Ideas 4 Transformation – Simplifying Businesses with Smart Technologies

Rajesh Saboo- Ideas 4 Transformation

Ideas 4 Transformation – Simplifying Businesses with Smart Technologies

An organization inclined towards offering innovative solutions to various large & small retailers, shopping malls, warehouses, and other domain partners.

The year 2020 was a roller coaster ride for businesses in almost all verticals. The lockdown caused due to the unseen enemy created stumbling blocks in the growth paths, especially in the retail sector as everyone was locked in their homes. As the unlock process started, these businesses in the retail landscape opened again and began their battle for survival.

This story is about one such leader, entrepreneur, and his company that not only proved mettle in the technology industry but also inspired many budding entrepreneurs, to not hesitate, not to sit back relaxed, and take their leap towards transforming the business verticals with innovation and vision.

Various large & small retailers, shopping malls, warehouses are now at the cusp of the techno revolution. The New Normals are impelling these businesses to revamp their processes to survive in the market and be relevant to the race.

Transformation always needs a vision and an inspired implementer.

And so, an industry-leading, prominent firm, ideas 4 Transformation (i4T) rose as a savior, helping businesses to transmogrify their processes, boost up productivity, be New Normal ready and add push to their growth graph with cutting edge technological solutions.

Incepted in 2016, ideas 4 Transformation is an eminent firm that offers cutting-edge and best-in-class technology-led business consulting services that include smart retail solutions & shopping mall management, track & trace, mobility solutions, and IT management services.

i4T is the brainchild of Mr. Rajesh Saboo (Founder & CEO), an ace and eminent leader instrumental in the growth of every organization (Future Group, Raymond Limited, Ashok Piramal Group, Aditya Birla Group & Wadia Group) with which he has associated. A technocrat with 33+ years of industry exposure in IT, retail, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and business services, Rajesh has instilled all his prowess in i4T. Under his aegis, i4T has secured a clutch in the industry as one of the reliable firms that operate as a highly professional partner for retail consultancy.

We at The Enterprise World, feel the delight to feature ideas 4 Transformation as a cover story in our special issue, The Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021.

Every successful company has its ups and downs, and the road for i4T was also one with its fair share of hurdles and achievements, but one thing that remained consistent was their unwavering spirit and their aim to provide the best to their clients. Like every business, they also faced challenges in attracting good talent, once attracted they could retain them and offer good services. Another important challenge they tackled well with is to maintain the cash flow and growth plan aligned, this continued to be an issue for the company during this pandemic times as well.

i4T truly dominates the industry with its position as a leader in the techno-led business consulting space. Their sole aim is to provide products and services that are unique, differentiated, and standing up to their legacy in the technology domain by offering new-age techno-powered AI-based solutions.

i4T offers solutions, products, and services for capturing, analyzing, and transforming business needs by using technology innovations and analytics models. Their offerings are ingenious and highly adaptable at the same time, and they have made it possible with their relevant partner eco-system.

The key esteemed partners of i4T are FootfallCam, MagicMirror, Chainway, Airsec, and HP to name a few. I4T developed Software products & Mobile Application have a unique offering for problem Solving and business expectation at CXO level.  Leveraging the partnership & their Retail understanding i4T offers top-class business solutions for large & small retailers, shopping malls, warehouses, and much more.

The driving force of perfection takes the company forward. i4T’s action plans executed with a team of expertise transmogrifies the businesses of their clients and make them future-ready. i4T’s team of experts has the expertise in offering sustainable retail solutions, while at the same time maintaining a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. Well-versed in everything right from retail to QSR operations, this ace team at i4T has delivered various qualitative projects in the last four years.

The workforce is further backed by a leadership team of experienced professionals with strong domain knowledge, who come from customer-facing organizations and believe in the core proposition of customer delight. Rajesh strongly believes ‘Supporting & maintaining same SLA for  QSR in Malls, High Streets & Highways far away from Cities give them unique advantage and cutting edge to offer IT managed services to any form of Retailers any part of geography’.

With such dedicated offerings, i4T has bagged several national as well as international clients. Some of them are Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, Future Group, Metro Brands Limited, Vishal Mega Mart, Asian Paints, and Taco Bell to name a few. Sharing his insights about the future roadmap of the firm, Mr. Rajesh stated, “We have PAN India presence, and currently we are covering more than 70+ cities in India thru our engineers and aligned engineers but now i4T wishes to reach 100+ locations and the focus would be on Tier3 & Tier4 locations to provide an innovative way of SLA based IT Managed Services which will enable the Retailers to reduced their IT Support Costs without compromising in quality.

From the first year onward we have witnessed the continuous growth of more than 100 percent in the revenue. Last year the statistic was 200 percent and we are expecting to bounce back quickly post-pandemic impact. To keep excelling at what we are doing, our plan for the coming future is to focus on the following key aspects, one is consolidating our Services portfolio and the other is increasing location presence”.

i4T’s offerings are ingenious and highly adaptable at the same time, and they made this possible with their relevant partner eco-system & Team that understands Retail World. Wait for RETAIL EXPRESS which will re-define Store Support.

i4T’s Story in Numbers

Ideas 4 Transformation Versatile technology partner

i4T’s Offerings

i4T’s unique and innovative solutions were not only technologically and cognitively ahead but to this date are far more advanced and sophisticated than any other company in the space.

They have established themselves as a one-stop solution for all problems and services related to retail, mall and warehouse management solutions. Their solutions are user-friendly, easily accessible, providing their clients with a sense of familiarity and confidence, working for their growth and development, and instilling loyalty and faith in i4T.

i4T’s differentiated plethora of services and products includes:

  • Smart Retail & Shopping Mall Solutions
  • POS Systems & Self Ordering Kiosk
  • Magic Mirror: Key Connector to All Services
  • Mall Operations Management with ADSR
  • Integrated Footfall Management Solutions
  • AI Video Analytics using CCTV
  • BI & B2B Mobile Applications
  • Digital: Omni Channel Solutions for QSR & Cloud Kitchen
  • Trace & Track: Fixed Asset & Inventory Audit Software, Infrastructure & Services (RFID & Mobility)
  • Integrated Managed IT Services, Infrastructure for Retail Stores
  • Solutions, Products & Services for Capturing, Analyzing and Transforming business needs by using technology innovations and analytics model.

I-Four Transformation Pvt Ltd (i4T) taking a step ahead with

Today, as new technology is rising with every new dawn, businesses need to adopt advanced and modern technologies to accelerate their business processes. If a business still relies on traditional practices, it might be holding its growth back. Keeping this in mind, i4T continues to innovate and upgrade their solution offerings, that can cater to every need of every business in all verticals. Under the 360-degrees visionary leadership of Mr. Rajesh Saboo, i4T is taking a step ahead in the market with:

  • Consolidating the Solutions and Services
  • Focus on Customer-Driven Solutions
  • Focus on Value-added Services
  • Re-design People Structure to Matrix Organization
  • Increase City Presence: Own & Aligned
  • Partner with Engineering & Management Institutes for inducting Fresh Talent
  • Customer base consolidation and penetrate more Services
  • Partner Ecosystem Consolidation
  • Onboarding Mentors & Consultants
  • Re-Organization for Growth
  • PMO driven New Services
  • People 1st Approach
  • Focus on Make / Assemble in India

i4T’s Latest addition to the solutions: AI-based Video Analytics Solution

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Occupancy
  • Demographics – Gender, Age, Mood
  • Product Engagement Analysis
  • Empty Shelf Tracking
  • Car Counting

Anchor of I-Four Transformation (i4T)– Mr. Rajesh Saboo

i4T’s status and respect in the market and the technology-led business consulting services space is exceptional with their plethora of innovative and custom-made services, which not only speak highly of their handpicked team of industry experts and masterminds but also their able, efficient, ace, and unmatched leader, Mr. Rajesh Saboo (Founder & CEO).

Mr. Rajesh Saboo, an industry veteran, had been influencing Business Transformation, Innovative Technology Solutions adoption & Change Management agent in leading corporate houses like Future Group, Raymond Limited, Ashok Piramal Group, Aditya Birla Group & Wadia Group. He has an enriching 33+ years of overall experience out of which 30 years of Industry exposure in Information Technology, Retail, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, and Business Services & almost 4 years as a successful Entrepreneur.

Currently, he is the Founder of ideas 4 Transformation company since 2016, it has its presence in 25 cities with a 75-member team. i4T steadily has built a happy customer base of Burger King, Future Group (Big Bazaar, Central), Metro Brands (Metro, Mochi, Crocs), Vishal Mega Mart, Devyani International Limited (Pizza Hut, KFC, Costa Coffee & Vaango), Burman Hospitality Pvt. Ltd (Taco Bell), Sapphire Foods (Pizza Hut, KFC), Mall of Travancore, Asian Paints, etc.

Before starting i4T, Mr. Rajesh was part of the Senior Management Team of Future Group working as Sr. Vice President – IT Services, responsible for the Technology & Communication needs of the entire group for Retail & Supply Chain. He was also part of the Leadership team of Strategic Way Forward vision in Raymond Limited and Future Group vision 2021.

Mr. Rajesh has won many industry awards and accolades for Transformation initiatives leading to Business transformation, cost optimization, business operation effectiveness, and technology innovation from the independent house like IDG, IDC & CORE.

Mr. Rajesh Saboo is a firm believer in Simplicity & Speed in all spheres of life and is an eternal optimist.

‘The People First’ Culture at i4T

The work environment is one of the vital factors that businesses’ productivity depends on. In the era of digitization, being updated with the latest technologies can help businesses to lead. i4T is a whole big family of passionate people striving for the same purpose, ‘The Transformation’. i4T arranges different training for the team to learn, grow and achieve. Offering proper rewards and recognitions, the company ensures that its people get full credit for their smart work and get motivated to innovate more. i4T cares for its people a lot. The company provides medical claims to employees and their immediate family members.

People at i4T just love cakes! So they celebrate the birthdays of everyone and create beautiful memories. At i4T, they celebrate diversity, every festival at i4T is celebrated in a way that the moment makes a bond stronger in between i4T’s family members!

iFour Transformation 1

Good Better Best, never give it a rest until your Good is Better and Better is Best. Have Patience and tomorrow will be better.

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