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Sudhindra Bhat- SS Law

A law fundamentally gives a system to people, to live respectively in an obliged way. It keeps people disciplined in things they should do. And it will likewise urge a person to accomplish something he wouldn’t like to do. While digitization is taking place in all sectors, the need for law is increasing day by day. Technology took the world closer and with the rising opportunities, the number of disputes also increased.

Every aspect of any business has benefited immensely from the rapid upgrades in the field of law and litigation. The digital economic boost has created a vast demand for law and litigation services in all business landscapes. Today, it is a need for businesses to get the perfect legal solutions at one stop.

In this context, Mr. Sudhindra Bhat’s SS Law, a leading law firm is empowering businesses and individuals with all professional law services with a personal touch under one roof. The firm specializes in criminal law, family/divorce, civil, IPR, personal injury, property, corporate law, arbitration, and mediation.

SS Law also provides advisory, training, and investigation services under Anti-Corruption Laws and White-Collar Crimes to corporates. It provides advisory, compliance, and litigation support services Trial Court, High court, and Supreme Court.

Additionally, SS Law firm assists clients in Immigration, during and after raid or investigations by Customs and Regulatory authorities like Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Enforcement Directorate, Narcotics Control Bureau, etc. to take a view on key issues and options to deal with high-risk positions, briefing and debriefing of employees and discussions with authorities to close the case.

Winning Through the Hurdles:

To chisel a beautiful statue, you first need to hit the rock, which is what counts! Similarly, when starting a venture, you face challenges, which make up for the successful times of your organization. And tackling them with innovation and efficiency sails your boat! Mr. Sudhindra Bhat and his firm SS Law also faced some initial hurdles, which they tackled well and became leading and admiring lawyers in India.

The law maintains a balance between poor and rich, strong and weak!

Increased Competition/Difficulty Acquiring New Clients and Pressure to Become More Specialized was the initial year’s challenge SS Law faced. Mr. Sudhindra says, “As I stated because potential clients are digitally showrooming, firms have to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, across all industries, consumers are demanding subject matter experts rather than a jack of all trades service provider. In the legal space, that means both personal and corporate consumers would rather spread their legal needs across multiple specialized firms on a need-by-need basis than partner with one firm who can ostensibly do everything.”

While younger firms and young solo attorneys are creating specialized firms from the get-go, older firms who have not need to specialize for decades are struggling to adapt. Unfortunately for them, consumers are only going to demand more specialization over the coming years. Thanks largely to the internet, consumers have more power than ever, which means they’re making more demands than ever.

This brings SS Law to their next challenge, Clients Expecting More Services at A Lower Rate- There are many reasons why this challenge exists. One of the most important factors is the introduction of cheap, DIY legal services that are driving potential clients’ cost expectations and the perceived value of legal expertise down. Another aspect is that more firms are presenting transparent pricing online and in person, forcing practices to compete on price for the first time.

Coupled with the fact that legal services demand has been flat, law firms are undercutting each other more than ever and consumers are aware. Unlike some of the previously mentioned challenges, we’re starting to see firms solve this problem. Instead of turning to increased revenue as a driver of business growth, they’re finding new ways to increase margin on existing revenue streams. How are they doing so? Two of the key methods are outlined in the final two challenges.

SS Law- Sudhindra Bhat

The Rising Growth Graph

After tackling well with the hurdles, SS law experienced a much deserved rising growth graph. They witnessed fast-paced growth when the firm acquired a lot of talent through lateral joinees of partners from different practices and practice areas. The firm grew tremendously fast and since 2018 the firm has never looked back. Started with humble three clients now SS Law has grown to 250+ new corporate clients and in the retail litigation, area contributed 70% growth compared to previous years.

The team of passionate professionals at SS Law serves their clients with utmost dedication. They don’t believe in presets and so they design personalized services for every client. Their Technical Excellence combined with commercial insight empowers them to lead. It’s the ability to take the most complex questions and provide clear answers to their corporate as well as individual clients.

Despite many years of practice, SS Law considers itself a learner in this domain and still refers to the basics of each assignment and is different from the other players. Over the years, SS Law has received respect and admiration for the law. SS Law recognizes India’s growing dominance as a global powerhouse, client trust, quality work recognition as key elements driving the future of SS Law. Recent reforms and tougher policies of the government have opened up new avenues of opportunity for the industry.

Their offerings:

SS Law focuses on Litigation (Criminal & Civil) & Corporate Law.

The firm delivers a world-class Legal service – providing the highest quality support, as efficiently and effectively as possible every time with a pool of highly qualified and trained professionals with a pool of highly qualified and trained professionals at SS Law a world-class client experience right at the heart of what they do.

Legal Services

SS Law Firm has a specialized team of lawyers for handling cases in the following areas:

  • Drafting of deeds and agreement services
  • Family/divorce.
  • Legal notice
  • Auto accident/ traffic/ personal injury.
  • Property and real estate.
  • Human resources & employment law.
  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Incorporation of entities
  • Banking & finance
  • Capital markets and securities law
  • Corporate/m&a
  • Competition/antitrust law
  • IPR- trademarks domain names, copyrights, industrial designs, and patents
  • Education
  • Family dispute counseling
  • Arbitration
  • Taxation
  • Litigation criminal and civil

SS Law stretches its limits to make sure the services they provide are consistent and timely. they follow protocols which allow them to manage their clients and new area of services.

Emigration and Family Law services are the latest addition to their diversified plethora of law services. The firm also intends to be the number one go-to firm for insolvency matters which has seen a huge number of cases being filed since the IBC has come into effect. They also aim to further expand knowledge and practice areas in international arbitration, data privacy, competition, consolidated labor codes, etc.

Mr. Sudhindra Bhat – A Visionary Leader in a Black Robe!

A Multi-talented, multi-skilled with knowledge of Law, Business, and Finance with a rich experience of 2.5 decades of experience in the corporate, education industry, and Law profession. With the qualification of  LLB, LLM,  MBA, CFA, MFM, M.Phil, PhD, PGIRPM, PGSMI, practicing Lawyer and corporate consultant with extensive experience in dispute resolution as well as non-dispute-resolution verticals across diverse facets – handling high-stake High Court & Arbitration matters, Services with a Personal Touch Specializing in Family/Divorce, Criminal, Civil, IPR, Personal Injury, Property, Corporate Law, contract drafting & negotiation, statute drafting, general legal consultancy, delivers rapid results via broad and deep analysis.

Strongly focused on solutions that create the stakeholder profitable in the face of difficult complex cases.  As a due diligence specialist, brings bottom-line expertise as well as a refreshing and energetic approach to corporate law and Maintains relationships with manufacturing concerns in Asia, Africa Europe, and private equity companies, universities, and venture capital firms in Africa Europe.

He says, “I am a lawyer with extensive experience in dispute resolution as well as non-dispute-resolution verticals across diverse facets – handling high-stake Supreme Court & Arbitration matters, contract drafting & negotiation, statute drafting, general legal consultancy apart. Since law school, I have believed that it is my responsibility and obligation to be a strong advocate for my clients; to protect and assert their interests. This belief has resulted in me being an aggressive and forceful litigator. I do whatever is required, with integrity, to achieve my client’s goals. I also believe in loyalty. If you’re not loyal, you’re not somebody I want anywhere around me.”

Mr. Ram Jethmalani has been a true source of motivation for him since a long and Mr. Sudhindra admires him the most.

Mr. Sudhindra’s bag full of achievements include:

  • He has handled high-stake corporate clients and HNI’s cases, every year he makes a point to do free of cost some cases which needy legal help.
  • He has been awarded more than Five-time for different achievements
  • Mr. Sudhindra has solved unsolved tough cases through Arbitration and mediation.
  • He is an author of five books and a corporate award winner.
  • He has a top both academic and Industry experience with rich knowledge of Law, Finance and Business

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen and Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall

The Driving Force

The workforce is a true treasure for any organization as it drives growth. At SS Law, they Recognize employees progress, team building exercises unrelated to work, make their team a part of the master plan, celebrate both individual and group achievements, empower breaks, give advantages (without burning up available resources), firm give apparatuses to progress, they permit workplace adaptability and the firm is consistently conveying thanks! to the team.

The ‘SDC’ at SS Law makes the team unique!

  • SPECIALIZATION – Each person on SSL’s team brings unique abilities to the table.
  • DIVERSITY -Team Member’s experience & knowledge of different geographic areas & locales.
  • COLLABORATION – As they say – two heads are better than one. In SSL’s case, FIVE heads are better than one! By using the collaborative approach, we can pick each other’s brains and learn from one another.

Mr. Sudhindra’s Words for next-gen advocates and litigators:

While the legal world of lawyers and law firms continues to evolve, the pace of change remains slow. Preparation for a newer generation of lawyers as well as a newer generation of the client will be tantamount to the law firm’s survival. While the legal world of lawyers and law firms continues to evolve, the pace of change remains slow. Preparation for a newer generation of lawyers as well as a newer generation of the client will be tantamount to the law firm’s survival.

For quite some time, there have been calls from within the legal profession for lawyers and law firms to advance their archaic manners of business. And yet, regardless of any positive outcomes that have come from a law firm adapting to more modern times, there remains a majority of legal establishments that simply poo-poo any sort of advancement in how they operate. Truth is, this “revolt” as some within the legal world have chosen to describe it, cannot be stopped, leaving senior partners and established law firms in a quandary as to what will become of their future.

Well, the future is set, and it is now. The future has spurred an increasing number of young attorneys (as well as young clients) to put pressure on the old men and women of law whose Luddite attitude toward change has been met with slow, doubting shakes of their graying heads. These people are referred to as dinosaurs. At the same time within other law firms – particularly younger law firms, there is strong resistance among these similar dinosaurs that effectively ward off any sort of wholesale changes to their law firm. After all, in many cases, these older lawyers have been around for many years, and change or advancement simply does not appear in their playbook.

Well, these older lawyers couldn’t be more wrong, and their law firms, more in peril of permanently shutting down. What are the implications of law firms not changing? Law firms that remain hesitant to change from who they are traditional to a legal service that represents a changing demographic may soon find themselves losing clients as well as market share.

As to new clients, forget about it; there can be no chance these archaic firms will pick up the new type of client, any of whom could be: While laws in and of themselves are for the most part static, an increasing amount of lawyers and law firms find they need to be less static. They need to diversify. They need to change. With each passing generation, today’s attorneys seem to practice less and less within one area of law.

Maybe it’s social media or loud boisterous news anchors that have sparked an interest within this new type of attorney who imagines something more satisfying in representing human rights. Of course, this type of practice isn’t for everyone just in the same way that litigation isn’t for everyone.

Regardless, from here on in the future, litigators will be no less needed than they are now, just in the same way human rights lawyers will continually be needed. No, the law is nothing other than static. It’s the lawyer and the law firm that need to be fluid. They must be the adjustable portions of this profession (and puzzle) to assist virtually anyone who needs legal representation.

Future advocates and litigators must remain up-to-date on changes in case law, legislation, regulations, and the industry. They must apply their critical thinking and evaluate how these changes will impact their client and relevant industries, and creatively offer the best and most appropriate solutions and advice for them. qualities every good lawyer should have 1) Good communication skills 2) Judgement, 3) Analytical skills, 4) Research skills, 5) People skills, 6) Perseverance, 7) Creativity.

The Future advocate and litigators need to have empathy and emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence subsumes many soft skills – particularly in the area of self-awareness, communication, relationship management, and conflict management.

About the change over the years in the legal sector

Talking about the change in the legal sector throughout the year Mr. Sudhindra stated, Diversity is important in law because it creates a better reflection of society as a whole, enabling firms and legal departments to better serve their clients. For lawyers and their organizations, a diverse workplace also creates new opportunities and leads to better employee engagement and retention.

A diverse workforce promotes diverse perspectives, which leads to innovation.

When clients walk into a law firm, for example, working with individuals from similar backgrounds can put them at ease. This familiarity creates trust because members of the firm will better understand where clients are from, what shaped them, how they prefer to be spoken to, and who they are in a way that less-diverse offices cannot.

Corporate clients are increasingly demanding that the teams that do their work be diverse. At SS Law by promoting diversity within an organization, particularly at the management level, we change the culture within the organization and create a workplace with an emphasis on inclusion. The positive impacts for doing so on perception, retention, and the bottom line are extremely practical as well as the right thing to do.

SS Law’s Values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Performance
  • One Firm

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