Harbour Mastery Inc. Consortium: Ambassadors of Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions via Oracle NetSuite

Harbour Mastery Inc. George Walters

The importance of logistics and supply chain management has always played a pivotal role in the efficient functioning of any enterprise. A lag in the supply chain or logistics process creates cascading negative implications throughout the network from the producers to intermediaries and down to the consumer. As this network relies on multiple modes of transportation (shipping, trucking, rail, air, private or commercial carriers, etc.), it becomes a tedious task to provide seamless logistics and supply chain support with precision when it comes to product handling, delivery, support functions and a standardized system to manage it all.

Harbour Mastery Inc. (HMI), and its consortium approach, has changed the face of the industry when it comes to providing logistics support. Harbour Mastery Inc uses the best-in-class technology combined with their highly skilled team to provide innovative, efficient, and proven solutions to their clients. Their expertise, years of development work and experience, coupled with robust technology and software applications in their products/services, truly defines them as a most sought-after team when it comes to providing logistics and supply chain management solutions. Globally, their clients are highly satisfied while leveraging these HMI capabilities for new levels of enterprise success.

Harbour Mastery Inc. The Story

Since inception in 1991, HMI’s focus has been to provide impeccable logistics support, making sure their solutions exceed client’s expectations every time. As there are multiple modes of transport, the scheduling, and communications among the complex web of inter-connected responsible agencies supporting the supply chain is difficult. For example, take a single product produced in a town in India bound for a consumer in Zambia.

Scheduling the shipping alone may involve trucking, rail, air, and vessels via private, public and/or commercial carriers. This will involve passage through terminals, storage depots and clearances through customs before it reaches the consumer. At each node along the way, the number of supporting agencies involved will likely number from several to a dozen or more. Harbour Mastery Inc caters to this problem by providing start-to-end logistic solutions.

Harbour Mastery Inc. (HMI), and its consortium approach, has changed the face of the industry when it comes to providing logistics support.

The complexity of this is staggering and mastery of this challenge requires capabilities at both the macro-global scale coupled with micro-focused solutions customized for the needs of every client involved. To conquer this, Harbour Mastery Inc developed cloud-based management systems that seamlessly encompass all aspects of port operations with interfaces to import, export and storage with truck and rail throughout. Hence was born the HMI Consortium in partnership with four other companies, who also focus on niche markets in the supply chain, transportation, cybersecurity, and maritime industries.

The Harbour Mastery Inc Consortium constellation of companies and their senior executives have decades of combined experience in managing the movement of people and products through the global supply chain. 

The four other partnered companies working in sync with HMI and forming the HMI Consortium are:

– PHAROS Mission Critical Solutions

PHAROS is a combined consulting and technology integration company with focus on developing bespoke solutions to solve the toughest operational challenges for every client’s unique requirements.  PHAROS representatives have deep experience in multiple sectors including ground logistics, aviation, and maritime industries.  They can tackle challenges across multiple sectors and have delivered successfully tailored solutions ranging from Fortune-10 companies down to small business enterprises.

– MobileDOCK

MobileDOCK is one of the key technology solution providers in the Harbour Mastery Inc Consortium.  MobileDOCK evolved through extensive industry knowledge and the realization that efficient, automated, and controlled access to logistics hubs can only be achieved through moving focus from the hub to the shipping community servicing the hub. Placing tools in the hands of the community of interest to book, execute and monitor arrivals and departure at logistics hubs of all types drives the benefits. MobileDOCK enables the destinations to automate, streamline, formalize dock appointment booking/scheduling, execution and monitoring from any internet connected desktop or mobile device.

MobileDOCK eliminates manual processes and provides visibility, allows efficient resource planning, supplier management, reduced congestion and increased security. It is now supporting all types of facilities from warehousing, industrial, retail, residential, mixed-use, entertainment and event venues.  In 2020, it was adapted to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by enabling the concept of “delivery distancing” to support safety of the supply chain network much like social distancing did for consumers.

– Head in the Cloud Development (HITC)

Manufacturing, warehousing and product delivery challenges led HITC to create unique scheduling tools that mapped on Google Earth, giving precise details of the supply chain, their schedule and actual delivery performance. They play a key role in the Harbour Mastery Inc Consortium by providing real-time scheduling tools for vessel agents to clearly see on Google Earth the mapping and calendar grids. HITC provides berthing availability required to make scheduling requests. Connecting all their scheduling tools and mapping in seaports with truck and rail is how they aid the complete process and work in sync with PHAROS and MobileDOCK.

– Electric Energy Corporation (EEC)

 The global dimensions of the supply chain have long been the principal challenges that led to the formation of Electric Energy Corporation. EEC has engaged in extensive international work in Africa, Asia and the Middle East over the past 20 years, developing supply chain infrastructure and establishing international trade relations. They are now able to connect their current client base with the HMI, PHAROS/MobileDOCK, and Head in the Cloud consortium in new and exciting ways.

In addition, their cybersecurity work with entities like NASA, the U.S., and other governments, positions them perfectly to serve any private sector or national interests in IT security for their seaport and supply chain enterprises. Moreover, their experience with alternative energy projects can also bring new efficiencies to operations. 

The combined experience and capabilities of the PHAROS, MobileDOCK, HITC, EEC and HMI form the HMI Consortium collectively and help forge new links in the global supply chain.

Products/Services Offered

Harbour Mastery Inc adopted the Oracle NetSuite ERP as their global supply chain platform in 2007 and have developed over 20 modules to meet a broad variety of seaport needs. Its first few clients, all with unique and diverse needs, provided the foundation to develop the now proven, 12-year track record of success with those 20+ unique maritime focused modules that can be adapted to any seaport or marina setting. Their consortium members are now leveraging this point of integration for new supply chain solutions.

Together, the Harbour Mastery Inc Consortium is currently serving 75+ clients, 35 of them exclusively with NetSuite and adding about 10 new clients per year. Their combined current client base is in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Qatar, Ghana, Lebanon, Cyprus, UK and across Europe. They have several new projects on the horizon for 2021-2022, with new product development already underway.

By leveraging the multiple online portals – Employee Center, Customer Center, Vendor Center and Partner Center – Harbour Mastery Inc provide the entire community of supply chain players, real-time access and essential communications to effective supply chain linkages.

USP of Harbour Master Inc. and factors that redefine competition in the markets

HMI adopted the Oracle NetSuite ERP as their global supply chain platform in 2007 and have developed over 20 modules to meet a broad variety of seaport needs.

The Achilles heel in many software-based companies in their “selling a product” approach is missing how a “fixed solution” fails to properly align within an entire enterprise. That exacerbates the age-old conflicts in most software-based companies between the sales force and implementation team. Frequently, the sales force promises but the implementation team may not be able to fully deliver within all the other complexity of the enterprise. This undercuts promises leading to unsatisfied clients. 

Harbour Mastery Inc consortium mitigates this risk in several keyways:

  • First, HMI approaches everything from the operational perspective. How does your enterprise produce and deliver its products and/or services? How can they help optimize that for greater efficiency, effectiveness, and continuity with the least disruption? 
  • Second, the sales team is embedded within the implementation group. If the sales team says it can achieve a result, they are intimately engaged with the actual delivery and know how they will deliver. 
  • Third, they gather the total picture of your requirements before proposing a comprehensive solution for the whole enterprise. If you lack a Request for Proposal (RFP) with the details needed, HMI will help you identify them first so there are very few surprises later.
  • Fourth, HMI identifies the “plus factors” that help you improve your rules, procedures, and business processes by sharing best practices learnt from dozens of other clients in the past 30 years.

HMI’s objective, alongside you, is to create a best-fit solution that serves your enterprise, not deliver a product that you must serve.

Leadership at Harbour Mastery Inc.

Harbour Mastery Inc and its Consortium are truly unique in their offerings, level of service and standards they deliver. All the partners work in sync and bring out the best not only in their respective companies, but the entire Consortium capability delivery is a total greater than the sum or its parts. Thus, Harbour Mastery Inc has a leader which not only brings out the best in HMI’s team but also leads the HMI Consortium and pushes the boundaries of an expert and skilled leader.

M. George Walters, CEO at Harbour Mastery Inc, truly has been serving and leading the team with his efficient leadership skills, his expertise and thorough knowledge in the logistics field, supply chain management, etc. His career started in 1982, when he started developing software. As a Floridian, son of a U.S. Coast Guard veteran and son-in-law of a WWII naval officer, his love of the sea and the importance of maritime and seaport management is deeply ingrained. All this inspires him and his team alike. His vision for Harbour Mastery is to empower this industry through cutting-edge, extensible, technology-driven ERP management solutions that allow each client to take their business to the next level.

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