5 Signs You Need To Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer

5 Signs You Need To Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer | The Enterprise World

Workers’ compensation is a type of program that a lot of workers either don’t understand or know about in the first place. It can be pretty confusing so it helps to have somebody at your side to guide you through any and everything. Therefore there is a need to Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer.

If you’ve sustained an injury at work, you might be wondering about your next steps and whether you need to hire a professional workers’ compensation lawyer or not.

These individuals can make sure you receive all of the benefits and compensation that you rightfully deserve. They’ll also shoulder a lot of the responsibility on your behalf.

Here are 5 signs that show that you need to Hire A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer.

1.  Your Claim Is Delayed By Your Employer

If your employer is dragging their feet when it comes to addressing your claim or is denying it altogether, it might be time to consult legal professionals to help you, such as the legal advocates at Jacoby & Meyers Personal Injury Attorneys.

You need to have peace of mind to know your claim is being taken seriously. Thanks to a deep knowledge of the best strategies and the overall ability to apply pressure to employers, these legal advocates can do just that.

It’s also good to know that you will be receiving compensation to cover medical expenses, emotional damage, and lost wages in the meantime.

5 Signs You Need To Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer | The Enterprise World

2.  You Can’t Work Properly

If you were injured on the job, you’re entitled to apply for compensation to recover the lost wages that you will have missed. In these circumstances, it’s almost impossible for you not to be able to claim a loss of income!

Unfortunately, in many of these cases, a company will try to intimidate an employee into waiving this charge. This is when hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer can truly work in your favor.

The severity of the injury you have sustained and follow-up factors can directly impact the overall settlement amount. However, a workers’ compensation lawyer will do their best to ensure you receive all eligible benefits.

3.  You Are Filing A Third-Party Claim

In some circumstances, your employer might not be the only one at fault for your injuries. For instance, if your injury occurred due to some variation of third-party negligence, you might be eligible to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

Or, if your injury was sustained due to a piece of faulty equipment on the business premises, you might be able to file for a valid third-party claim against the manufacturer. And if you want to join a mass tort lawsuit against the same manufacturer, you can consult a lawyer who can determine whether you meet the criteria for joining the lawsuit.

Whatever the reason, a workers’ compensation lawyer can help to fight for your rights to a fair settlement. They will also handle all of the legal jargon so all you need to do is provide irrelevant information and documentation to support your claim.

5 Signs You Need To Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer | The Enterprise World

4.  Your Settlement Doesn’t Cover Financial Losses

The total benefits of a worker’s compensation claim could potentially help you to cover lost wages and any previous or ongoing medical expenses. However, actually receiving all of the benefits can sometimes be the most difficult part of it all!

If your employer disputes the claim that you have made, or if your settlement amount doesn’t cover all of your losses, it might be the best time for you to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Having one of these lawyers on your side can help you gather relevant evidence, file any appeals, and also negotiate with different insurance companies if the need arises.

They can also determine exactly how much damage money you are entitled to and might help you to receive a higher settlement.

5.  You’re Suffering from Partial or Total Disability

Suffering an injury at work can be a pretty traumatic experience for anyone to go through. Not only are you dealing with the discomfort and pain of the injury, but you’re also at risk of an uncertain future in terms of your job security and overall financial situation.

If your injury results in any form of permanent disability, you might be unable to return to work. This might put you in a difficult financial situation and the need for long-term care.

This is when consulting, hiring, and then working closely with a workers’ compensation lawyer will benefit you. In fact, hiring one of these professionals is a surefire way to protect your rights and maximize your financial recovery.


To summarize, hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer is an effective way of protecting your financial situation, especially in situations where your workers’ compensation claim is denied or seriously delayed.

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