20 Health and Wellness Start-ups on the Rise

Top 20 Health and Wellness Start-ups in 2023 | The Enterprise World

Here are 20 Health and Wellness Start-ups in 2023;

1. Somnox

Somnox’s robotic equipment helps people fall asleep quicker, sleep better, and sleep longer. Syncing one’s own breathing with Somnox’s Sleep Robot generates a meditative state. Sleep Robot’s app lets users customize noises and breathing exercises.

2. Egoo

Danish firm Egoo analyzes blood at home. The device and disposable biomarker capsules make up the platform. Each capsule includes a biomarker test activated by a drop of blood. The smartphone-operated gadget transfers blood results to an app or the cloud.

3. Sona 

US-based Sona produces music-based digital therapeutics for anxiety. The startup’s smartphone app plays music that reduces anxiety. Sona is a low-cost software that helps users control anxiety symptoms in real-time. Patients could make plans to see their therapist or doctor at good times, which would make them feel better about themselves and make them more competitive.

4. iUVeda

Bulgarian company iUVeda provides an AI-based smartphone software for meditation, yoga, and nutrition. The software helps users recover from burnouts, panic attacks, and stress.

Top 20 Health and Wellness Start-ups in 2023 | The Enterprise World

5. BeSerene

BeSerene is an Indian stress-management app. Its eponymous software helps regulate stress and symptoms, including wrath, fear, and anxiety. The former targets emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and psychosomatic disorders; the latter, overall well-being. It also profiles each user and provides therapeutic updates. Personalized therapies boost patient engagement and enjoyment, improving physical, mental, and social health.

6. Fitter

Grow Fit offers keto food programs. The app has a product finder and lets users communicate with nutritionists to develop a nutrition plan.

7. Mindmates

MindPeers, a Singaporean company, develops mental health initiatives. Combining technology empathy with clinical validation generates mental strength modules. SelfCare helps users deal with guilt, despair, fury, and other emotions and build new behaviors. MindCare assesses mental health by utilizing a user’s psychological profile, behavior patterns, and life events. This improves emotional recognition and control. The company offers staff treatment and welfare.

8. Fluger

Australia’s Fluger is creating a healthcare management platform. The company provides COVID-19 immunization, ready setup, and a vaccine regimen-tailored system. It offers an integrated booking system with centralized storage, allowing medical providers and vaccination suppliers to expand their services without further setup. The firm offers CRM, billing, and nurse management capabilities. Fluger Lite and Fluger Pro are offered from the start. Fluger produces a data logger that automatically provides temperatures and an iPad with management tools.

9. VAY Sports

VAY Sports uses AI to identify and measure movement during workouts and provide real-time feedback. Algorithms develop a computer model of the body to identify bad exercise posture. It decreases injury risk and boosts exercise efficacy. 

10. Verndari

Verndari designs VaxiPatch, a full-dose vaccine kit including antigen, adjuvant, and delivery mechanisms. VaxiPatch delivers vaccinations through the skin using a painless microneedle patch. Its revolutionary technology allows vaccine producers to develop current and new vaccinations and self-administer them. Verndari’s technologies reduce vaccine storage and distribution costs, enabling manufacturers to vaccinate directly.

Top 20 Health and Wellness Start-ups in 2023 | The Enterprise World

11. Wellory

Wellory, a personal diet, and wellness business, make nutrition coaching accessible. Their app links users with nutrition experts that provide advice on healthy eating. Ground Up Ventures, Harlem Capital, Story Ventures, and other high-profile investors led the $4.2 million seed round.

12. CalcLab

The Brazilian company CalcLab helps doctors analyze test results. The firm gives interpretation guidelines or lets clients design them. Once you choose ideal medical reference values, CalcLab applies hundreds of interpretation rules in seconds. It saves doctors and patients time.

13. HeadSpace

Headspace is a California-based firm that created a meditation app. The site helps users deal with stress, anxiety, and other issues via its sessions and materials. Over 40 million people use Headspace. They earn $500 million per year.

Top 20 Health and Wellness Start-ups in 2023 | The Enterprise World

14. Deliberate Solutions

Deliberate Solutions employs machine learning (ML) to improve patient outcomes. Using hardware and online connectivity, the company lets psychiatrists store private digital data. The startup’s software quantifies mental health issues. Auto-transcription, annotation, monitoring tools, and digital consent management can minimize time and improve service quality. The technology connects easily to EHRs, outcome measurement platforms, and patient engagement tools.

15. MedicPad

The Dutch firm MedicPad offers technology-driven medical and clinical management solutions. Smart forms and self-check-in kiosks speed up patient onboarding. MedicPad curates digitized medical records to speed up doctor appointments. The business offers AI-powered chatbots, medical analytics tools, and patient monitoring wearables.

16. Flatechs

Flatechs plans to create a visible syringe to decrease or eliminate central venous errors. The EpiFaith CV’s auto-aspiration and pressure sensing systems enable users to avoid arterial catheterization. Since the guidewire can be put in right away, users don’t have to take the syringe off the EpiFaith CV to start needle localization again.

17. Meditopia

Meditopia is a Berlin-based mental health and well-being portal.They provide meditation coaching to assist with overcoming mental illnesses, sleeping better, and living healthier. According to their website, over 32 million individuals use their app.

18. ExoShield

Exos Armor is an Italian company that makes orthopedic corsets. Using additive manufacturing, the business develops breathable, lightweight orthopedic corsets for all ages. Exos Armor’s unique procedures create bespoke corsets within days after an orthopedic clinic visit. Orthopedic corsets are made from recyclable materials, decreasing gypsum waste.

19. HealthWithMe

WithMe Health provides individualized, cost-effective drug recommendations. Employers and workers get customised experiences using technology and healthcare specialists. In Section 32, Omers Ventures, and Oak HC/FT have invested.

20. CurisAI

CurisAI developed CurisView, an AR headgear for psychotherapy and stress management. The company helps people with exposure therapy. Using on-demand mixed reality technologies, the company helps people with mental illnesses deal with stress and get cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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