Importance of Acoustics in Interior Designing Process

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Hertz Acoustic – Importance of Acoustics in Interior Designing Process

What is Acoustics?

Home interior acoustics is the science of controlling noise at the home. This includes the minimization of noise transmission from one space to another and the control of the characteristics of sound within spaces themselves.

Acoustics in Interior design

Home interiors and acoustics is an important consideration in the interior design, operation, and construction of most buildings, and can have a significant impact on health and wellbeing, communication, and productivity. It can be particularly significant in spaces such as concert halls, recording studios, lecture theatres, etc., where the quality of sound and its intelligibility are important.

If you have your ideal set-up. You have your high-fidelity speakers set in their optimum position. You have your listening position just right. But there’s a problem. It just doesn’t sound like it did in the demo room. There are many things you might try to improve the system cables or isolation stands for your equipment. You might spend hundreds of pounds on new system cables but can the difference?

The only way you can add focus to your system and improve clarity is by making your entertainment or living room in tune. No doubt the room in which high-end audio equipment is installed was not specifically designed to listen to music or watch movies. If the room has parallel walls if the room is square or rectangular you may suffer from room modes. Room modes are frequencies at which sound waves in a room resonate, based on the room dimensions. The acoustic modes will “color” the sound, i.e. enhance certain frequencies and dull others. This will, in turn, create peaks and troughs. These can be as much as 6dB difference which is a discernible change.

In a room; many surfaces reflect sound. This will clutter and color the music you listen to and make it sound clouded and distorted. There will be direct sound from your speaker and after that, there will be indirect sound reflecting from the walls, the ceiling, and even the floor, and then finally sound waves reach you. The most influential reflection is called the first reflection. This is at the mirror point between you and the speakers. The reflection points are on the sidewalls, the ceiling, and the floor. It is called the first reflection because after the direct sound it is the next sound you experience, like an echo.

To overcome all the problems one faces while watching movies or listening with family there is the only way, The Acoustic treatment may sound too expensive or an odd-looking concept that can ruin your interior design idea. It’s not. Acoustics panels come in all sizes and shapes and even one can customize them according to the interior designer’s requirements. Many people from major cities where there is endless noise of traffic and all, people are considering acoustic treatment as one of the most important needs while setting up a home. 

Here are some acoustic treatment methods that can help you to make your home a peaceful place to live.

Acoustic Panels

They are used to reduce unwanted modal & non-modal waves, flutter echo, comb filtering, early reflections and helps to save stereo imaging.

The Panel outperforms these “reflection-free zone (RFZ)” by combining both porous and resonating absorbers to decelerate particle velocity and reduce sound pressure. It comes fully equipped with Absorbing technology, air gap features, an Aluminum frame, and an easy mount system. These acoustic panels have unique features that help to solve sound wave problems in a room.           

  • Effective Controls primary reflections and flutter echo.
  • Higher Noise Reduction Coefficient.
  • Attractive panel design and excellent built quality.

Bass Traps 

Broadband Diaphragmatic Absorber will help reduce sound decay times, increase clarity and help you to achieve a flat sound response within a room by reducing interfering audio frequency build-up and interfering reflections that occur from room reverberation.

Tube Bass traps like these are also a wonderful way to create a very accurate, comfortable, and portable listening environment. They have the following features to solve room noise issues

  • Bass absorption between 40 Hz and 250 Hz
  • Provides additional Low-End attenuation & delivering a truer sound.
  • Used for wall corner and ceiling corner applications.
  • Great Sturdy handcrafted construction with excellent built quality.Room After Acoustic Treatment

Skyline Diffusers

Skyline diffuser is a very popular and effective tool for improving room acoustics. It consists of 144 elements, each of which has been cut on a predetermined length and the whole is arranged in a strictly defined order. The Skyline diffuser- diffuses acoustic waves before they reflect off walls or ceilings.

  • Scientific Design – Pattern utilize modulated prime root number theory to uniformly scatter sound.
  • Eliminates Comb Filtering & Flutter Echoes.
  • Improves your room’s acoustics without making it sound small, dry, or boxy.
  • Balanced Sound field.

Ceiling Clouds

Ceiling Clouds are acoustical panels that suspend horizontally from the ceiling to reduce sound reflections, Bass Control & Flutter Echo. In offices & Hotels, it reduces conversation “flanking” over office partitions with fabric room décor. Ceiling Clouds are uniquely designed with the following features:

  • Effective controls primary reflections and flutter echo.
  • Higher Noise Reduction Coefficient.

Attractive panel design and excellent built quality

Acoustic panels are designed in such a way that they can give you the best listening experience. Hertz acoustic deals in all of the products mentioned above. All of our products are globally certified.

Author – Hemant Ghan – Founder, Hertz Acoustic

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