How Effective is CPD Standards Accreditation in Helping Job Candidates Maximize Their Abilities?

How Effective is CPD Standards Accreditation in Helping Job Candidates Maximise Their Abilities_

If it is difficult for you to secure that job role after several attempts, ask yourself, “am I enrolled in a CPD course?” Sincerely, with independent CPD Standards accreditation, you can conquer the labor market requirements seamlessly and get a call-up by the top dogs.

The Office for National Statistics reports that between July and September 2017, the UK alone recorded 14 million graduates over the past decade. This number gives a glimpse of what to expect competitively when job-searching. Fortunately, a candidate can mold their fate and maximize their abilities with  CPD Standards Office accreditation and enrich their learning experience and apply all those professional skills and knowledge obtained from different activities into practice.

There are different accreditation categories that have been different requirements, but the CPD Standards Office provides accreditation for training courses, events and conferences, coaching, digital learning, and accredited speaking.

If CPD Standards accreditation is indeed effective, how does it help job candidates maximize their potential? Here are a couple of key important aspects about CPD Standards Accreditation:

1. Prepares the Mind and Improves Confidence

CPD Standards accreditation ensures that a professional learning activity has been verified of a professional standard and benchmark, thus ensuring that the person who is participating in the specific learning activity is obtaining true professional learning value at a high standard.

It enables employees and prospective job candidates to broaden their knowledge and mindset and be prepared to be adaptable for different situations.  Confidence, on its own, builds you against the job interview and a confident prospect has a better chance of advancing faster while job-searching.

By people participating in learning activities for continuing professional development, job candidates’ confidence will be improved because it enables them to enhance their sense of credibility and showcase their achievements.  There’ll be a greater sense of recognition of the skills and knowledge that they have developed over time and helps maintain that their knowledge is kept up-to-date, which will provide them with good preparation for future job interviews.

2. Uniqueness Among Other Candidates

To be unique is vigor and it is not limited to personal life. For job candidates to maximize their potential and stand out among their peers, CPD Standards accreditation can go a long way to help candidates differentiate from the competition.

From data recorded in 2016, only 1 in 6 people who applied for a job was asked back for an interview.  Furthermore, according to data from Twin Employment & Training, in a survey of 2,000 hiring managers, 33% of employers state that they already know whether they will hire someone within 90 seconds. The research also claims that 40% of interviewers think that not smiling eliminates a prospect’s chance and 50% of the interviewers think that a candidate can be eliminated for their style of dressing. Thus, a winning candidate must be ethically unique to get the job.

By participating in CPD Standards accredited activities can enable candidates to differentiate from the competition because their CV will instantly stand out from the other candidates and it can contribute to projecting confidence in a candidate’s answers to any tough interview questions that they are asked.

Companies adore trends and they typically expect their employees to be up-to-date. If a job candidate lacks the quality, it diminishes their chance of getting the job

CPD Standards course updates students with trends and how to adapt to trends seamlessly. It could be how you respond to interview questions, how well you know the company, and your knowledge of the industry the company belongs in.

Nowadays, having a graduate degree simply isn’t enough anymore in such competitive job markets and candidates need to find ways to go above and beyond to stand out and CPD Standards accreditation is a great recognition platform that enables someone to get the job that they desire and progress in that industry.

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