How is a Hydromassage chair useful for a person?

How is a Hydromassage chair useful for a person? | The Enterprise World

Imagine you’re just home from work and sit on the sofa leaving a sigh of relief. It was the last working day of the week, you’ve been slogging at work the whole week. While on your way back home, you read a billboard saying, “Get the rest you need! Experience the magic of our Hydromassage chair at a discount”. Your mind and body are craving to be relaxed and it has been asking you to buy that experience in the mall immediately without a second thought.

The chair contains water which allows a person to sit or lie down on a dry surface. The material is waterproof of the chair, so don’t worry. The jets inside the machine apply water pressure and heat. 

What happens in a hydromassage?

How is a Hydromassage chair useful for a person? | The Enterprise World

It depends on what type of massage a person has chosen.  There are two types of hydro massages:

1. Dry massage:

A person can go for the dry hydromassage too. A hydromassage chair allows a person to sit or lie down on a dry surface with a waterproof cover while jets inside the machine apply water pressure and heat. This is advantageous as the person can remain fully clothed. When desired for a session, people can pay to use the machine for a set time. They will then sit or lie on it, adjusting the temperature or pressure as they are comfortable with either mentioned. At times, some spas and gyms offer these machines and may provide specific guidance as to be in the best suitable clothing. 

2. Wet massage:

Wet hydromassage involves sitting or lying in water while jets pump pressurized water toward specific areas of the body. A person has the facility to undress in a room and depending on the facility, even may have to shower before beginning with the massage. Some spas offer a series of hydrotherapy pools with various degrees of water pressure and temperature that affect the body differently. Some may also offer Hydromassage chair in pools consisting of seawater or mineral spring water. 

Benefits of hydromassage chair:

1. Helps loosen up: 

The hydro massage chair allows people to relax and loosen up. So, the Hydromassage chair itself is a very good option for people to reduce stress. 

2. Heals aches and pains:

The hydromassage chair allows for to reduction of tension in the muscle which causes aches and pains. Studies have revealed there is evidence that spa therapies which include massage, help to lessen lower back pain. 

3. Recovery post-workout:

Some gym freaks use the hydro massage chair to not let the lactic acid formation take place in their bodies. It keeps their muscles at ease and makes the process of the next workout easier for them. 

4. Better immunity:

A controlled clinical study on children aged 3 to 6 years found reductions in the number of kindergarten absence days due to lower respiratory tract infections that followed a cold-water therapy intervention. Cold-water hydromassage can provide a similar benefit, although there are no studies that scientifically prove this. 

5. No contact: 

Some people want a massage but feel uncomfortable when another person touches them. So, the hydro massage chair is a very good option for them, as it involves pressure only from the water jets. Dry hydromassage also does not require a person to get changed, which may be preferable for some people. 

How does a hydromassage chair perform different techniques of massages?

How is a Hydromassage chair useful for a person? | The Enterprise World

The hydro massage chair impersonates a massage experience. The innovations in robotic technology mean that there’s hardly any technique any massage chair can’t perform. Here is a list of some techniques:

1. Kneading massage:

The kneading sensation that comes from the rollers makes small, rapid, and circular motions on the back, shoulders, and neck. The Swedish massage is one of the most popular techniques found in massage chairs, consisting of long, slow, kneading strokes along the user’s body. 

2. Rolling massage:

Like the kneading technique, a rolling massage is usually accomplished by the rollers moving up and down. The user’s body experiences a unified wave of gentle pressure. 

3. Shiatsu massage:

The hydro massage chair can act as a traditional Japanese massage technique by programming the rollers. The rollers are programmed so to move back and forth, up and down on the user’s back. The applying of pressure over a large area to relieve muscle tension is a conventional technique. 

4. Compression massage:

The in-built airbags in the chair are responsible for imparting the compression massage. These airbags, in a periodic manner, inflate and deflate. The squeezing and releasing of all muscle groups takes place at once. 

5. Deep tissue:

This type of massage therapy involves nearly all components of a massage chair. Rollers glide back and forth with varying intensity, followed by dynamic pressure from the airbags. 

6. Stretch massage:

Most massage chairs can adjust to accommodate different heights, but this function also contributes to a stretching program. By adopting the reclining position, the users can alleviate pressure on their spine and experience a full-body stretch. 

7. Zero gravity massage:

How is a Hydromassage chair useful for a person? | The Enterprise World

This is considered one of the best features a massage chair offers. The zero gravity function was first developed by the NASA astronaut training program. By reclining the user until he/she is completely horizontal, a zero gravity massage chair can take all pressure off the spine to stimulate a feeling of weightlessness.  

8. Reflexology:

Massage chairs with reflexology programs feature rollers and airbags in the footrest. These rollers are slightly smaller than those in the backrest, so they can target smaller areas of the foot with kneading motions. 


Massage chairs are complex technologies that are designed to replicate the techniques and benefits of traditional massage therapy. Via a combination of motors, rollers, airbags, and advanced features like body scanning and zero gravity positioning, the users get a highly customizable and therapeutic experience. Whether a person is looking to relieve stress, alleviate muscle soreness, or just for relaxation, a massage chair can provide significant health benefits to a person. Not only the body is relieved of stress, but also due to the physical stress released, a psychological calm is experienced by a person. 

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