6 Law Firm Marketing Hacks for 2021

6 Law Firm Marketing Hacks for 2021-min

2020 was a year for the internet. In times of isolation and quarantine, we worked from home, shopped from home, and even grocery shopped from home. If you needed a lawyer, chances were you found them at home too, on the internet. Following the latest, law firm marketing hacks may generate its largest online presence yet.

2021 promises to be no different. Internet marketing continues to be key to advertising for all industries, and law is no exception. Because of this, your marketing strategy should focus on online advertising and optimization. As the world changes more and more every day, a constant seems to be the importance of online marketing.

Whether marketing is a strength or weakness of your law firm, it can always be improved. Fortunately, there are Law Firm Marketing Hacks to do so, and they are always evolving.

1. Pursue Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

According to this law firm SEO strategy guide, One of the best things you can do to market your law firm this year is to pursue search engine optimization. This will increase the visibility of your firm, as it will be boosted by search engines and their algorithms. As you pursue SEO specifically, there are a few things to be aware of as it applies to law firms, which can come with a slightly different set of considerations and advice.

To increase your earning potential, you will want to review an SEO guide for law firms so that the knowledge you generate is tailored specifically for law firms. This will inform you on everything from Google ranking factors to link building and analytics and performance. From here, you can make a plan for how you plan to implement SEO into your Law Firm Marketing strategy for 2021.

2. Create Video Marketing Materials

Video marketing is taking off this year, and the field of law is no exception. In 2021, video content is projected to account for 82 percent of consumer internet traffic. This staggering statistic should be integrated into the marketing plans of your own law firm.

Video content can be produced and shared in a variety of ways. With Instagram now offering longer-form video content, you can post branding videos to the app and save them on your page. You can also utilize Facebook live to engage in more spontaneous video content. Finally, a promotional video on your website could be an excellent touch. It would be easily accessible to anyone who visits and is an engaging way to convey information rather than via textual content.

3. Focus on Improving Your Website

When it comes to Law Firm Marketing Hacks, few things are as important as the website. This makes it one of the most important things to focus on in your marketing strategy for 2021. You should aim to keep viewers on your site for as long as possible and convince them to pursue a relationship with your firm.

To build credibility, you can gather and publish testimonials on your website. This will allow a party other than your firm to advocate for the quality of services. You can also implement a Frequently Asked Questions page, as this will build a sense of transparency with the viewer. Finally, you maintain a blog post on your website with commentary on current legal discourse. All of these efforts will allow a viewer to learn more about your firm and appreciate it more thoroughly.

4. Think About PPC Advertisements

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a major marketing asset for law firms this year. Essentially, they work by targeting ads to potential clients on various platforms, such as Google or Microsoft. You, as the law firm, will pay a set rate every time someone views your ad. This can help generate traffic to your website.

PPC marketing is a great option as part of your Law Firm Marketing plan if you are in a position to invest in paid advertisements. A benefit of them is that what you pay for correlates to the reach of the advertisement, so you will not be charged for an ineffective ad. PPC advertisements can also be useful in reaching specific target audiences.

5. Use an Omni-channel Approach

Developing an omnichannel approach to Law Firm Marketing will be considerably useful this year. The premise of this approach is that you can repurpose the content you make. For example, let’s say you published a blog post on your website. This can be reformatted into an Instagram post or an email with some adjustments to the form.

The purpose of this is to conserve time and energy by producing completely different content for all your Law Firm Marketing channels, from social media to your website.

6. Start Using “Stories” on Social Media

This year, stories are the craze on every social media platform. This feature, which exists on Instagram and Facebook, not only allows you to post temporary content, but also facilitates engagement. You can post polls, ask questions, include links, and more with the story feature of most social media platforms. To keep up with the pace of social media, stories are a must.

They have soared in popularity and are a low-risk way to experiment with different forms of content and engage with your followers and audience.

This year, your law firm should lay out some marketing goals. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your marketing efforts, what this would require, and how much time and money you plan on budgeting for Law Firm Marketing. Once you have assessed some initial questions, create a plan to achieve your marketing goals. This can be a daily schedule, a weekly schedule, or whatever structure would serve your law firm best.

As you execute your Law Firm Marketing plan, bear in mind that some strategies will work better than others, and this is perfectly acceptable. If you are unsuccessful with one marketing strategy, you now know what benefits your law firm and what does not. On the flip side, for every successful Law Firm Marketing endeavor, you will have new tools and strategies to pull out in years to come. These law firm marketing hacks may help you increase the revenue.

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