Google Fi gets rebranded for the third time in less than a Decade

Google Fi gets rebranded for the third time in less than a Decade | The Enterprise World

Although Google has a history of dying off useful businesses, its mobile service, Fi, has lasted seven years and has undergone a third rebrand as of this writing. Google Fi gets rebranded , also unveiled some new services and features for its mobile virtual network (which utilizes the networks of T-Mobile and US Cellular), including expanded support for some smartwatches and a seven-day free trial for new users. Google Fi began life in 2015 as Project Fi, later changed its name to Google Fi, and is now known as Google Fi Wireless.

The New Plan

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Pixel Watch will now be supported by Fi Wireless’ lowest-tier plan, Simply Unlimited, even though several smartwatches were already available on Google Fi. The new plan allows for free connectivity with compatible Samsung and Pixel watches for each Google Fi Wireless account on the Simply Unlimited plan.

“Before, Simply Unlimited users had to be Bluetooth-connected in order to access data, calls, or text services or purchase a watch from Google Fi. However, existing Simply Unlimited users won’t have wearable connection enabled until after their first billing cycle after April 19, 2023,” according to Google. Therefore, keep an eye on your account for an actual activation date.

Google Fi gets rebranded for the third time in less than a Decade

Family-centric Experience

Trial users don’t need to change a card or risk losing their current service because the service employs a virtual eSIM; instead, “the trial works right on your phone alongside your current service,” according to Google.

Google added a new “family-centric experience” to the Fi Wireless app, which features spam prevention and location sharing for all numbers associated with a Fi account, according to additional statements. Every user on an account has the ability to add filtering options, such as a data use limit or the ability to only allow calls from certain phone numbers.

Fi customers will now have the choice of paying the full cost of a new phone up front and receiving a refund over the course of two years in the form of bill credits.

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