BeCloud – Reshaping Cloud Computing

James Phipps- BeCloud

BeCloud – Reshaping Cloud Computing

The IT sector has been developing at a rapid pace, and the possibilities and innovations that have lately been introduced has completely changed and revolutionized the face and functioning of the IT industry as a whole. The changes in functioning and new ventures that are being pooled into other sectors with the use of IT services is expanding the horizon and applications of the IT sector and its products/services.

As the IT sector and its functioning is everything but easy, full of complex mechanisms and other complex work that needs to be put in the products/services and the most important of all being the training of personnel and using their skills and expertise to achieve maximum performance and development for the company and the IT sector as a whole.

BeCloud is one of the most trusted and sought-after IT consultant companies with effective, scalable and efficient strategic IT solutions that cater to the problems and issues faced by businesses at any stage. Their services are unique, custom-made to the client’s needs and demands, made by one of the best team of skilled and expert personnel with thorough industry knowledge and decades of experience combined. BeCloud not only takes on the competition in the market by a mile but also outshines as the leaders in providing IT consulting solutions. Their respect and customer satisfaction ratings are always through the roof establishing their name as the unmatched leaders of their domain.

In conversation with the President of BeCloud, James Phipps. Let’s hear more about BeCloud, its service offerings and James’s entrepreneurial journey.

Please tell us about the services BeCloud offers and any new additions to the arsenal.

BeCloud LLC. is an IT Consultancy founded in 2011 as our cooperate name implies we had our heads in the clouds from the start. In the beginning, cloud meant hosting services in BeCloud’s collocated and private data centres. Around 2017 we started to shift, it became evident that we could not compete with Amazon and\or Microsoft Public Cloud Solutions so we started to shut down our servers and move to public cloud options. We have progressed into a leading next-gen Managed Service Provider. We are focused on strategic consulting to help our customers become more agile with a better return on business technology investments.  

BeCloud is one of the most trusted and sought-after IT consultant companies with effective, scalable and efficient strategic IT solutions that cater to the problems and issues faced by businesses at any stage.

Our consultancy continues down a digital transformation path. The challenges and lessons learned are applied to the solutions we implement for our customers. The most challenging and rewarding aspect of Technology consulting is how it moves at such a rapid pace. Technology more time than ever to study, testing and proving solutions to our customers.  

The factors pushing BeCloud through the clouds

  • COVID-19 has awakened our customers on how important technology is to the survival of a business. Microsoft Teams and Amazon Workspaces are two solutions we provide that has an immediate and positive impact on a business ability to carry out remote work during the pandemic. Also, most businesses are aware that they need to setup up security. We have seen a steady stream of customers adding on more security.
  • Our Customer Driven approach to IT management is most responsible for our success. We keep staff size down and utilize automation as much as possible. This allows us to keep the cost down for our customers while at the same time offering higher quality services. Automation allows us to spend more time proactivity solving customers issues with innovative and thorough solutions instead of constantly reacting to emergencies.
  • Some of our competitors in this industry pride themselves on having higher headcounts touting company size. We pride ourselves on doing a great job as efficiently as possible. We will bring on additional staff, but usually, it is aimed at bringing more expertise to the table instead of available hands. A bigger payroll does not always translate into a better prod

Tell Their services and new offerings

We focus on strategic IT solutions that solve business problems. We are the next-gen Managed Services Provider. Many times, this means cloud but not in every case. We have customers with on-premise and/or hybrid environments. Even in those types of legacy environments, we seek to add a DevOps environment or at least automation. Our customer-driven approach makes sure that the solutions we recommend are in alignment with business objectives.  

We are the Next-Gen Managed Services Provider.

We are constantly adding, testing and proving new solutions. We challenge every member of our staff to constantly grow his or her skill set so that we can provide better service for our customers. The continued expansion of cloud services into the mainstream has exposed new security and compliance requirements. BeCloud with our cloud security specialization and training positions us to take advantage of this trend by offering much-needed security services to cloud-enabled customers.  

We have brought on additional expertise in Software Programming, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence through staff expansion. Also, we have had success internally with RPA and we look forward to providing Robotic Process Automation Consulting to our customers.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey and your take on employee relations. 

Strategically, I decided to not fight the cloud trend. Some MSP’s are holding out and fighting the cloud by sticking with on-premise server rooms solutions only. We instead look at the workload, customer budget and business goals. Our customers trust us for strategic advice because they know our recommendations are aimed at solving customer need rather than padding consultant profits.

I realize that I cannot work this alone. I have been blessed with employees who agree with my vision. They go out every day and put our customers first and for that I applaud them. Our team commits untold hours of study and practice to implement technical solutions for our customers that are truly impactful to client business goals and objectives. The love for technology, impactful solutions and excellent customer service keeps us all motivated and driven.  

Your take on the competition in the market

I like the competition in the market. I believe that there is enough work to go around but we are stepping into that Next Generation MSP world. It requires more research and study than the legacy break-fix MSP. That will continue to be challenging for us, but we have the right work culture to be successful.  

We have seen some solutions from competing firms in AI, IoT and ML that show the value that IT brings to the table. It constantly makes us step up our game so that we can compete and provide similar or better solutions to our customers. I’m sure that our solution set has also inspired firms to approach some situations differently. 

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