Top 7 Healthcare Magazines to Follow in 2023

Top 7 Healthcare Magazines to Follow in 2023 | The Enterprise World

Healthcare Magazines to Follow in 2023

The healthcare sector is hardly an exception to how quickly digital improvements are replacing numerous tasks that we once performed manually. It’s become obvious that technological improvements in the sector have been a game changer in simplifying many duties while also speeding up and improving registration processes, from patient registration to data monitoring and lab tests to self-care apps.

These developments have greatly impacted medical procedures and healthcare professionals’ practices in addition to improving patient and family experiences. Healthcare is increasing and changing as a result of the new innovations being developed by researchers. Some of these advances even enable doctors to identify ailments with 100% accuracy.

Keeping up with the latest developments in healthcare, the print and digital versions of some of the leading Healthcare Magazines provides you an insight into all you need to know. Read special editions and leading experts’ views on the trending topics in healthcare from these leading Healthcare Magazines.

Here is a list of top 7 Healthcare Magazines you need to follow in 2023 ;

1. Health Tech Magazine

The Health Tech Magazine is a platform that primarily discusses the technology and other healthcare concerns. It includes everything from evaluating and implementing technology solutions through IT representatives to the success stories of leading industry experts.

2. The Lifesciences Magazine

The Lifesciences Magazine is a global healthcare solutions platform that paves the way for various healthcare innovations, expert advice, and acumen, and the success stories of professionals in the field who are driving transformation with their innovative thinking. 

Top 7 Healthcare Magazines to Follow in 2023 | The Enterprise World

The Healthcare Magazines is one of the timeliest and thoroughly researched healthcare and life sciences journals, bringing to you the sector’s key highlights and the stories of many global health entrepreneurs who are taking a step towards a brighter tomorrow and redefining health and life sciences.

3. Healthcare Global Magazine

The Healthcare Global Magazine is one-of-its kind platform in the industry, curated to update business leaders with some of the latest news from the industry. The Healthcare Magazines provides exclusive insights from the industry through news, scholarly articles and more.

Sectors in Healthcare Industry | Healthcare Sector in India ;

4. Healthcare Design Magazine

Healthcare Design is the go-to resource for insight, knowledge, and inspiration for planning, designing, and building new or renovated healthcare facilities, serving an audience of architects, interior designers, hospital administrators, facility managers, engineers, and important members of the construction industry.

Top 7 Healthcare Magazines to Follow in 2023 | The Enterprise World

The platform regularly engages this community through its many channels—magazine, website, events, and social media—with editorial content that is tightly focused and created by seasoned journalists and subject-matter experts. Their aim is to guide our audience through the present healthcare environment and manage the changing standards for design, architecture, and construction in order to create places that uphold high design standards and increase patient outcomes and satisfaction.

5. Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine

Hospital & Healthcare Management (HHM Global) is a platform for online and print information sharing for the healthcare sector. HHM Global is made for influential decision-makers in the healthcare sector. Our readers may stay informed about both ends of the healthcare facility procurement chain because we represent the most cutting-edge healthcare industry information.

The Healthcare Magazines is distributed to the main decision-makers from various hospitals and medical institutions. It is issued three times a year.

6. Health Business Magazine

Health Business is a bimonthly publication that covers the administrative, commercial, and business aspects of healthcare and hospital management. It also provides news, features, analysis, opinion, and best practises in these areas.

The digital journal includes previews and reviews of events and exhibitions along with articles on issues including facilities management, energy and net zero, recruitment, medical equipment and technology, catering, IT, and cybersecurity.

Top 7 Healthcare Magazines to Follow in 2023 | The Enterprise World

For people involved in NHS management, procurement, and decision-making, Health Business offers a variety of information with regular contributions from NHS bodies, healthcare professionals, and industry associations.

7. THIIS Magazine

THIIS (The Homecare Industry Information Service) is the longest-running and most-established trade magazine for the mobility, disability, independent living, and rehabilitation industries. Its goal is to keep thousands of mobility and access professionals up to date each week on the newest news, opinions, products, and jobs.

THIIS, which was established in April 1999, makes sure that mobility retailers, suppliers, installers, distributors, and manufacturers stay up to date with respect to the most recent product introductions, interviews with industry leaders, high-quality news items, and job openings.

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