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Nikole & Michael Rose - Mojo Media Labs

The pandemic has shifted maximum working online, although creating hurdles and problems but hiding new possibilities and potential for different and innovative techniques and methods to come up and revolutionize the way we understand and see things. One such field is Marketing, as the conventional methods of marketing involved physical form of approach such as ads, newspapers, posters, etc. but as digitalization stepped in, the complete face and methodologies of the marketing field changed.

Digital promotion of products/services via personalized emails, bulk messages, social media marketing, etc. not only proved to be more cost-efficient methods but expanded the reach of the promotional strategies manifold, in turn generating more footfall and words going around the market about the particular products/services. Thus, the marketing industry has transitioned towards a more digitalized and advanced progress incorporating the latest technologies and innovating new strategies to reach the target audience and imprint the products/services in their minds.

Mojo Media Labs has truly evolved as a company and as a service provider in the marketing industry. They not only offer unique and custom-made solutions to their clients but also provide them with a plethora of solutions which can be customized and made best suited for a client’s particular needs and demands.

Their service standards have not only earned them a position among the pioneer of the industry but also has made them one of the most respectable and sought-after agencies when it comes to finding marketing solutions. Mojo Media Labs houses a team of skilled experts with thorough knowledge about the industry and its changing trends, which not only makes them unique but also sets them apart from the competition in the market.

The Road to Success:

Mojo Media Labs has truly evolved from a digital marketing agency to a revenue growth agency, the road to which was full of challenges and hurdles, but it was the Mojo Media Lab’s team of highly skilled and motivated experts who not only excel in the work and services they offer but also in their respective fields, with thorough and extensive knowledge, always up to date with the latest trends and changes. Over the past several years, they have revamped their technology stack expertise, uptrain skills on the team, to increase the knowledge and overall performance of the team and also improve their client’s communications from marketing and sales measurables to growing their client’s businesses. 

Every successful company faces a lot of initial challenges and hurdles which not only test the mettle of the team but also the motivation and dedication of the company as a whole. Mojo Media Labs did not back down from any challenge and emerge not only a winner but also a pioneer in marketing solutions. Some of their challenges revolved around teaching a growth mindset. They discovered companies have problems and people have pains, thus it is difficult to get to the root of any problem.

So, they had to reengineer their sales process, to set the client and the Mojo team up for success by solving for the right problem, by addressing all the pains created by the problem. They have always taken a consultative approach to their sales process but they have discovered and feel that they need to continue that approach through the service process as well.  

Mojo Media Labs and its success can be credited to their impeccable services, conservative approach, their respect in the industry and among their competitors but it foremost goes to these three reasons, culture, culture and culture. Mojo’s culture has been the root cause of their motivation and growth. As the agency was founded by a biochemist turned passionate marketer. It defines their affinity for working in the space between the scientific and the creative.

Their culture does not confine them in one direction and way, which also shows in their team and the people they hire, which are ranging from the most talented creators, scientists, developers, data nuts, marketers and all-around unicorns.

The result from such diversified ideology and team is that they get to work with amazing clients who help them achieve their dreams, being named an Inc Best Workplace and one of Inc 5000’s Fastest-Growing Companies in America in 2019, a HubSpot Diamond-Certified Partner and the DFW American Marketing Association (AMA) Marketer of the Year. Mojo has grown from humble beginnings as a small marketing shop, to one of the top 1% inbound marketing agencies in the country with offices in Dallas and Indianapolis.

Services Offered by Mojo Media Labs:

Mojo Media Labs is unique with their approach and how they offer their services, which not only is efficient and scalable for their clients but also their commitment towards helping their client and fuelling their growth is something they are respected for. Not only this but their services are carefully synced together and not stand-alone services so Mojo’s team can build and provide a customized growth plan for their clients, which not only makes their presence unique in the market but also sets them apart from the competition in the market. 

The services provided by Mojo Media Labs are:

  • Account-based marketing
  • Sales enablement
  • Branding + messaging
  • Website design and development. 

Mojo Media Labs takes its services ahead with the sole purpose of having satisfied and happy clients and thus work relentlessly to make their services as feasible and beneficial for their clients. And that is their plan to take their services ahead by adhering to such goals, they are not only improving their services altogether backed with the latest trends and technology but also providing their clients with an unparalleled experience and solution when it comes to marketing problems. They have always pushed for happy people as it equals happy clients.

Mojo Media Labs has always believed in pushing their limits and boundaries when it comes to their services offered, right from its inception to execution, implementation, etc. They are developing new services as they feel the solutions to marketing problems should be updated and modified regularly. Their services should always be up to date, as in the field of marketing it does not take much time for a product/service to become obsolete. Mojo Media is working on two new services, one of them is they are now certified in Storybrand and the second is they have launched the award-winning CMS theme, MojoFlex to the HubSpot Marketplace.

The unique leader behind the unique company:

Mojo Media Labs is a truly unique company in their niche and with their exemplary team and services they provide not only makes their mark in the marketing industry but also sets them apart as leading pioneers in the field. And the man behind setting up Mojo Media Labs and also skilfully taking the team ahead to unveil their full potential and also boosting the overall growth of the company is R. Michael Rose, the Founder & CEO of Mojo Media Labs.

His growing years revolved around his grandparents’ home in Pennsylvania, his Northern Italian grandmother’s lively table, dinner parties, the restaurant, and his dad’s deli. People in this small town still remember his family’s hospitality. This instilled a feeling of care towards others and the responsibility of looking after the happiness and satisfaction of others in him.

After high school, they moved back to Ft. Worth as it had more opportunities compared to the small Pennsylvania town. He became the first in the family to go to college. He didn’t want to pursue entrepreneurship or business like his father. Instead, chose pre-med and then switched to biochemistry. After graduation, he was offered two job opportunities to choose from — a crime lab in Ft. Worth, or the chemistry lab at Alcon. Michael remarks if CSI wasn’t a thing back then he definitely would have gotten into the crime lab, so he chose Alcon. He loved the research and analytical side of working in the lab alongside really brilliant people.

Four years into his career, he got the itch to try something new and enrolled in law school. He kept working full time while in school. The first summer after law school he started on a path that would lead him in a drastically different direction, away from the lab and the law.

A friend of his gave him a promotional product catalogue to review the pricing for some custom embroidered shirts. He noticed the profit margins right away and a germ of an idea started to grow. Around the same time, his lab was switching to a more casual dress code, and he knew they would be purchasing golf shirts with an embroidered logo, like the ones he had seen in the product catalogue. Sensing the opportunity, he consulted with his father, Jack, who was a successful salesman at a printing company by that time, about buying embroidery equipment.

“Why embroidery?” was his first reaction, but after consideration and scoping out the field, his father was on board and encouraged Michael to buy equipment.

That is how Michael started an embroidery and promotional products business, his first venture into Marketing. He didn’t have room to store the equipment anywhere else, so he ran the business out of his parents’ backyard, in what they called the Dog Shed. Working in the lab during the day, fulfilling embroidery orders during every spare minute of the day and night, he was once again a team with his mother and father in the family business.

His mother, Janett, the brains of the family, kept the accounting side of the business in order. His father, Jack was his best unpaid salesman, drumming up new business left and right. Eventually, they landed a large account for Michael’s craft store, making all of the embroidered aprons for their employees to wear across the country.

The business in the Dog Shed was booming. They did $100,000 in sales in the first six months. They expanded, bought more equipment, hired people to help his parents (who spent their evenings finishing aprons in front of the TV). And yes, they moved out of the Dog Shed.

From that very humble beginning, making custom embroidery casual wear and expanding into promotional products, he got a passion for the business owner life. Years later, he changed course once again, from a product-driven business to a service-focused business, and launched Mojo Media Labs.

He felt compelled to pursue deeper relationships with people and clients, and one way to do that was by taking care of their broader marketing needs as a service agency. This was at a time when digital marketing and web services were in their infancy. It was obvious that this was the next right move.

Fast forward a decade, now Mojo Media Labs is a full-service marketing agency with offices in Dallas, Indianapolis and Oklahoma City. My #1 concern as a business owner is for our people. Happy People = Happy Clients. Their official vision statement for the company is to Enrich Lives. Michael often reflects on his mother, his father, and his grandparents, who taught him those values and how to care for people. It’s a better inheritance than a trust fund or business lessons could ever have been.

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