Top 10 machine learning startups you should know about.

top 10 Machine Learning Startups

First of all, let’s know what is machine learning. Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning’s prior aim is to allow computers to learn automatically without human intervention or assistance and adjust actions accordingly.  

Now a day many vehicles use data to help when parts would fail or when vehicles need servicing, uphold their impressive safety record by monitoring vehicle performance during hazardous situations, and improve driver and passenger convenience.  

Google is one of the pioneers in the use of deep learning. Google collects data about its user and shows the content which its user would like to see. While watching videos on YouTube, you can find the suggested videos by YouTube which match your interests. YouTube collects the data from the past such as what you have streaming, your searches, and channels you have subscribed to.   

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. also use machine learning. These networks grab data from user’s searches and history data to find out their interest and accordingly serve content like videos, images, pages, friend suggestions as well as brand advertisements. 

There are more than 8000 startups and companies relying on machine learning technology. Here are Top 10 machine learning startups.

1. Ablacon

Ablacon is an emerging startup that deals in a premier machine intelligence system to quantitatively and qualitatively understand and treat atrial fibrillation. Technology by Ablacon visualizes in real-time what is going on inside the heart. By using it, treatment of atrial fibrillation can be done faster, more precisely, and more reliably. Ablacon raised a fund of $21.5M in the first round. 

2. Cinnamon

A startup based on AI & unique machine learning works in automatic data extraction from unstructured documents. Cinnamon made such a lengthy and tedious data extraction very simple and interesting. They can provide 85% to 100% accuracy using AI and Machine Learning. Cinnamon has raised a total of $17M in funding over six rounds. 

3. helps in creating, testing and scaling algorithms that are the foundation of applications. It is also used to predict fraud and solve many other problems their customers has raised a total of $76.6 M funding over five rounds. 

4. Avaamo

Avaamo serves in different sectors like Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Retail. It provides conversational service capable of handling queries in customer service, generating quotes in insurance, and answering claims inquiries in healthcare.  


Hunters.AI generates and delivers visualized attack stories allowing organizations to more quickly and effectively identify, understand, and respond to attacks. They provide real-time updates on Attack Intelligence, Hunting AI, and continuous automation with an enterprise’s existing security data. In the field of many cybersecurity startups, is creating a big name. They have raised a $5.4 M funding in the very first round. 

6. Travis

Imagine getting stuck in an unknown place without knowing their local language and finding a way back home. It is really hard to survive with language barriers. Travis worked on this hard and introduced a language translator device. This pocket translator can be used while working, traveling or else. Travis translator significantly uses machine learning to learn from the user’s past data. 

7. LogiNext

LogiNext deal in field workforce and logistics optimization. It offers real-time tracking, route optimization, resource allocation, and on-demand management. LogiNext has raised a total of $10.6 M funding in two rounds. 


Ravin provides service to analyze the vehicle’s current condition, provides greater transparency to rental car companies, fleet owners and user car sales networks. It is used to appraise and quickly report if any aberration in the condition of the vehicle occurs. Ravin raised $4M funding over a single round. 

9. Tamr

Tamr deals in connecting and enriching diverse data at scale using machine learning. It can reduce the time required for data unification projects by 90 percent. Tamr runs using advanced analytics using machine learning algorithms. Tamr raised $69.2 M funding in total.

10. SigTuple

Bangalore, India-based SigTuple works in developing medical diagnostic solutions. It is an AI platform for advanced diagnosis of urine, blood, semen samples, along with retinal scans and X-rays.  SigTuple does diagnosis very quickly as much as within 5 minutes with pathologist’s reviews. The time required for diagnosis is more important than the time required for treatment.  

This Top Machine learning startups have got achievement in less amount of time. AI and Machine Learning is a future of processes taking its shape. Using AI and Machine Learning many works, processes can be done faster than human himself. All we need to do is to control the misuse of AI and Machine learning.

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