How to start an online business from home without investment

online business from home

online business from home

Not only these topsy-turvy times, the pandemic and lockdown have pushed us to the corner of creative ways to ensure money, but up-cycling the already available space, measures and entrepreneurial skills were never out of trend. 

An entrepreneur has always oscillated between investment and profits. But what if it was only about profits? These days, modernity and innovation have even cut down the process of investment and people have begun pursuing their entrepreneurial career from the ease of their homes, that too without the alibi and hassle of an investment.

Unlock your potential with this Online business ideas from home (Without investment)


Owing to the technological advancements and the need to utilize your time efficiently, to learn a new skill, to listen to music, or even watch a movie – YouTube has become one of the leading platforms to provide it with all. It not only provides all these services but has become one of the most swiftly growing business as it provides a chance to open your channel and make use of this wholesome platform in your stride by providing your expertise on any topic, amusing others by making vines, vlogs, lifestyle videos, acoustic covers, and whatnot. The views, likes, and subscriptions will not only fetch recognition, but also money. Youtube is the best online business from home.


It is one of the most suitable and efficient techniques to encash your free time, knowledge, and skills. You can freelance as a writer, designer, HR manager, Developer, Marketing official, Accountant, Translator, Videographer, etc. This job is not only flexible but lands you great opportunities to up your CV too. Plenty of websites like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, Service space, GURU, among many others provide various job opportunities daily. Freelancing is the best way of online business from home.


We all passionately feel something for at least one or two issues, topics, etc., and have opinions. Blogging is all about parting your perspective and reaching out to the audience through your writing via blog. It can practically work from home on any topic – Food, Lifestyle, Life, Socio-Political issues, your favourite subject, etc. There are many platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Wattpad along with many others which provide a space for your voice. After having a suitable number of followers or subscribers, you can even provide space for advertisements that can fetch you some extra money. Blogging is the best way for online business from home.

Thrift store or Collectible seller

Thrifting is the new trend all over Instagram, where people re-sell their clothes, books, shoes, accessories, etc. It is the best way to de-clutter your wardrobe by making room for more stuff and earning money at the same time. You re-sell at your own accord and recover a few bucks spent on your items. A collector can sell their collections at eBay or OLX at a very good price. 

Sell your services online

Want to provide services like tutoring, skills like dance, singing, painting or calligraphy, baby-sit, launch an online or membership course? We got you covered. You can giveaway any service after some market research or simply based on the needs of the hour by starting an online service selling enterprise. All you need is a website and a stable internet connection, which can be achieved through one of the reliable home internet providers. Online Services is one of the best thing for online business from home.

To make money is easy but not simple.

Just start googling any of the aforementioned ideas today and unravel a different space for yourself to not only grow as an individual but to get extra few bucks – To save spend.

It might come off puzzling initially but you just need to be productive and proactive to make sense of these of sorts time and efficiently use your skill-set and time.

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