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“Our success is made possible by our people.”

The healthcare industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation in an era of rapid technological advancements. Standing at the forefront of this revolution is eHealth Technologies, a pioneering company that has redefined the way health care is delivered. The Enterprise World is proud to introduce it as one of the Most Trusted Healthcare Technology Companies in 2023.

As a prominent player in the healthcare technology industry, eHealth Technologies serves the needs of esteemed hospitals across the United States. Under the leadership of CEO and Board Member Dan Torrens, the company has established a primary objective centered on ensuring prompt and seamless access to comprehensive, clinically organized medical histories for these hospitals. This strategic focus empowers eHealth Technologies’ customers to conduct meaningful initial appointments, streamlining the health care process for all parties involved.

Leveraging its advanced technology platform and a team driven by compassion, eHealth Technologies significantly alleviates the administrative burdens faced by hospital administrators, clinicians, and patients. The expertise lies in gathering and organizing medical records, images, and pathology materials, ensuring a streamlined process. 

Boasting the trust of over a hundred health systems, including eight of the top ten U.S. News and World Report hospitals, as well as fifty of the top one hundred Newsweek hospitals, eHealth Technologies primarily supports cancer and transplant centers. Each year, its invaluable assistance helps hundreds of thousands of critically ill patients swiftly access the necessary care. 

It has emerged as a true leader in the field. With a vision to revolutionize the delivery of life-altering care, eHealth Technologies strives to emerge as the leading health care technology and analytics company. Its dedication lies in reducing the time to treatment and empowering clinicians with actionable insights to enhance patient outcomes. 

By seamlessly integrating innovative solutions and cutting-edge platforms, the company has earned the trust and recognition of the health care community. Moving forward, let’s explore what makes this company stand out from the rest.

Redefining Health care Efficiency

Differentiating themselves from competitors is of utmost significance for health care companies. By doing so, they can seize a larger portion of the market, stimulate innovation, cultivate trust, draw in top talent, and ultimately catalyze positive transformation within the industry. 

The companies that effectively set themselves apart are not only poised to endure but also flourish in an era characterized by incessant evolution and change. eHealth Technologies stands as a testament to this notion. 

It stands out as a prominent health care technology company, recognized for its industry leadership. Torrens says, “We are different because we integrate our medical record, image, and pathology material retrieval expertise with our advanced technology platform and compassionate team to reduce the administrative burdens experienced by administrators, clinicians, and patients.”

Embracing Compassion 

Health care technology leader, Dan Torrens, embodies compassion and a deep commitment to improving patient outcomes. Understanding the critical role of serving his team, he embraces a versatile approach, swiftly adapting to changes within the industry. He remains dedicated to understanding the needs and challenges faced by customers and patients, continuously evolving as a leader and a changemaker. 

As the CEO, Torrens shoulders prominent responsibilities that revolve around aligning the team with a strategic vision. His focus lies in creating an environment and fostering a culture that empowers the team to deliver on the company’s mission.

“Stay humble. Listen to feedback. Always put patients first.”

With a long-term vision complemented by short-term objectives and key results, he has built a cohesive executive leadership team of servant leaders. Together, they strive to ensure alignment across all departments, removing any roadblocks hindering team members from achieving their respective objectives and key results.

Forging a Path of Impact

With his venture into the healthcare sector, Torrens finds inspiration in his deep-rooted passion for improving the patient experience. This passion stems from his personal journey, which includes raising three daughters born prematurely and supporting his father through pancreatic cancer.

Witnessing firsthand the challenges faced by patients and their caregivers, he dedicated his career to simplifying and expediting access to necessary care. Prior to assuming his role at eHealth Technologies, he served as the COO of ConnectiveRx, streamlining the prescription process for specialty medications.

Before his tenure at ConnectiveRx, he held the position of COO at CMMI Institute, elevating the medical device industry by improving device quality to save lives. His collaborations with esteemed organizations like the FDA and HHS focused on elevating the medical device industry and enhancing patient data management.

Motivated by personal experiences and an unwavering dedication to empathy, Dan Torrens continues to drive positive change within the health care industry. At eHealth Technologies, his leadership is characterized by a resolute commitment to enhancing the patient experience and providing timely access to essential care. Torrens adds, “Every day I am proud to be a part of this team as we continue to make strides for clinicians and their patients.”

The Potential of Technology in Healthcare

The health care sector is brimming with new opportunities as technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. eHealth Technologies recognizes the transformative power of AI but emphasizes the importance of a cautious approach. Its focus lies in enhancing the clinician experience by providing actionable insights. 

By swiftly presenting experienced clinicians with the right information, it ensures that patients receive the prompt care they need for a speedy recovery. Over the years, the health care industry has witnessed remarkable progress in life-saving medicines, devices, treatments, and procedures. However, administrative processes have often remained stagnant in terms of innovation. 

eHealth Technologies has taken up the mantle of change, streamlining the entire records retrieval process for more than 100 healthcare facilities across the United States. Its commitment to innovation drives them to constantly seek ways to further reduce the time to treatment. 

As pioneers in the field, the company understands the urgency and the importance of harnessing technology to revolutionize health care. It strives to reshape the health care landscape, ensuring that every patient receives the swift and efficient care they deserve.

Streamlining Technology Integrations

The company excels in leveraging integrations between technology platforms to deliver efficient and seamless services to its customers. Utilizing industry-standard medical connectivity platforms and protocols such as HL7, FHIR, and DICOM ensures swift and reliable access to essential information.

Torrens says, “It is critically important to develop the technology and capabilities to utilize a variety of integration engines. This approach allows us to speed up the process of integrating our platform into our customers’ systems and workflows, and we adapt to our customers’ needs and systems.”

Dedicated to providing a superior user experience, it continues to invest in its platform’s development. Adhering to a customer-centric innovation and design philosophy, the company prioritizes the needs and preferences of its clients. This customer-centric approach has propelled the company to migrate its platform to the cloud, enhancing performance, and scalability, and enabling the introduction of exciting new features and services. 

Notably, advancements in natural language processing (NLP) and optical character recognition (OCR) have been integrated, bolstering the platform’s capabilities. Furthermore, eHealth Technologies considers security and privacy as fundamental aspects, embedding them as first-class citizens within their design and development practices.

Overcoming Growth Challenges 

Facing the ongoing challenges of a burgeoning customer and patient base amidst a challenging job market, eHealth Technologies embarked on a journey to sustain and expand its operations. The company found itself confronted with the need to open additional offices to meet the surging demand for its services. 

Existing customers experienced an upswing in patient volumes, while new customers sought their expertise. Undeterred by these obstacles, the company rose to the occasion, successfully opening more offices and scaling up its workforce to match the accelerated demand. 

Through strategic hiring practices, it was able to assemble an exceptional team that aligns with its core values of integrity, customer care, collaboration, and delivering tangible results. This commitment to their people extends beyond mere recruitment, as eHealth Technologies is dedicated to cultivating a strong organizational culture that serves as the bedrock for their success.

Long-standing Success

“We strive to make sure that eHealth Technologies is a great place to work so that we can deliver results for our customers and patients.”

The company boasts a team of compassionate and innovative individuals who are dedicated to advancing the delivery of life-altering care. With a genuine commitment to their customers’ success and the well-being of their patients, the team consistently goes above and beyond expectations. 

The unwavering dedication of everyone involved in the company ensures that patients receive the highest quality care in the shortest possible time. The privilege of being part of such an exceptional team is deeply appreciated by Torrens.

Nurturing Talent 

The company prides itself on its recruitment and hiring practices. It carefully selects compassionate individuals who are driven to make a positive impact and assist others. With a steadfast focus on its mission, the team at eHealth Technologies has successfully facilitated access to care for an impressive 350,000 individuals last year alone. Demonstrating the commitment, the company is on track to surpass this milestone by aiding close to 500,000 people this year.

Torrens adds, “One of our values is ‘Our People’, we know how hard they work for our customers and patients, and we work hard to ensure that eHealth Technologies is a great place to work.” The synergy between the team’s shared vision and the organization’s commitment to providing a supportive and fulfilling work environment enables the company to continually deliver remarkable results for its customers and patients. 

Enhanced Health Care Delivery

In recognition of the time and resource-intensive nature of collecting medical records, the company has developed a cutting-edge record retrieval solution that empowers top hospitals with fast and seamless access to clinically organized patient medical records. Leveraging its advanced technology platform and compassionate team, it excels in consolidating disparate medical record information from various sources through its eHealth Connect® platform. 

Subsequently, this comprehensive data is meticulously organized and seamlessly delivered to the facility’s electronic medical record (EMR) system. By ensuring that clinical teams have timely access to all pertinent medical records, its solution optimizes the efficiency and productivity of patient appointments, fostering more meaningful and impactful interactions.

Beyond serving top hospitals, it has also established a prominent presence in over half of the nation’s leading Health Information Exchanges (HIEs). The eHealth Connect® Image Exchange Platform stands as a powerful solution, facilitating the exchange of digital images among disparate Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) applications. 

This innovative platform enables the effortless viewing, transportation, and sharing of medical images, addressing a critical need for seamless image exchange across the health care system. By streamlining the sharing of medical images, unnecessary repeat imaging appointments are minimized, resulting in improved patient care and reduced healthcare costs.

Commitment to Patient-Driven Solutions

Since its inception, the company has played a pivotal role in facilitating access to care for over 2.5 million patients, making a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals. Year after year, the company continues to support hundreds of thousands of people, particularly those facing severe medical conditions such as cancer and undergoing transplants.

Renowned for its excellence, the company proudly serves more than 100 top hospital systems across the United States. Among its esteemed clientele are eight of the top 10 hospitals recognized on the prestigious 2022/2023 Best Hospitals Honor Roll by the U.S. News and World Report, as well as over 50 of the top 100 hospitals acknowledged by Newsweek. 

This extensive network of partnerships demonstrates the trust and confidence placed in eHealth Technologies to deliver exceptional health care solutions. Torrens adds, “Customer feedback is extremely important to us. As a strategic business partner to our customers, our Customer Success team makes it a priority to keep the lines of communication open.”

Through annual customer satisfaction surveys and careful evaluation of customer net promoter scores (NPS), eHealth Technologies actively listens to its customers’ evolving needs, allowing them to develop tailored solutions. Continuously striving to enhance its products and services, the company collaborates closely with its customers, empowering them to provide superior care to their patients. 

Key Trends 

The future of the health care industry will be influenced by three key trends:

  1. Aging population: With the number of Americans aged 65 and older projected to double by 2040, the healthcare industry will face increased demand for services, placing additional strain on the system.
  2. Patient consumerism: As patients pay more out of pocket, they are demanding more choices and better service. They are willing to explore options beyond their local health care systems to access the best care available.
  3. Expedited care: In a competitive healthcare landscape, the ability to provide fast and effective care is crucial. Patients prioritize health care providers that can deliver prompt treatment and facilitate a speedy recovery.

Adapting to these trends will be vital for health care organizations to meet the evolving needs of patients and provide accessible, patient-centered care.

Setting New Standards

In line with these trends, eHealth Technologies is at the forefront of innovation. It has introduced a groundbreaking pre-screening clinical trial product. This advanced solution combines Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence with the renowned eHealth Connect® Record Retrieval Solution. 

By swiftly analyzing a patient’s clinical history against trial criteria, the product streamlines the candidate selection process, ensuring better outcomes. The company is currently finalizing trials with select customers and plans to integrate this product into its suite of offerings soon.

Torrens adds, “Our vision is to focus on advancing the delivery of life-altering care. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on patient access and develop innovative ways to improve the patient experience so we can help people get the care they need as quickly as possible.”

Word of the Wise

Success is made possible when you focus on the people doing the work, and the people you are helping. In a competitive sector like health care, you will succeed when you celebrate your people and treat them with respect. Just as important, never lose sight of what matters most – the patient. The patient should be at the center of every decision and should always be the priority. 

Client Testimonials

Medical University of South Carolina 

“Our staff is more effective. They’re able to get the patients through the process safely and efficiently. They’re also able to focus their expertise and time on direct patient care.” 

– Dan Stanton, Transplant Administrator, MUSC

“Now we don’t need to make [those] contacts–we simply make the request and eHealth Technologies breaks everything down for us and does the leg work,” said Stanton. “When we get the medical record, it’s indexed, and it only takes us seconds.” 

– Dan Stanton, Transplant Administrator, MUSC

University of Utah Health Transplant Center 

“eHealth Technologies enabled us to open the door wider and see more patients, particularly for our kidney transplant program, where we have the largest volumes.”

– Kim Phillips, Senior Director, Transplant Service Line
University of Utah Health’s Transplant Center 

Banner-University Medicine Transplant Institute 

“eHealth Technologies supplies one indexed file that can be readily uploaded into a patient’s medical record for the provider to access. Providers are able to search the file by certain keywords to find a particular piece of data that they need, which is a huge time saver.”

Angie Korsun, former Executive Director, Advanced Organ Management, Transplant, and MCS at Banner-University Medical Center, Phoenix/Tucson

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