How to Secure Schengen Visa for Business?

How to Secure Schengen Visa for Business? Useful Tips and Details | The Enterprise World

The type of entry permit to the Schengen zone depends on the main aim of the visit. The applicant has to attach the corresponding documents and detailed data about the planned trip. Thus, if you need to come here as a part of your work, you’ll need to obtain a secure Schengen visa for business. 

Let’s discover the procedure that allows getting Schengen visa for business seamlessly and without worries, as well as some useful tips and details. 

Eligibility Criteria of Schengen Visa for Business 

The procedure for obtaining this permit is not very challenging and is clearly explained on the websites of the dedicated authorities. Still, Schengen visa guides help to understand the basics, prepare everything correctly, and avoid denials. 

As for the eligibility criteria, one can submit a request if: 

  • he or she is full of age; 
  • is employed or self-employed with substantial revenue; 
  • has a clear purpose, such as a meeting, a conference, training, courses, etc. 

As emphasized by Polly Johnson, an expert of My Schengen, one cannot work under this permit. It gives the right to stay in the chosen country for a short period that is enough to reach the planned goal. The provided timeframe is 90 days during the subsequent 180 days. 

Necessary Documents of Schengen Visa for Business Application 

How to Secure Schengen Visa for Business? Useful Tips and Details | The Enterprise World

To get the permit one should bring to the authorities the following: 

  • Application form that is filled in and signed; 
  • Passport with a copy of its first pages; 
  • Copies of old visas if applicable; 
  • Two photos; 
  • Invitation from the foreign company or cover letter from the local company with a detailed explanation of the future visit; 
  • Work contract or license for self-employed applicants; 
  • Bank statement with enough funds for a visit or a cover letter from a sponsor of the planned trip; 
  • Tickets for the visit and data about accommodation that should be booked in advance; 
  • Income tax return.

During the submission stage, one has to provide biometrics and pay the processing fee of 80 euros. The receipt is then added to the package. The sum is not transferred back in case of rejection. 

Step-by-Step Guide to the Application Process 

It’s recommended to begin the preparation process a month before the planned visit. It’ll consist of the following stages: 

How to Secure Schengen Visa for Business? Useful Tips and Details | The Enterprise World
  1. Gathering the package of documents listed above.  
  2. Scheduling a date and time for an interview in the dedicated authorities. 
  3. Coming on the chosen day and time, paying a fee, providing biometrics, and passing an interview. 
  4. Waiting for the decision of the authorities and coming to get the permit if it is granted. 

In more detail, this process is described on

Tips for Ensuring a Successful Visa Interview 

When you plan an important visit, it’s crucial to obtain the permit and come to the event on time. For this, consider the next tips: 

How to Secure Schengen Visa for Business? Useful Tips and Details | The Enterprise World
  • Carefully plan the time. The request can be submitted not earlier than half a year before the planned trip and not less than 15 days. The perfect timeframe for booking your visit for an interview is 1 month. 
  • The authorities require two weeks to consider the package. Sometimes, this period is extended due to many applications or some technical issues. 
  • If you need to stay on the territory of one country, then you should apply to the corresponding authority. If there are a few states, apply to the one of the first entry or the one where you are going to stay for the longest time. 
  • Think beforehand of the number of entries you need. There are options for one, two, and multiple entries. 
  • Take your time to prepare the package of documents. Gather as much data and details as you can about the visit. 
  • Get ready for the interview, stay calm, and politely answer all the questions. The main aim is to substantiate your visit, as well as your intention to return back after its end. 

In case of rejection of Schengen visa for business, do not hesitate to ask authorities for more data about the reasons for such an outcome. If there were some mistakes in the provided data, you can always correct them and resubmit the package. This is another reason to apply a bit earlier. Thus, there will be time left for the second attempt if needed. 

Keep in mind that as a holder of this permit, you have the right to stay in this zone for 90 days only. This may include one or several entries according to the obtained permit. Still, there is no right to work. The holder has to follow the proposed plan for the visit strictly. 

Altogether, this type of permit is quite similar to the one for students and tourists. They provide the same rights but differ in the necessary documents. When your aim is real, there is nothing to worry about but you still have to follow all the rules and timeframe to succeed and get the permit. 

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