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Because of the growing need for in-home care, providers must constantly innovate in order to offer the best services and products to their clients. Since their founding in 1997, Home Helpers Home Care been a true leader with in-home care solutions. Today, after reinventing itself to thrive even in a pandemic environment, we recognize them as the 2021 Best Franchise to Buy.

While the franchise serves over 1,000 communities across the U.S., Home Helpers’ approach is based on the fact that every client is different. That’s why its team of professional caregivers provide a customized care plan, tailored to each client’s specific needs. Whether it’s a senior citizen, a new mom, someone suffering from a chronic illness, a patient recovering from major surgery, or a person with reduced abilities due to an injury, Home Helpers provides a compassionate, caring team with one goal in mind: exceptional in-home care.

Home Helpers also provides best-in-class training for its Caregivers.  Each one is vetted through an extensive screening process and is provided with initial and ongoing training prior to working with a client.  Franchisees receive ongoing support from the National Support Center with recruitment, retention and training.  It was a Home Helpers Caregiver who was named Caregiver of the Year by The Home Care Association of America, which represents over 500,000 professional caregivers throughout the U.S.

They’ve established a solid partner network with a wide variety of national medical and senior care organizations. Through their partnership with Veterans Care Coordination, Home Helpers assists qualifying veterans and their spouses to apply for an obtain the Veterans and Attendance Benefit that assists with the payment of in-home care services.   Home Helpers also partners with national organizations to help train their Caregivers who care for clients with specific conditions.  The National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care is just one example.

Communications between the Caregiver, the client, their family, and Home Helpers staff is streamlined by ClearCare, a cloud-based solution with automated scheduling via text, phone, GPS Check-In, and caregiver application management. This software saves franchise members time and money by automating routine processes, streamlining communication, and reducing paperwork.

Home Helpers’ latest innovation is Cared4, the most comprehensive program of its kind in this recession-resilient industry. This holistic approach is designed to serve the client in the four basic areas of need, even when the Caregiver is not in the home.

Personal Care and Companionship is the foundation of the program, helping with daily tasks, friendly conversations, and everything in between.

Welness Calls 1- Home Helpers

Wellness Calls, which ensure that a client is staying well—even when the Caregiver is not in the home. These phone calls can be used for medication reminders, to make sure a client has eaten a full meal, or to simply offer a bit of companionship.

24 Hour Monitoring 1 - Home Helpers

Safety and 24-Hour Monitoring includes free home safety check assessments for every client, and monitoring and wearable technology to provide assistance with a simple press of a button.  This support is backed by its exclusive Custom Response Plan that ensures the care team assesses each situation, only escalates true emergencies, and stays on the line for less urgent situations until the issue is resolved.

Meals & Nutrition 1-Home Helpers

Missing proper meals affects physical and mental well-being. The Meals and Nutrition Planning service offers planning and preparation, including shopping and cooking. They can even provide prepared meals for days that the Caregiver is not in the home.

We are not the only ones to recognize Home Helpers as an outstanding choice for those seeking to own their own business, help others in their community, and be part of an essential industry so vital to the lives of many.  The International Franchise Association has awarded Home Helpers President and CEO Emma Dickson their Crystal Compass Award, which recognizes outstanding leadership in the franchising industry. Home Helpers has consistently received numerous accolades each year from industry and franchising experts including Entrepreneur, Franchise Times, Best of Home Care, and Franchise Business Review.

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All the while they’re being honored in their industry, Home Helpers in turn is committed to recognizing outstanding members of their own team.  Exceptional franchisees are acknowledged annually with honors such as the Bold Diamond Award, President’s Circle and Brand Champion.  And, Home Helpers’ coveted Exceptional Caregiver award recognizes the work of those on the front lines of care: the Caregivers themselves.

Congratulations to Home Helpers Home Care, our 2021 Best Franchise to Buy recipient.

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