How to Optimize Your Daily Decisions

Daily Decisions

There’s nothing surprising in the fact that our daily decisions are shaped by the world around us. We often buy products that are at eye-level. Meaning, we tend to buy products from where they are. This kind of a purchase habit is just one of the many examples. Now why is this important? Why must something go on the shelf at an eye-level? Why must something be the default choice?

This is true, and not just for the stores, but for every decision, we take in our everyday lives. Now think about this, what if we optimize our default choices rather than just accepting whatever is at hand? Won’t it be easier to lead a better life?

If you look at it, we do have a wide range of choices at any given moment. But we choose to make daily decisions based on the environment we are in.  Our daily decisions are designed throughout our personal and professional life. For instance, consider this, if we sleep with our phone next to us, then checking the social media is more likely to be our default decision when we wake up in the morning.

How to make your daily decisions?

Well, there obviously can be a few positive default daily decisions too. The important thing to note here is that you can be the architect of your choices; you can design your default. Here are a few steps on how you can do it-

One of the solutions is to keep it simple. Eliminate all the other options when you have a doubt. So if your kitchen is filled with junk, your default decision is to eat that junk food. So if you want to eat healthy, the simple choice is to eliminate the option of junk food. Same goes with work, if you can’t focus on something at work, close the remaining tabs and that way you can concentrate properly.

Multitasking is just a myth and if you go for that, you will just lose your focus. It’s a simple mantra, when in doubt, just eliminate! Another way is to use visual cues. This method will create an environment that will nudge your actions into the right direction, visually. 

While these are the ways you can design your decisions relying on outer sources that affect you; to become a better decision maker, one of the better things you can do is trust yourself completely. It is a skill and requires some bravery, but if you are willing to trust yourself and believe that everything will turn out to be good, then you are definitely on the right track. For more mental clarity, you can practice meditation every day. That will keep you calm and relaxed and will help to make better decisions. 

Concluding, default choices need not necessarily be wrong. But the world is not designed with your choices in mind. And so you should be very careful of accepting your default choices; accept it as if it were your optimal choice. 

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