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You may not know it, but a device as simple as the transformer is something we use in our everyday lives. From industrial assembly lines, industrial automation to refrigerators in your house, power transformers are everywhere. What is the use of it? 

Well, a power transformer is a device which helps in power handling. It provides a continuous and reliable flow of power that keep the devices in working condition. A power transformer’s voltage levels are ideal and perfect for operating the modern day electronics we use every day. 

With his steady determination, Mr. Brij Sharma is transforming the industry to bring in more efficiency. Featuring for The Enterprise World’s cover issue of Most Trusted Power Transformers Solution Providers in 2023 is the story of PowerVolt Inc., a beacon in the industry. 

The Long Illustrious Journey of PowerVolt, From the Founder Himself

Mr. Brij Sharma started PowerVolt Inc, in the year 1986. Initially, he started designing the product lines of DC power supplies and a year later had completed the design. The next step was to start manufacturing and establishing a supply chain for the products. 

One year later, in 1987, Mr. Sharma moved the company from his condo to the basement of his house, where he continued for the next four years. 

Since 1991, PowerVolt has gone through various growth processes, has acquired a wide customer base and has developed more transformers while also diversifying its product line. 

“With a focus on quality and prompt deliveries, we have achieved the position of being the trusted power transformer supplier to some of the biggest names in the game.”

The journey had just started, and the growth graph took off from then. It was then when PowerVolt added running companies to its group in the next 10 years. 

In 2007, the company added Wabash Transformer Inc. to its group, and in 2008, PowerVolt added Ensign Corporation to its club, both of which companies were manufacturing the similar products to that of PowerVolt Inc. 

“Since 2007, all three companies work under the banner of PowerVolt Group of Companies and have had tremendous growth over the years.”

Sailing through the Challenges

“When we started the company, we had started it on a small scale. The market back then had reliability issues and wouldn’t give us credit for our products.”, says Brij Sharma. 

While handling a regular job, Brij had to cut expenses from his salary. Financing PowerVolt became a challenge as a newcomer in the industry. The vendors and suppliers would not extend credit to PowerVolt. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and just like that, Mr. Brij Sharma came across a manufacturing facility that decided to help PowerVolt by extending credit and selling PowerVolt’s products. 

Getting over one challenge felt triumphant, but the next one was standing just there. 

“How do we sell the products that we make?”

With a small team at hand, PowerVolt did not employ any experienced sales team, neither did they have the budget for advertising their product. Business networking might not sound like a big deal, but at such times some of your contacts come to the rescue, unknowingly. 

In this journey, Brij met another person who was a distributor of electronic products and worked for a company named C&E Sales. He promised to sell the product. 

This changed the landscape for PowerVolt drastically. The company started selling its products. Now with the flow of orders coming in, there also came in another challenge, setting up a manufacturing facility to accommodate the load and help the company scale. 

PowerVolt’s Stellar Line of Products

PowerVolt manufactures transformers in mainly 4 categories

  • Power Transformers
  • Industrial Control Transformers
  • DC Power Supplies
  • Custom Transformers

If a company employs any form of electrical equipment or machinery, it is almost certain that a transformer will be required. This crucial component facilitates the safe and efficient transfer of electrical energy across a wide range of voltage levels, making it an essential aspect of any electrical infrastructure.

In situations where an electrical device is in use, such as with industrial machinery or power generation systems, transformers are vital for adjusting the voltage of the electrical energy as it moves through the system. This enables the electrical energy to be transmitted over long distances and between different voltage levels, ensuring that it can be used effectively by different components in the system.

“At PowerVolt, we understand the importance of transformers in any electrical setup. That is why we offer both AC and DC power. With our comprehensive range of solutions, we are equipped to supply the appropriate transformer required for any electrical application.”

Surviving the Pandemic

“Challenges become easy to tackle when you plan things.”

When the government announced the lockdown, it was a shock. Questions on existence, and survival started to pop up. But in a situation like this, proper planning helped PowerVolt more than panicking about the problem.   

“While we were in the process, we found out that ours was a critical industry.”

COVID vaccines needed to be stored at low temperatures, and this required better functioning freezers, ultimately, efficient transformers. This meant, the company did not need to shut down. 

Having said that, when we look at the timeline of PowerVolt, the company has been in business since 1986. The first market crash after that was when 9/11 happened. This was soon followed by the 2008 recession. 

2008 was a rather critical year for PowerVolt, as it had just acquired two more companies in its group. 

“We were able to survive through these challenges- the reason? We planned everything meticulously.”

This is the philosophy Mr. Sharma has inculcated in the staff, to plan every detail to avoid sudden breakdowns. 

Giving Back

“The more you give, the bigger the person you become!”

PowerVolt cares for its people, and this goes beyond just a safe working environment. The company provides its employees with sufficient benefits any company provides. All the workers are provided with health insurance. 

Apart from this, being a contributor to the society, PowerVolt is an active charity donor. Environmentally speaking, the company checks off that too by recycling most of its materials, making sure that its environmental responsibility is well taken care of. 

Mr. Brij Sharma- Leading the Way

An engineering veteran, Brij graduated in 1969 from India. He landed in the US via Germany and Brazil, where he worked for corporations for a while. Working for these corporations helped him gain a wealth of knowledge, both in terms of technical and sales, marketing and finances. 

Later, when he went on to start PowerVolt, Brij was prepared all around. 

“I was fully equipped with technical, marketing, and financial knowledge. This helped me strengthen PowerVolt’s foundation.”

As Mr. Sharma says, “Even today, I stay actively involved with all these functions.”

Word of the Wise

“If I were to offer some professional advice to budding entrepreneurs, I would suggest that they define their goals early on and work diligently towards achieving them. Procrastination can be a major roadblock in the journey towards success, and it’s essential to establish clear objectives right from the start.

Once you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, it’s important to stay focused and committed to your path. Distractions and setbacks are inevitable, but it’s critical to maintain a level of professionalism and remain dedicated to your goals.

Ultimately, success comes down to hard work, persistence, and a willingness to learn from mistakes. With a solid work ethic and a willingness to stay focused, anything is possible.”

Mr. Brij Sharma’s Vote of Thanks

“Before I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, I made it a top priority to ensure that my family was fully established and well taken care of. It wasn’t until I reached the age of 45 that I was able to achieve this goal. The road to success had already been paved many years prior, but due to the various financial obligations and personal challenges that I faced, I had to bide my time.

I am eternally grateful to a higher power for bestowing upon me the good fortune of crossing paths with individuals who proved instrumental in helping me kick-start my business venture. Whether it was my innate talent, or simply a stroke of luck, these kind-hearted souls extended their unwavering support in numerous ways. 

As I previously mentioned, one individual provided me with the necessary credit to overcome financial hurdles, while another aided in the establishment of my company as a distributor of our products. It was with their assistance that I was finally able to surmount the obstacles that previously hindered my progress.”

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