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Hamid Kohan, the esteemed President/CEO of Legal Soft, is a visionary leader who has continuously propelled his company towards unparalleled success. With a profound understanding of the legal technology landscape and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Hamid Kohan has transformed Legal Soft into a trailblazing force within the industry. 

Under his astute guidance, the company has experienced remarkable growth, consistently exceeding expectations and setting new benchmarks. Hamid Kohan’s exceptional leadership skills, strategic acumen, and dedication to excellence have not only positioned Legal Soft as a market leader but have also earned him widespread recognition as a true pioneer. 

With an indomitable spirit and a focus on driving his organization towards greater heights, Hamid Kohan epitomizes the epitome of a visionary leader. The Enterprise World is proud to introduce him as one of the Most Successful Business Leaders to Watch Out for in 2023.

Leadership Approach

“My leadership philosophy is rooted in three fundamental principles: trust, transparency, and continuous learning.”

With a strong belief in the power of trust, he understands that it forms the bedrock of any successful relationship, whether with clients, employees, or stakeholders. By fostering a culture of transparency and consistent delivery, he ensures that trust is built and nurtured throughout the organization.

Recognizing the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of the industry, he places great emphasis on continuous learning. He understands that to stay ahead of the curve and better serve clients, it is essential to challenge oneself and adapt. As a leader, he takes it upon himself to facilitate and encourage a culture of trust, transparency, and learning among his team members.

Enshrining these principles into the company culture has been a conscious and continuous effort. By maintaining flat hierarchies, promoting open communication, and valuing every voice, he ensures that these principles are reflected at all levels. Regular team meetings, feedback sessions, and town halls serve as platforms for individuals to express their views, discuss concerns, and contribute ideas.

Hamid Kohan adds, “Our leadership team leads by example, demonstrating these principles in their actions and decisions. We invest heavily in employee development, providing ample opportunities for learning and growth. We also foster an environment where failure is seen not as a setback but as an opportunity to learn, grow, and innovate.”

About the Company 

Legal Soft is a growth-focused company that specializes in providing innovative marketing and virtual legal staffing solutions to law firms throughout the United States. Founded seven years ago, the company has experienced remarkable expansion, boasting a global team of over 150 professionals spread across seven offices. 

Throughout its journey, the company has achieved numerous noteworthy milestones that serve as a testament to its commitment to excellence. Having assisted over 650+ law firms in their growth endeavors, it takes pride in its ability to place more than 1,000 virtual legal employees in various capacities, thus empowering its clients to optimize their operations and concentrate on their core legal practice.

At the heart of its mission lies the aspiration to unlock the true potential of law firms by seamlessly integrating modern business practices and cutting-edge technologies into their operations. The company firmly believes that, like any other business, law firms can derive substantial benefits from strategic marketing, efficient staffing, and a client-centric approach. Legal Soft remains committed to aiding law firms in achieving these transformative advantages.

Inspiration by Innovation

Hamid Kohan drew inspiration for the inception of Legal Soft from a blend of his extensive professional experiences and astute observations. Having spent two decades immersed in the world of high-tech startups in Silicon Valley, he developed a mindset that challenged the status quo and relentlessly pursued opportunities for impactful change.

Throughout his journey, Hamid Kohan keenly observed a stark contrast between the legal industry and the fast-paced, modern business practices prevalent in other sectors. Despite its profound societal importance, he noticed that the legal field often lagged behind in embracing contemporary approaches. 

Lawyers excelled at practicing law, armed with specialized education and rigorous training to navigate complex legal landscapes. Hamid Kohan adds, “However, running a successful, scalable law firm requires an additional skill set that isn’t typically taught in law schools – understanding of strategic marketing, efficient operations, and modern HR practices like virtual legal staffing.” Identifying this gap, he saw an opportunity to bridge it, giving rise to the birth of Legal Soft.

Boon of Technology

Technology is an indispensable asset for the success of any modern business, providing a foundation for streamlined operations, heightened productivity, and improved efficiency through process automation, workflow optimization, and real-time data analysis. Additionally, technology plays a crucial role in facilitating effective communication and collaboration, fostering seamless connectivity and driving innovation. 

As with any business, technology stands as the bedrock of Legal Soft’s service delivery model. It empowers the company to deliver a seamless, efficient, and remarkably effective experience to its clients. 

Hamid Kohan adds, “We use state-of-the-art technology to manage our virtual legal staffing services, ensuring seamless communication, collaboration, and project management.” Leveraging cloud-based tools and platforms, the company empowers its virtual employees to perform their duties with the same level of effectiveness and efficiency as if they were physically present within the client’s office.


During the early days of the startup, Legal Soft encountered several challenges while venturing into a traditional industry. One of the primary hurdles was overcoming the inherent resistance to change within the legal industry. With many law firms operating in the same manner for decades, there was considerable skepticism surrounding the adoption of new technologies and methods, particularly in the realms of virtual legal staffing and digital marketing.

Educating potential clients about the value of the services presented another significant challenge. The company had to demonstrate the tangible benefits of strategic marketing and efficient operations, areas not typically covered in law school or traditional legal practices.

Furthermore, building a team of professionals who possessed a deep understanding of both the legal industry and the business world proved to be a complex task. The company sought individuals with a unique combination of skills, encompassing expertise in legal systems, advanced marketing strategies, and adaptability to thrive in a fast-paced, innovative environment. Overcoming these challenges required meticulous effort and a persistent drive to succeed, ultimately propelling Legal Soft towards its position of prominence in the industry.

A Breakthrough

The turning point for the company occurred a couple of years into its journey as it steadily built its client base and refined its services. Hamid Kohan says, “The real breakthrough came when we landed a contract with a mid-sized law firm that was looking to undergo a significant transformation.”

Working closely with the firm, Legal Soft revolutionized its marketing strategy and implemented a comprehensive virtual legal staffing solution, yielding remarkable outcomes. The law firm experienced a notable surge in new client acquisitions, enhanced operational efficiency, and significant growth in its financial performance. 

This success story spread throughout the legal community. This resulted in a surge of inquiries and new contracts, firmly establishing Legal Soft as a trusted partner for law firms seeking operational scalability and paving the way for their rapid expansion in subsequent years.

Growth and Success

Over the past seven years, the company has experienced remarkable growth across multiple key indicators, showcasing its ongoing success. The team has expanded from its humble beginnings as a small group of founders to a global workforce of over 150 employees, reflecting an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 60%. 

In terms of clientele, it has transitioned from assisting only a handful of law firms in its initial year to now serving over 650+ firms. Furthermore, the number of virtual employees placed by the company has surpassed the significant milestone of 1,000.

Financially, the company has achieved exponential revenue growth. Presently, it is generating a monthly revenue in the seven-figure range, and it has ambitious plans to double that figure by the first quarter of 2024, demonstrating its commitment to sustained financial success and future expansion.

Building on Excellence

Legal Soft’s success can be attributed to a combination of key factors, foremost among them being the profound understanding of its clients. Central to the company’s ongoing achievements is its culture of innovation and continuous improvement. 

Hamid Kohan says, “By focusing on the intersection between legal expertise and business growth, we’ve been able to offer solutions that truly resonate with our clients and deliver real, measurable results. This focus has helped us to stand out in a crowded marketplace and build a strong reputation within the legal industry.”

A customer-centric approach has yielded high rates of client satisfaction and retention, with many clients opting to continue their collaboration with Legal Soft year after year. Fostered by a culture that values collaboration, continuous learning, and a pursuit of excellence, its team consistently delivers high-quality services that drive client success.

Reflecting on its journey thus far, Legal Soft acknowledges that these fundamental elements have been instrumental in its success. Looking ahead, they remain confident that by adhering to these guiding principles, they will continue to grow, innovate, and empower their clients to achieve their goals.

Striking the Balance

Balancing innovation, risk-taking, stability, and profitability is a challenging aspect of business, particularly in a dynamic and competitive industry. Legal Soft has developed a multifaceted approach to achieve this delicate balance. Hamid Kohan says, “Our strategy begins with strategic planning and prioritization, evaluating opportunities based on alignment with our business strategy, customer impact, and return on investment.” 

Strong financial management ensures accurate forecasting and resource allocation for innovation while maintaining operational expenses and profitability. Risk management is ingrained through detailed analysis and mitigation strategies for each opportunity, reducing potential downsides. 

The company embraces iterative development and testing, creating Minimum Viable Products piloted with customers’ feedback to refine before full launch. It addresses real needs, increasing its success and contribution to the overall profitability. This comprehensive approach has enabled Legal Soft to sustainably grow while embracing innovation and maintaining stability.

Talent Development

“We believe that our talented and dedicated team is our biggest asset and a key differentiator in our success story.”

Legal Soft recognizes the pivotal role of its human capital. Talent identification and nurturing are integral to the company’s systematic and ongoing process. Robust performance management systems evaluate employees based on their results, competencies, and alignment with company values, incorporating peer feedback and self-assessment for a holistic evaluation.

It offers diverse learning opportunities such as internal and external training, workshops, conferences, and experiential learning through stretch assignments and cross-functional projects. Mentorship plays a pivotal role, providing employees with guidance, advice, and a broader perspective. Leaders serve as mentors, investing in the next generation of leaders, while peer mentorship fosters collaboration and mutual learning, contributing to a culture of growth and development.

Setting It Apart

Legal Soft specializes in two core areas: strategic marketing services and tailored virtual legal staffing solutions designed specifically for law firms. 

The strategic marketing services are dedicated to helping law firms enhance client attraction, retention, and engagement. The company leverages data-driven insights, advanced analytics, and contemporary marketing techniques such as content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. With these, it develops and implements effective marketing strategies customized for each client. 

In addition, it offers virtual legal staffing solutions that cater to the unique needs of law firms. The comprehensive range of staffing services includes virtual paralegals, legal secretaries, customer service representatives, and more. Through a meticulous selection process, the company ensures that only highly skilled professionals, capable of seamlessly integrating into a client’s operations and delivering immediate value, are provided.

Staying Ahead

“Innovation and adaptability are at the core of our corporate philosophy at Legal Soft.”

The company employs a range of strategies to uphold its competitive edge. A key aspect is fostering a culture of continuous learning and curiosity within the organization. Legal Soft prioritizes regular training and development programs, encouraging employees to stay abreast of industry trends and technological advancements. 

This commitment to knowledge sharing ensures a skilled and agile workforce capable of critical thinking and innovation, enabling them to address evolving client needs and adapt to changing market dynamics. It also maintains a strong focus on client satisfaction. 

Furthermore, the company adopts a strategic approach to innovation, carefully assessing each opportunity based on its potential to enhance client value and align with the company’s overall business objectives. By avoiding the indiscriminate pursuit of every trend or technology, the company ensures that its innovations are purposeful and effective, delivering tangible benefits to clients and driving sustainable growth.

Navigating Risks

Legal Soft recognizes the inherent role of risk-taking in the business landscape, particularly within its dynamic industry. However, it adopts a systematic and calculated mindset when approaching risks. Hamid Kohan adds, “We use a robust decision-making framework that includes thorough research, careful analysis of potential outcomes, and risk mitigation strategies.” 

Rather than shying away from risks, Legal Soft aims to make informed decisions where the potential rewards outweigh the associated risks. They perform detailed risk assessments, develop contingency plans, diversify initiatives, and gradually test new approaches before full implementation. 

Monitoring outcomes closely allows them to adapt and adjust their course as needed. This ensures a balanced approach to risk-taking and decision-making that contributes to their success and growth.

Successful Expansion

The expansion of Legal Soft’s virtual legal staffing services to include specialized legal research has emerged as one of the most successful recent initiatives. Recognizing the growing demand among law firms for top-notch research support, it identified the challenges firms face in hiring full-time research staff. 

Hamid Kohan says, “We launched a virtual legal research service that allows law firms to access expert legal researchers on a flexible, on-demand basis. The service has been a significant success, with high adoption rates among existing clients and attracting a considerable number of new clients.”

Multiple key factors contributed to the successful launch. An understanding of its clients’ needs enabled it to develop a service that directly tackled a significant challenge in the industry. Leveraging its extensive experience in both the legal and virtual legal staffing sectors, Legal Soft ensured the delivery of high-quality research services. Furthermore, their strong client relationships provided a receptive market for the new offering, resulting in swift adoption and positive feedback.

A Bright Future

With a client-centric approach to business growth, the company prioritises the evolving needs and challenges of its clients. By maintaining an open dialogue, conducting thorough industry analysis, and anticipating future client requirements, it ensures its products and services remain relevant. 

Enhancements that deliver maximum value, such as increased efficiency, cost savings, and better client outcomes, undergo a rigorous cost-benefit analysis before implementation. Internal capabilities are evaluated, and necessary measures are taken to bridge any gaps through technological investments, upskilling employees, or strategic partnerships. 

Using an agile approach, it develops minimum viable products, gathers feedback, and refines solutions to consistently deliver superior value to clients. With a culture of continuous innovation, Legal Soft strives to stay ahead of the evolving legal industry by consistently enhancing its offerings.

Imparting Knowledge and Winning Hearts

Hamid Kohan, a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur, public speaker, and award-winning author known for his expertise in scaling law firms. Hamid’s first book, “How to Scale Your Stupid Law Firm,” has received critical acclaim and multiple awards.

Hamid Kohan has recently published a sequel titled “How to Scale Your AI Law Firm.” This eagerly awaited book explores the integration of artificial intelligence into the legal industry, offering groundbreaking insights on leveraging AI technologies for firm expansion and efficiency.

To access a free copy of Hamid’s new book, simply scan the QR code provided below. We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable resource and benefit from Hamid’s wealth of knowledge and experience in scaling law firms.

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