Google introduces new updates to Sheets, Docs, and Slides

Google introduces new updates to Sheets, Docs, and Slides | The Enterprise World

Apps from the Google introduces new updates to Sheets, such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides, are excellent tools for doing important tasks. But by this point, all three of these sites have accumulated an abundance of tools dispersed over many menus, making it nearly hard to find some of them. Google is doing what it does best to make the search less intimidating by releasing a search engine that aids in discovering all the three apps’ hidden features and capabilities.

The Enhanced Tool Finder

Because it can comprehend typical human language and directions, this “enhanced tool finder” is more effective than anything we’ve ever seen on the site. As an illustration, Google provides the command “who last viewed this document,” which launches the Activity dashboard with information about the viewers of the document. Simpler commands like “remove column a” are also supported by the functionality; in all seriousness, this is considerably more convenient than using the right-click menu.

Users will find pre-set options or suggestions to get them started in a new document, spreadsheet, or presentation, such as Insert rows/columns in Sheets, Meeting notes in Docs, and Edit theme or Spell check in Slides. Google introduces new updates to Sheets warns that it can take some time before the function is made available to everyone, but it is nonetheless starting to roll out.

Google introduces new updates to Sheets, Docs, and Slides;

Not a New Thing

The search bar isn’t entirely new, according to Google. Currently, a less capable version of it may be found in the help menu and is also accessed by pressing Alt or Option on the keyboard. This shortcut will also be utilized for the new search tool. Current users of this technique will be forwarded to the new one.

The redirect will be eliminated after the changeover as the tool finder takes up residence in the toolbar. All users of Workspace, even those who have personal Google accounts, will have access to the service. With Google increasing the exposure of its AI features on the two Workspace applications for public testing, the new search capability complements recent AI-focused additions to apps like Gmail and Docs.

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