Snap’Chat’ rolls out Chatbot powered by ChatGPT to all users

SnapChat rolls out Chatbot powered by ChatGPT to all users | The Enterprise World

Snapchat has decided to provide a new interpretation to its ‘Chat’ part? Its customizable ‘MyAI’ chatbot is now available to all its users within the app. The feature is powered by an AI tool, ChatGPT which was initially accessible only to Snapchat+ subscribers. The tool will help users to answer questions and offer appropriate recommendations. “@MyAI” name will be mentioned who brought it into conversation with their friends. Moreover, users can give it a different name and design an Avtar to make it more personalized.

Arms Race

Since ChatGPT has introduced in the market, it has stunned away many users due to its impeccable ability to write essays, generate stories and compose lyrics in response to users’ prompts. The tool has fueled the arms race among other technology companies and is willing to stay updated every second. Similarly, these companies started developing new AI tools in their products and services.

Some companies have checked the functionality and generated slightly different visions for how to incorporate it into their features. Such tech companies are testing up to what extent AI Chatbots are useful for their customer in daily life. It would be easier to predict that how many people are interested in interacting with AI chatbots for easily available customer services.

Snapchat rolls out chatbot powered by ChatGPT to all users

Misguiding the Users

However, supporting SnapChat rolls out Chatbot features is not at all safe, it comes with few risks in its working. It is spreading inaccurate information to users and creating confusion about facts related to particular topics. Furthermore, the tool is responding inappropriately to the users. SnapChat rolls out Chatbot has acknowledged that

My AI is far from perfect but we’ve made a lot of progress. 99.5% of My AI responses conform to its community guidelines.”  Snap has added that it has made additions to “help protect against responses that could be inappropriate or harmful.”

The company exclaimed that it has updated moderation technology and added a new feature to its in-app parental tools.

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