Schmersal India: A Leader in Manufacturing Best-in-Class Safety Switches

Schmersal India: A Leader in Manufacturing Best-in-Class | The Enterprise World

In industrial safety, the importance of reliable and high-quality safety switches cannot be overstated. These critical components play a pivotal role in safeguarding machinery and ensuring the protection of workers across various sectors. Among the leading companies renowned for their excellence in manufacturing top-tier safety switches is Schmersal India Pvt Ltd. With a robust presence in the Indian market and backed by the global expertise of the Schmersal Group, Schmersal India stands out for its innovative solutions, stringent quality standards, and unwavering commitment to enhancing workplace safety. This article delves into the best safety switch manufacturing company- Schmersal India Pvt Ltd as a key player in the industry. 

Mr. Ramji Singh, Vice President of Schmersal India, leads by example, fostering open communication and building relationships with his team grounded in trust, respect, and transparency. Mr. Singh actively listens to their concerns and feedback, provides regular recognition and feedback, and offers opportunities for growth and development. 

Transforming Workplaces into Safer Working Environments

Schmersal India, 100% subsidiary of the Schmersal Group, specializes in developing and manufacturing systems and solutions worldwide to enhance machine safety and promote occupational health and safety. With a core focus on machinery safety & services, it is ingrained in the company’s DNA.

Schmersal India provides comprehensive solutions from a single source, encompassing components, control systems, and software as a solution. The company is adept at crafting tailored safety concepts to suit specific applications, ensuring optimal safety measures.

The tec.nicum business unit of Schmersal India adds value to its offerings through a comprehensive service program, which includes manufacturer-neutral safety training, consulting, engineering, integration & validation further optimizing its range of solutions.

With a global presence, Schmersal operates through a network of branches and eight production sites worldwide. The company remains committed to staying abreast of technological advancements and continuously invests in research and development (R&D) capabilities. This dedication enables Schmersal to consistently provide customers with cutting-edge safety solutions.

Leadership in Action 

Since the inception of Schmersal India Private Limited in 2007, a 100% subsidiary of Schmersal Group, Germany, Mr. Singh has been an integral part of the organization since 2015. He joined as Associate Vice President of Sales and currently holds the position of Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Schmersal India.

Leading with an optimistic and positive vision of the future, he improves the chances of leading a successful team. Focusing on everyone’s innate potential gives him more opportunities to leverage the unique talents of his employees. Mr. Singh consistently demonstrates integrity, honesty, and decisiveness in his actions.

Commitment to Industrial Security

With approximately 350 globally valid patents, Schmersal boasts a unique selling proposition (USP) attributed to its global network of skilled safety consultants and the services offered by its technology division.

A distinctive aspect of Schmersal India is its status as the sole manufacturer of safety switches in the country. This localization reduces logistic delays and costs, serving as a significant USP for Schmersal Safety Products tailored to the Indian market.

Schmersal India observes that while Indian organizations are beginning to recognize the significance of safety measures, raising awareness, and persuading them to adhere to safety protocols remains a challenge. Safety practices within their workforce are often perceived solely as a legal obligation. Establishing a secure infrastructure poses a daily challenge, but Schmersal India remains optimistic about the market’s potential. Fortunately, there is a proactive attitude among individuals who aspire to success. Schmersal India aims to educate and enlighten the industry about industrial safety practices, fostering a culture of learning and awareness.

Leading the Way in Comprehensive Safety Solutions

Schmersal India, as part of the Schmersal Group, offers a comprehensive array of safety switching appliances and systems globally, aimed at safeguarding both human life and machinery. With a portfolio comprising over 18,000 diverse safety products, the company specializes in providing tailored system solutions. Among its extensive product range are safety switches and monitoring systems for guarding doors. Additionally, it offers monitoring safety switches, command devices with safety functions, tactile safety devices, and optoelectronic safety devices.

Furthermore, Schmersal India excels in safe signal processing with offerings such as safety monitoring modules, safety controllers, and safety bus systems. In the realm of automation, the company provides solutions for position detection, command and signaling devices, and devices suitable for hazardous environments (Ex Zone). Additionally, its lift switchgear encompasses position switches with safety functions, door contacts, inductive proximity switches, magnetic reed switches, and elevator positioning systems.

Consistency and Quality 

Catering to a diverse range of industries including elevators and escalators, intralogistics, packaging, food processing, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and machine tools, Schmersal India is a trusted partner in ensuring workplace safety. Additionally, it serves heavy industries such as cement and mining, steel production, coal mining, automobiles, plastics, textiles, and robotics.

Schmersal India’s commitment extends beyond product offerings to encompass comprehensive safety services. These include application consulting, CE conformity assessment, risk assessment in compliance with the Machinery Directive, stop-time measurements, training courses, and the provision of guarding solutions such as safety fences. Additionally, the company offers specialized services in machine safety, automation, explosion protection, and hygienic design, reflecting its expertise and competence in these areas.

As a domestic manufacturing entity equipped with essential infrastructure and expertise, Schmersal India views the current Government initiative “ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT” as a gateway to new business prospects and continued growth. The company is particularly optimistic about the automation sector and is dedicated to enhancing man-machine safety standards.

It is indeed remarkable to reflect on the passage of time, particularly considering Schmersal India’s 17-year presence in the country. What distinguishes the company is its proactive and innovative approach, which began long before the nation’s momentum picked up.

From Vision to Reality 

Schmersal India boasts established R&D teams specializing in electro-mechanical product design and embedded software development for ongoing projects of Schmersal Germany, as well as Industry 4.0 solutions tailored to customer application needs. Currently, a new team is being cultivated for electronic hardware development, with the design and development team having undergone Functional Safety Certification (FSC) from TUV.

Additionally, Schmersal India collaborates with other Schmersal subsidiaries from Germany, Brazil, and China to develop products and solutions tailored to similar market requirements. The company is experiencing significant growth, positioning itself as a rapidly expanding centre for product development and market penetration within the Schmersal Group.

Looking ahead, the challenge for Schmersal India lies in maintaining its influential position amidst increasing competition. While competition is healthy for the industry, the company faces the task of contending with competitors establishing local production and competing on various fronts. However, Schmersal India initiated this journey a decade ago, instilling confidence in the company’s prospects both in India and globally.

In the long term, Schmersal is confident in its ability to serve as a one-stop turnkey solution provider, offering a comprehensive product, services, and solution portfolio to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

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