AG of New Mexico Accused Google of illegally collecting personal info about children

AG of New Mexico Accused Google

The globally popular tech giant Google has been severely accused of spying on students in the US. The Attorney General of New Mexico Hector Balderas has said that Google is illegally collecting personal information about school children. The Attorney General has filed a case against Google.

It is alleged that Google is collecting information about which websites the children visit more. What are their favorite videos? Information is also being collected about his contact list and password. According to Attorney General Hector Balderas, Google gives its Chromebook and G-suite facility free of charge to more than 60 percent of students in New Mexico. Under this, facilities like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs are available.

AG of New Mexico

The lawsuit said that Google sued for violating the rules for parents’ necessary acceptance of children under the age of 13 for Internet use. Also, collected their data for commercial purposes in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

New Mexico AG said, “Child safety should be the number one priority of any company providing services to our children.” “Tracking student data without parental consent is not only illegal but also dangerous, And the new office will be responsible for any company that compromises the safety of Mexican children in my office. “

On the other hand, Google spokesman Jose Castaneda has denied the allegations as factually incorrect. He said that the institution is empowered to control all our programs for the school. We do not collect information about primary and secondary students for advertisement.

This is not Balderas’s first time at Google. In 2018, Balderas sued Google and other companies for violating child privacy laws, specifically the far-reaching COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) provisions. According to court filings, the lawsuit is related to this new Chromebook and is still ongoing with New Mexico.

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