 miles. It will be the largest distance between earth and moon tonight.

The harvest-moon will be at its peak between the nights of Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th. Tonight the moon will be turning its color to orange.

The Harvest Moon will not show up in India and its neighboring countries. In the US people can witness this at midnight on Friday. European people can experience a glimpse of the harvest-moon in the early mornings of Saturday. While in Australia, sky gazers can have the look of harvest-moon after the sunset.

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