Innovation, Compassion, and Healing: The Story of Carolyn Zaumeyer and LowTE Florida

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“I have the desire to make a difference in the lives of patients seeking hormone therapy.” 

Straight out of Nurse Practitioner training, Carolyn Zaumeyer worked with a physician, giving all his menopausal patients “psych referrals.” 

However, Carolyn Zaumeyer knew there was a better solution and started optimizing their hormones. 

“I was motivated by the encouraging calls I received from patients with prescribed hormone therapy medication (instead of a psych referral) stating how much better they felt and how much happier they were,” she adds.

This ignited passion and a sense of responsibility within Carolyn Zaumeyer to contribute more and help refill hope into the lives of her patients. In 2013, she established LowTE Florida to fulfill her passion, successfully treating over 20,000 patients. 

Today, Carolyn Zaumeyer and her company are a leading hormone provider in Florida, ranked among the top 10 nationwide. 

A Journey of Dedication

Carolyn Zaumeyer’s dedication to healthcare began with her studies at Florida International University. There, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing, and Nurse Practitioner Certificate. Fueled by a passion for women’s health, she continued to hone her expertise under the guidance of leading hormone specialists.

Today, Carolyn is a recognized authority in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). She established LowTE Florida to provide personalized care to patients seeking to revitalize their health. Her commitment extends beyond the walls of her practice, with over 28 years of exceptional patient care, authorship of two books and over 100 publications, and frequent appearances as a speaker at national and international conferences.

Carolyn’s influence reaches beyond medicine. She has served on prestigious boards, including the Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nursing Leadership Fellowship Program, and held leadership positions in organizations like the Women’s Executive Club and the National Association of Women Business Owners. She has also shared her knowledge as an instructor at Florida International University, Florida Atlantic University, and Duke University.

Driven by compassion, Carolyn Zaumeyer extends her care beyond human care. A dedicated advocate for chimpanzees, she supports Save the Chimps, a sanctuary for rescued primates. Her dedication to her patients, her profession, and the well-being of all living creatures paints a portrait of a remarkable woman who has carved a unique path in the world of healthcare.

From Personalized Care to Global Recognition

LowTE Florida began with a focus on Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) through a personalized pellet system. This approach included in-depth bloodwork, medical history analysis, and discussions about individual goals. Scientific calculations ensured precise hormone dosages tailored according to the needs of individuals. 

“Our goal is to provide each patient with the right hormones (Bio-Identical), the right dose (personalized), and the right delivery system (pellets) for optimal results,” Carolyn asserts. 

Success was swift as the company experienced financial growth, industry respect, and a surprisingly diverse international clientele. Patients from Nigeria, Scotland, Germany, and beyond joined those from the US, Canada, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

However, the journey was full of hurdles. The biggest challenge was combating misinformation about BHRT and cancer risks. Extensive education efforts targeted patients, healthcare providers, and the public, aiming to clarify the benefits and risks of BHRT. 

“Despite these challenges, I remain committed to our mission of providing high-quality hormone therapy products and services and to continuously improving and innovating to meet our patient’s needs,” she says. 

The Seeds of LowTE Florida’s Triumphs

Prior to founding LowTE Florida, Carolyn Zaumeyer managed a bustling insurance-based Gynecology practice inherited from a retiring colleague. Despite her best efforts, the practice was not financially sustainable. 

“The insurance contracts were unfavorable, and the insurance companies were unresponsive to my requests for better reimbursement rates,” she explains. 

However, this frustration sparked a transformation. After training in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, a field she was passionate about, Carolyn saw an opportunity.

LowTE Florida emerged, gradually phasing out the struggling gynecology side. This shift not only secured financial stability but also allowed Carolyn to specialize in her area of passion. Growth was a slow burn fueled by her relentless drive. 

“I kept the mindset that we would grow one patient at a time – and we did. I did presentations for potential patients in my office after hours, in vitamin shops, women’s luncheons, natural food shops – anywhere. I was driven to succeed,” she adds.

A clear vision, strong leadership, and relentless customer focus became the cornerstones of LowTE Florida’s success. Satisfied patients became loyal advocates, generating positive word-of-mouth. Highly engaged employees, deeply invested in patient care, delivered top-notch service. Carolyn Zaumeyer promoted a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring the practice adapted to changing markets and remained ahead of the curve.

Building a Sanctuary of Shared Success

“I am deeply committed to treating my team as an extension of the care I provide to our patients,” quotes Carolyn.

Carolyn’s leadership philosophy centers on creating a supportive and empowering environment for her team. She considers them an integral part of patient care, promoting a culture of knowledge sharing. Frequent knowledge sharing empowers staff to deliver high-quality care in person and over the phone. This creates a sense of mutual support, where everyone feels valued and contributes to the practice’s success.

“I believe that mentorship is the most genuine and rewarding form of support for growth,” she adds.

Her team actively seeks talent and potential within their ranks, observing individuals who demonstrate skill and initiative. Financial support for career development encourages growth, while a sense of ownership enables a feeling of investment in collective success. Ultimately, Carolyn Zaumeyer’s leadership cultivates an environment where individuals flourish, contributing to a thriving team and organization, which she affectionately refers to as her “Sanctuary.”

Embracing Innovation for Stability and Growth

LowTE Florida takes a measured approach to technology, prioritizing calculated risks and incremental innovation. Short-term and long-term goals are defined with a focus on gradual adjustments that promote stability over disruptive changes. This ensures that new technologies seamlessly integrate with the business strategy and financial objectives.

A dedicated budget allows for calculated risks and exploration, fueling improvement. Regular process reviews ensure efficiency and innovation efforts, constantly evaluated against strategic goals. This balanced approach allows LowTE Florida to embrace change and drive growth while maintaining a stable foundation.

Technology plays a vital role in streamlining patient experience. The website – offers seamless information requests, online new patient packets, and secure upload options for lab results and imaging. Electronic Health Records (EHR) provide instant access to patient information, enhancing treatment accuracy and speed. Prescriptions are submitted electronically through the EHR, further streamlining medication availability. Notably, during the COVID-19 pandemic, LowTE Florida swiftly adopted teleconsultations, increasing efficiency and patient access to treatment.

A Future Focused on Patient-Driven Innovation

“I am dedicated to staying informed about the latest products and services in the marketplace, considering how they might enhance the lives of our patients,” quotes Carolyn.  

Carolyn Zaumeyer actively solicits customer feedback, recognizing its value in pinpointing patient needs, challenges, and areas for improvement. This market awareness and patient insights fuels informed decisions that prioritize patient well-being. Beyond the core medical practice, a robust nutritional supplement line extends LowTE Florida’s reach, available nationwide on popular platforms.

The success of these supplements, particularly the flagship product LowTE FreeTE, has generated a consistent and surprising revenue stream. LowTE Florida has expanded its reach by supplying nutritional supplements to medical offices across the country through its successful wholesale business. Strategic partnerships with manufacturers ensure the development of the highest quality and purest supplements, significantly contributing to the company’s overall success. LowTE Florida’s commitment to quality and innovation enables differentiation in the marketplace and a strong reputation among customers.

A proactive leadership cemented LowTE Florida’s position as a leading hormone therapy provider dedicated to meeting the needs of its patients.

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