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Established in mid-1952, HERCO Transformers has over 65 years of profound experience in the Transformers Industry. Started with trading in speakers used in public address systems, HERCO procured licenses and registration in the year 1958 committing itself to deliver quality products through innovation and a flair for technology. 

Growing and feeding into its customer requirements HERCO Transformers expanded through many product lines that included battery chargers, signaling equipment for India Railways, power packs, and High Voltage Transformers. Today, HERCO is focused to deliver all types and flavors of transformers.

The Record-Breaking Journey of HERCO transformers to the Top

The highlights of HERCO’s overall journey have been marking a significant Global Presence and Innovation in Manufacturing. It has successfully expanded global reach with transformer exports, setting up a new manufacturing facility, and achieving CE approval for advanced 3-phase transformers. Here’s an overview of its long-standing company journey:

  • Late 1950

HERCO Transformers starts sales and marketing operations of speakers

  • In the early 1960s

The company started manufacturing and selling loudspeakers

  • In the late 1960s

It completed vendor registration with Indian Railways to make transformers, power supplies, and battery chargers

  • Mid-1970s

HERCO Transformers is one of the preferred vendors for color light signaling-related transformers

  • In the 1980s

HERCO took product approval from RDSO

  • 1984

The company starts a high-voltage product line for Xerox copiers and introduces high-voltage products for the boiler and furnace industry

  • 1989

It introduces high-voltage power supplies for air and oil filtration systems

  • 1992

HERCO Transformers introduces electromagnets for automatic feeder systems

  • 1995

HERCO Transformers starts making instrument transformer

  • 2008

HERCO 2nd generation takes over the reigns of the company

  • 2009

Starts automation and takes complete production to Pune

  • 2010

The company introduces 3-phase transformers

  • 2012

It starts manufacturing 10000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Pune and also international CE approved 3phase transformers for vacuum furnaces

  • 2013

HERCO Transformers becomes a closely held public limited company

  • 2014

The company incorporates in Milpitas, CA USA, and starts sales and marketing transformers internationally

  • 2017

HERCO starts in-house Fabrication of tanks enclosures and panels

  • 2018

It made the first 1000KVA cast resin transformer

  • 2020

HERCO exports 3000kva to Qatar and container shipments worldwide

  • 2021

HERCO completes 3000KVA open delta furnace transformers

  • 2023

HERCO expands operations in India and USA

Meet the Breakthrough Leader

A dashing, dynamic, and daredevil leader, Rajeev Handa is the CEO of HERCO Transformers. Rajeev pursued BE in Industrial Electronics and further completed his MBA from Newport University, CA. He has demonstrated professional experience leading many executive roles within international companies in the US for 10+ years setting up their business process and manufacturing worldwide. 

With his laser-sharp focus and unparalleled dedication, Rajeev has fiercely driven growth in the power sector. Under his wings, HERCO has achieved many milestones and become a market leader in the manufacturing sector. It also received ISO-9001:2015 certification and manufactured infrastructure in India. He is a team player, who has trained internal teams, focusing on growth through quality and engineering. 

As an entrepreneur, Rajeev’s responsibilities include:

  • Building a business that takes ethics seriously when it comes to responsibilities to customers, vendors, employees, government, and other associates.
  • Leading the company through all the challenges by example
  • Making continuous improvement a habit for the company and team

Overview of Rajeev’s Professional Journey:

  • Technical Analyst- Sanmina-SCI (2000 – 2001) 

Technical Implementation of Oracle ERP

  • Technical Lead- ONI Networks (2001 – 2002) 

Technical Implementation, Conversion, Reports, and Special programming in Oracle ERP

  • Sr. Business Analyst- Marvell Semiconductors Inc (2002 – 2004) 

Implement Oracle Order Management, Shipping, VMI, Third Party Logistics, Shop Floor Management, B2B with RosettaNet in Oracle ERP

  • USJade Software Ltd- Director / Co-Founder (2005 – 2008) 

-Setup backend project delivery co-location

-Train teams on project-focus delivery

-Work with customers and internal teams setting expectations for delivery

-Project Management and Overall Delivery responsibility

  • USJade Software Ltd- President / Co-Founder (Feb 2004 – 2008) 

-Experienced working with Multinational companies to set up IT infrastructure and manage outsourced manufacturing models

-Setup systems around Oracle Apps to model business process

-Submitted/Presented papers in Oracle Application User Groups and Oracle Open World

-Successfully deployed B2B integration project on Oracle Apps using TIBCO middleware

  • Director and Principle Design Engineer- Herco India 2009 – Present

HERCO Transformers India specializes in manufacturing High Voltage Transformers, single phase, and 3 phase electrical transformers upto 500KVA rating

  • Director and Principle Design Engineer- HERCO Transformers Inc Feb 2013 – Present Milpitas, CA, USA

-Currently setting up manufacturing co-locations for the transformer industry in the USA

-Setting up the infrastructure to support world-class manufacturing

-Started Sales and Marketing operations from the Milpitasm CA location

-Training Internal teams focusing on growth orientation

Specialties: Manufacturing of High Voltage Transformers, specializing in

  •  Ignition Transformer for burners and boilers
  •  Electrostatic Transformers for Air and Oil Filtration
  •  Double Shielded Transformer for TAN-DELTA test equipment
  •  Electromagnets
  •  Power Transformer, Control Transformer, Isolation Transformers
  •  Furnace Transformers – 3Phase and Single Phase
  • Pole Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers

One of the key achievements of Rajeev’s entrepreneurial journey is the advancement of HERCO to the top of the ladder. In 2008, HERCO transformers started with 3 senior employees, today it stands with 600+ finished goods and 800+ customers worldwide, ready to explode the market worldwide.

Becoming a Legendary and Revolutionary Company

Advancing tomorrow through Innovation.

“HERCO” has grown over the years serving the nation’s largest organization Indian Railways. Innovations and diversification led to expansion into a niche area of manufacturing of high voltage transformers suitable for various industrial applications like boilers for ignition, electrostatic filtration, and high voltage instrumentation.

On the occasion of the 65-year completion ceremony, the founders’ family re-committed itself to bringing changes to HERCO India and gearing it up to be a stronger world force ever expanding its horizons.

HERCO’s mission was POWER-PASSION-PERFORMANCE. Its vision is spreading its wings and offering best-in-class customer service and quality-focused products. 

Tackling Challenges with the Talented and Multifaceted Team

HERCO’s initial challenges were:

  • Creating and training a core team
  • Process formalization in the organization
  • Breaking the first customer first product and first market barriers

Today, it has successfully formed its A-Team with highly skilled professionals. Rajeev adds, “Team building is very important and has been the main focus at HERCO, AT WILL (building a sense of responsibility and willingness) has been the essence of driving and developing the team.”  

HERCO Transformers stays a step ahead in its game by keeping up with the changing marketplace and customer demands. To adhere to the same, it has a team working with customers to support the ever-changing landscape of the energy industry.

Every year, the company introduces new products, in recent years, it has been making special transformers to support the solar industry. It also updates with all international standards like UL, EN, CSA, SABER, and CE besides its BIS standards.

Additionally, some of the challenges faced by its target customers include:

  • Rising Costs or inflation has been a major challenge faced by its customers and 
  • Also, vendors promise to provide good quality transformers consistently for lower prices. In this case, HERCO transformers lands in situations where it needs to match substandard pricing to keep customers happy.

Taking into account, HERCO’s customers have been a great strength to the survival and growth of HERCO and it pledges the same sincerity and solidarity to its customers.

A Sneak Peek into the Offerings

HERCO transformers has over 10 product categories listed on its website, covering various industries and product lines. Its first mission was to bring an exhaustive range of transformers and put in a lot of effort in product development and approvals. Its major focus is on products but also provides outsourced manufacturing and technical services to customers worldwide.

HERCO transformers offers outstanding manufacturing services with or without product design services. It has a dedicated engineering team looking after new product development and introduction. The company has been using online payments and facilities of online as soon as it started in 2009. The company is registered with payment aggregators worldwide to support its customers with all payment methods.

HERCO is always working on new products strategy for energy efficiency and effective pricing for all its products. It is trying to build power-captive units in the future to support ever-growing energy needs.

HERCO’s Three Cornerstones of Success

  • Commitment to Quality
  • The company doesn’t give reasons for failure, nor does it pushes it on customers, it handles it first and then talks about the reasons.
  • It stands by its products always, under all conditions.

A Piece of Solid Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

  • Be ready to work on the floor
  • Every task or activity in the organization is your responsibility
  • Be transparent and fair 
  • Focus on your core team
  • Lead by example and always be a leader
  • Lastly, most important, KEEP IT SIMPLE AND STRAIGHTFORWARD

Noteworthy Testimonials

HERCO transformers is a great resource for anyone looking for transformers and power products. Their selection is comprehensive specially Rajeev is highly professional and the customer service is top-notch. I recently ordered products from Rajeev and it arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The price was also very reasonable. I’m very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it.

Akash Sethiya- Government Officer

Products we are using for over few years now, and I can honestly say that they are one of the best suppliers of trasformers and power products that I have ever dealt with. Their customer service is top notch and they always make sure to answer any questions I have quickly and accurately. The quality of their products is also unbeatable, and I have never had any issues with my purchases. Herco Transformers is the best in the business and I highly recommend Herco to anyone looking for reliable and high-quality transformers and power products. 

Richard Davis

Customer- USA

We are extremely happy, satisfied with transformers and chokes we regularly buy from HERCO. They meet all stringent quality requirements put forth by Saudi certification agency SABER. We buy for Saudi and Bahrain locations regularly for the last 5 years now. 

Product Manager

Customer- Saudi and Bahrain

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