Jane Lee: A Genius Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry with Grit, Grace, and her Unwavering Commitment

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Real Estate is an intimidating yet illustrious career. History reveals that women have been in the industry as long as men, however, initially they only served administrative roles. But, with the advent of the 1900s, women started acing their games and climbed the ladder of growth and became brokers and agents. 

Today, women are seen as property consultants, channel partners, and dealers to spearhead large-scale real estate development firms. According to a report, “Women represent roughly 66% of the U.S. residential real estate workforce, according to the 2022 National Association of REALTORS® Member Profile.” These numbers highlight an ascending growth trend that has come from women serving more active roles. 

It is evident how women are dominating and revolutionizing the real estate industry as a whole. No matter the hindrances, and age-old notions of gender biases, women have time and again broken these stereotypes. The future of real estate is women, they have fastened their strides, gained momentum, and are striving towards turning ideas into realities. 

There might be a long way to go, but, women have arrived, and their inspiring stories exhibit their strong demeanor and undying passion. Showcasing one such marvelous story of a woman in real estate, we introduce, Jane Lee, the Owner and President of RE/MAX Top Performers.

Jane Lee is the most accomplished and top-notch real estate agent in Lake Bluff, IL, and emerged as one of the most successful Real Estate Brokers in the United States. After working as a highly productive Sales Associate with RE/MAX for nearly ten years, in 2022 Jane achieved #1 in Lake County IL, #1 RE/MAX Team in IL, #7 RE/MAX Team in the US and #20 RE/MAX World-Wide.

Jane Lee is well-known as a market expert and fierce negotiator. Her team of 35 agents produces 271M in sales for 2022. The brokerage offers a full-service marketing department, customer care team, closing department, short sale department, and administrative staff available 7 days a week.

A Determined Leader and a Successful Realtor

Jane Lee is a successful business owner who has transformed her company through her strong leadership skills and strategic thinking. She is an excellent communicator and can motivate and inspire her team. Jane is highly organized and able to effectively manage her time and resources, allowing her to achieve her goals efficiently. Her zeal, courage, purpose, and more are visible through her actions, making her one of the most sought-after real estate agents in her area. 

Jane Lee is also resilient, able to persevere through challenges and setbacks, and adaptable, able to pivot her business strategy as needed. In addition, She stays up-to-date on industry trends and best practices, making her highly knowledgeable about her field. Overall, Jane is a driven and committed business owner who is dedicated to making her business a success.

Her competitiveness, toughness, and knowledge of the area real estate market have also served her well over the years. Jane Lee is customer-centric, understands that buying and selling a home can be a very personal experience, and has kept that in mind as she’s developed extensive concierge services for her clients. She is constantly willing to learn more about her client’s pain points and delivers optimal solutions as per requirements. 

As a woman business owner, Jane Lee is a positive role model for other women in the business world. She sets an example for upcoming real estate agents to excel to their maximum potential. She has successfully navigated the challenges and obstacles that often face women in leadership roles and has proven that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. She is also highly respected in her industry and has hit many milestones inspiring other women who aspire to be successful in their careers.

Apart from being a successful businesswoman, Jane Lee despite her busy professional schedule still makes time to mentor Chinese-American students, sponsor local community events, and be a wife, and mother. She wears many hats and fulfills her roles with utmost love and dedication. 

A Team Player

Jane Lee is constantly pushing her team to be the best they can be, and encouraging her agents to continue learning real estate insights by hosting weekly meetings in which agents watch seminars on various topics. She also hosts weekly meetings with her admin team, shares encouraging words, and reiterates their goals and what they can do to accomplish them. Her team, the concierge service the firm provides to its clients, and the marketing strategy are customized to meet the need of the client. 

Jane Lee adds, “As the overall team leader, I head the management, marketing, and financial operations of the company. That includes coaching our team members. It is my goal to ensure that the synergy of the team remains cohesive, efficient, exciting, and fun.”

With the talent in place and a steadily improving economy, Jane Lee has her eyes set on her ultimate goal. She continues, “I want to be the No. 1 RE/MAX agent globally. Many years of training, experience, and determination will help us reach that goal.

The Jane Lee Team is built on Jane’s expertise and insight. And as a minority woman, she wears a proud badge of honor for where she is in her career right now. She has secured a name for herself and worked around the clock to perfect her knowledge and her team to be where it is today.  

She concludes, “I think my biggest accomplishment is building and perfecting our team. We are a well-oiled machine that strives to provide the perfect transaction for our clients.”

The Offerings

RE/MAX provided the perfect transaction with concierge service, unparalleled marketing, endless communications, and exceptional results. The firm utilizes social media and creates digital flyers and brochures.

Jane Lee has a weekly meeting with her coach, they talk about the market and new strategies. She feels like one always needs to be couched to help better push their business to the goals that they set. She also constantly looks at her goals and sees how she can better improve every week. 

Currently, in real estate, Jane Lee and her team are seeing social media becoming more prominent when it comes to promoting the business specifically, videos. This upcoming 2023 year, the marketing team and Jane are working on building a greater online presence and giving an inside look into the Jane Lee Team.

Success is a Far-Fetched Journey

It took Jane Lee about 5 years until she started to see success. She believes one has to find the best approach and tactics to advance their business and become successful, sometimes it isn’t easy and one may not like it but that’s what sets successful people apart from unsuccessful people – the drive and willingness to do anything it takes.

Crushing the Challenges

As a woman in the real estate business, sometimes it’s easy to get intimidated by men. But as the leader of a team, Jane Lee needs to be tough and knowledgeable and prove that she can overcome any obstacle. She is a team-oriented person, who wants to show her team that success is possible, not only for her but for them as well. 

Setting Records

Jane Lee is a distinguished real estate leader who has served the industry for long decades. Her attitude, approach, and ambition all set an acoustic rhythm designed for breaking and setting records. In her extensive career, she has grabbed many titles and honors. One of them includes being named One of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents by Real Estate Executive magazine in 2016

She ranked as the No. 1 real estate agent in Northern Illinois and Lake County and helped her company, RE/MAX Top Performers, reach a record-high transaction total. Despite those excellent accomplishments and her 26 years in the industry, Jane Lee continues to learn more about the real estate industry and how to better serve her clients.

Jane Lee’s team has been named the No. 1 RE/MAX Team in Northern Illinois and the 2016 RE/MAX Most Closed Transactions Team again, in addition to being named to the 2016 REAL Trends “The Thousand” List and earning the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Additionally, she has been recognized as a “Distinguished Realtor” by The Expert Network based on a thorough multi-phase process that evaluates influence, leadership, reputation, and knowledge. Jane Lee has also been inducted as a Pinnacle Professional Member by Continental Who’s Who and was listed as a top-selling agent in Lake County in 2016 in Chicago Agent magazine’s 2017 Real Data feature. She is a member of the National Association of Realtors, the Illinois Association of Realtors, and the Northwest Association of Realtors.

Since entering the real estate industry in the early 1990s, Jane Lee and her brokerage, RE/MAX Top Performers, have not only become the No. 1 sales organization in Lake County, their primary area of operation, and No. 1 in the Northern Illinois region but also they are ranked No. 8 nationwide and No. 13 worldwide. RE/MAX Top Performers averages between $100 million and $174 million in sales per year – not bad statistics for opening in 2000.

Those whopping sales numbers are nothing but breathtaking and showcase the sheer hard work Jane Lee and her team puts in. 

Jane Lee has successfully put together a team of 25 agents and industry experts capable of providing comprehensive services in luxury, residential, commercial, relocation, investment, and short sale/ REO properties for RE/MAX Top Performers. In addition, Jane was a company sales agent for nearly a decade before founding the affiliate company, so she knows what to look for when hiring talent.

Jane Lee’s customers are primarily in the residential market, but she also works with luxury buyers, investors, rental and commercial properties, and relocations. She prides herself on her client interactions and the experience she can provide them, and that includes working with a team she describes as “wonderful.” Her clients too are fond and highly appreciative of her articulated work and often refer to her or are repeat customers. In short, Jane Lee is your go-to partner, when it comes to your home.  

An Action-Packed Future

For 2023, Jane Lee and her team have established a goal of $350 mil in transactions as a team, $180 mil as her personal goal, and her admin team’s goal is to get 45 transactions, 40 listings, 30 under contract homes, and 25 sold homes a month. She has a solid foundation with the people on her agent team and admin team. So, Jane feels that they all will accomplish the goals in the 2023 year. 

In the future, Jane Lee wants to be ranked as the #1 team in Illinois. She also wants to continue to grow in the Northbrook area, and potentially expand to another location in the future. In addition to that, she wants to continue building the Jane Lee brand and team. 

The Notable Testimonials

1. Kevin Fletcher

“This will be the 3rd time using Jane Lee and the concierge services of The Jane Lee Team! We will never use anyone else! Her knowledge of the N and NW Chicago suburbs has consistently delivered fast sales and top dollar. Our home sold in 20 days and she also helped every step of the way whether it pertained to the property or just navigating the things we needed to do to close.

She provided a great lawyer, trades people for our punch list, our movers, and even a piano mover. Now THATS service to make this process painless. She also has a staging service that’s included. Wow, they made the good look better and the average look fabulous. We will be calling her again and sharing our pleasant experiences with as many people as possible. She’s that good!”

2. Analini Shetty

“We had a really good experience selling our house through Jane Lee. Her team did a great job of working with us in getting the house ready and our house went into contact pretty quickly. I would recommend Jane Lee to my friends and family!”

3. Jim Dennis

“I have to take a moment to tell anyone interested in buying or selling a home to look no further than the Jane Lee Team. And believe me, their emphasis is on the team. The quality of the players on this team is outstanding. Their skill, professionalism, and follow-up are second to none. The resources they have available to delegate tasks to are amazing. Simply put, they get the job done, with peak performance. If you are considering buying or selling a home, you need not look anywhere for help and guidance. Just hook up with the Jane Lee Team. Bravo and thank you folks for your incredible performance! Your totally satisfied client, Jim Dennis, Mundelein, Illinois.”

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