How to Succeed in Instagram Marketing This Year?

How to Succeed in Instagram Marketing This Year? | The Enterprise World

Instagram is among the fastest-growing and most effective platforms you can leverage to build and grow your brand. It has high engagement rates, which gives you a clear picture of your success in the channel. Instagram marketing improves content marketing, provides better audience insights, increases brand awareness, promotes the low-cost lead generation, and boosts web traffic and SEO rankings.

While Instagram is an effective marketing platform, it can be challenging, especially the Instagram algorithm. However, the right strategies can help you make the most of your marketing efforts, and increase engagement rate.

Here’s how to succeed in Instagram marketing this year;

1. Consider prospecting for leads

Statistics indicate that America has 170 million users accessing Instagram monthly, with 17% of the monthly active Instagram accounts (1 billion) being in the United States. This makes it a successful platform for finding prospective leads. To prospect on Instagram for leads, leverage ads to help you gather customer information, including phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, and birthdates.

How to Succeed in Instagram Marketing This Year? | The Enterprise World

With this information, you can learn more about your customers and refine your direct marketing campaigns with these ads. Include action buttons in your profile and optimize your bio’s link. Partnering with Instagram influencers, running contests, featuring popular products regularly, and designing a winning landing page can help you prospect for leads, helping you succeed in Instagram marketing.

2. Develop an Instagram content strategy

A content strategy is essential for your organic growth on Instagram. It keeps you on track while ensuring the goals you intend to achieve have been outlined. When developing your Instagram content strategy, consider how often you post and at what time. Occasional posting will make users lose interest in your posts. With a regular posting plan, you can remain relevant.

If you want to achieve your Instagram Marketing goals while keeping users interested, consider using various content themes. Define your style and set engagement guidelines for an effective content strategy. Adding stories and contests to your plan can come in handy if you want to attract new followers and improve awareness.

3. Set SMART marketing goals

How to Succeed in Instagram Marketing This Year? | The Enterprise World

The most vital part of your Instagram marketing strategy is setting SMART goals. This makes it easier to measure your performance. Increasing brand awareness, managing brand reputation, enhancing community engagement, increasing web traffic, generating leads, boosting sales or conversions, delivering customer service, attracting talent for open positions, and gaining insights through social listening are goals you can set for your Instagram marketing campaigns.

4. Use Instagram automation tools

Managing an Instagram account requires time and effort. Luckily, you can leverage automation tools to make things easier. You can plan and automatically send messages, publish posts, and generate insights and analytics reports through automation.

Leveraging Instagram automation tools boosts user interactions and customer service provision, improves sales, ensures content consistency, tracks and gathers insights and analytics, and saves time. These tools can also help improve your Instagram marketing strategy’s efficiency.

5. Leverage user-generated content

How to Succeed in Instagram Marketing This Year? | The Enterprise World

User-generated content (UGC) allows customers to participate in your business’s growth. This significantly influences brand affinity and loyalty. UGC opens communication between our brand and its consumers, building and growing an engaged community.

Sharing user-generated content creates and strengthens business/ audience relationships, resulting in more brand loyalty. UGC drives your Instagram success by influencing purchase decisions and increasing conversions. It’s cost-effective and works well with social commerce.


Instagram is an effective marketing platform all businesses can leverage. Use these Instagram Marketing tips to succeed on Instagram this year.

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