Hahn March: Boosting Senior Care Accessibility with Compassion and Kindness

Hahn March: Boosting Senior Care Accessibility | The Enterprise World

Respecting the elders, especially in the latter stages of their lives, is a valued part embraced by globally renowned cultures that reflect individual upbringing.

Hahn March, CEO of Signal Health Group, is a prime example of such upbringing. Growing up in Vietnam, Hahn was fortunate to be surrounded by caring family members and elderly wisdom. Embracing these values throughout her life, Hahn keenly noticed the problems faced by the seniors and made it her mission to provide them with the best life filled with love and care—while maintaining their dignity.

Hahn March founded Signal Health Group to pursue her lifelong ambitions, aiming to deliver the highest quality in-home care nursing, therapies, and medical social work. The following is the story of Hahn March and how she turned her vision driven by compassion and kindness into a reality with her grit and perseverance–establishing herself as one of the most visionary leaders in the healthcare industry.

Power of Compassionate Entrepreneurship

With a Master’s in Public Health from The City University of New York and a certificate in women’s entrepreneurship from Cornell University, Hahn March began her journey in 2012 in Richmond—a cozy town in Indiana. 

However, her lack of a medical degree could not stop her from revolutionizing elderly care from becoming a reality. Under Hahn’s leadership prowess, Signal Health Group became a nationwide franchise from a humble basement office in Richmond—a testimony to the power of compassion that can turn even the minute things into something remarkable.

Today, the signal group offers diverse solutions in nursing and therapy to hospice and mental health support, comforting those who can no longer care for themselves. This collective effort highlights the core values of the Signal group and its philosophy— compassion, integrity, and personalized care.

Every team member, from nurses and therapists to administrative staff, represents these values, working relentlessly to support those in need. Each service offered by the Signal Health Group extends the typical transactional nature, becoming a meaningful interaction that enhances the quality of life for seniors and their families.

At Signal Health Group, our mission is to ensure quality and dependable health care services for the Elderly, Veterans, and those in need.

Hahn March.

Quality and Reliable Healthcare 

  • Skilled Nursing and Therapeutic Services: Signal Health Group goes beyond medical care. Their skilled nurses and therapists provide top-notch medical attention while treating patients with kindness and compassion. It allows people to receive professional medical care in their homes, surrounded by familiar surroundings and comfort. It is like getting the medicine you need with a warm smile, making the healing process a positive experience. Signal Health Group aims to create a world where every medical visit feels hopeful and human, with clinical expertise and a caring connection.
  • Personal Care and Companion Services: Signal Health Group recognizes that aging well goes beyond just medical care. They offer personal care and companionship services to ensure seniors feel not just physically supported but also emotionally connected. It’s not just about the tasks, but also about sharing a cup of tea and a conversation or helping with daily routines. These services capture the true spirit of caring – creating moments of joy and connection to combat loneliness.
  • Alzheimer’s Care and Dementia Support: Signal Health Group knows Alzheimer’s and dementia require more than just medical knowledge. Their specialized programs provide a safe haven for patients and their families. They create a familiar and secure environment that respects and cherishes the person, even as memories decline.
  • Hospice and End-of-Life Care: Signal Health Group recognizes the profound importance of end-of-life care. During this tender time, they become a source of unwavering support and calmness for families saying their final goodbyes. Their hospice care is a commitment to ensuring comfort, respect, and peace in a loved one’s final moments. It’s a promise that no one faces this difficult journey alone.
  • Wellness and Mental Health Services: Signal Health Group understands the connection between physical and mental health. They offer comprehensive programs to support those struggling with mental health challenges. These services are the hope for the people suffering in silence, emphasizing the equal importance of mental health and physical well-being. Their approach focuses on removing stigma, encouraging open communication, and creating a safe space for individuals to seek help.

Our collaborative approach ensures timely and tailored health care services, covering everything from personal and wellness care to hospice support

Hahn March.
Hahn March: Boosting Senior Care Accessibility | The Enterprise World
Hahn March: Boosting Senior Care Accessibility | The Enterprise World

A Vision Led By Passion

Led by the passionate vision of Hahn March, Signal Health Group offers a prestigious franchise opportunity, allowing compassionate individuals to make a real difference in the lives of our seniors and veterans.

Backed by the franchising expertise and the national reputation of the SBA, Signal empowers entrepreneurs to open their own agencies and deliver exceptional home health care—ensuring their loved ones receive the care they deserve.

Becoming a Signal Health Group franchise owner is a journey of rigorous application and credentialing processes to ensure only the most qualified candidates join the team. Once approved, franchisees begin an extensive training program that covers everything from state regulations to home care management. The same program also equips them with the relevant knowledge and skills to operate their Signal location successfully.

In terms of financing, Signal caters to individuals and corporate franchisees, while the Signal L1 Visa program welcomes international ownership to assist with financing for veterans . This dedication to accessibility ensures the movement of compassionate senior care across the nation.

Currently operating in 11 states, Signal seeks franchise partners who share their passion for senior well-being. With a focus on operational excellence and a supportive structure, Signal offers a rewarding opportunity to build a fulfilling career while positively impacting the healthcare industry.

A Pathway to Franchise Opportunities

Signal Group’s mission is to provide quality and reliable healthcare services. Its professional staff delivers the highest standard of home care nursing, therapies, and medical social work for seniors.

Working tirelessly, the staff aids people with the essential daily activities critical to their independence and the ability to stay in their homes for as long as possible. The administrative staff coordinates and organizes all the required services to provide a personal and seamless experience. A helper is always available to call if you need your questions or concerns addressed.

Signal Group maintains a medical record for all its services, including documentation of each patient’s medical visits, physician orders, progress notes, and OASIS assessments. When you sign the admission documents, you authorize the agency to collect and maintain that record by either paper charts or electronic medical records. 

Our company takes the utmost care to ensure our patient’s records are secure and their privacy is always protected. You may request a copy of your records by sending your request to us in writing.”

Company Info

Hahn March: Boosting Senior Care Accessibility | The Enterprise World
Founded: 2012
Industry: Home Health, Hospice, and Personal Care (ADL)
Website: http://www.signalhg.com
Company size: 201-500 employees
Headquarters: Las Vegas, NV
Type: Public Company

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