Brainstorming Ideas for Mobile Game Apps That Need to Exist Right Now!

Brainstorming Ideas for Mobile Game Apps That Need to Exist Right Now!

The number of mobile game apps and online game apps available for purchase in the various app stores seems to increase exponentially every day. However, there are some serious – and obvious – gaps in those markets.

Here are just a few suggestions for some major improvements that could be made to the mobile game apps and online gaming industry with just a few additions:

Better Board Games

The 2020 pandemic led many of today’s young adults to discover or rediscover the joy of board games. Families were stuck indoors for months on end, leaving them to look for ways to entertain themselves. This led to a huge spike in the number of people indulging in traditional board games – and loving them!

What does this mean for the mobile game apps and online gaming industries? It means that their platforms are ripe for adaptations of these classic games. Whether allowing multiple players to collaborate in a group or playing against artificially intelligent “bots”, players would delight in seeing these games appear on their phones in the coming months.

More Diverse Sports Game Options

There are endless numbers of sports games available today, but there are serious limitations to those that are available. This includes the near exclusivity to console gaming and a focus on things like basketball and American football. This may be a mistake because there are huge audiences and markets that would love to see these limitations lifted and new options made available.

Some great options for sports-based gaming might include things that are popular in various parts of the world, including:

  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Polo
  • Equestrian games and racing
  • Kabaddi

There are so many other sports that could be made into amazing mobile game apps and online games. Doing so would give the industry a serious boost. Let’s just hope game developers get the picture!

Enhanced Card and Casino-Style Games

Casino-style and card games are immensely popular around the world. However, many of these games are based on games that have been done so many times that it is hard to choose one to play – and not to get bored with the many options available. A few more options based on a different card and casino games would be a boon to consumers and game developers alike.

Until these offerings become available for mobile game apps, choose a trusted website like AskGamblers to find great casino-style games you crave – and be sure to voice your hope for more options to game development companies!

Educational Games for All Ages

Developers gear most educational games to children, but this may be a mistake. Gamification of corporate training and college education has become commonplace, so adults obviously want educational games, too! Adding some options for everything from foreign language to practical skills would be a major crowd-pleaser for mobile users.

Action and Adventure Games That Deliver

Everybody loves good role-playing or action and adventure game. However, the options for single players on mobile phones and other devices have long been underwhelming. Even options available online are not always what consumers are looking for.

Instead of focusing on console gaming, game developers would do well to invest their time and talent into improving the graphics and gaming experiences for these mobile-friendly and online games. This would increase the number of downloads and online players – and give them the kind of experience they are looking for.

More Puzzling Puzzle Mobile Game apps

Like many other game genres, there are endless numbers of puzzle games. However, most of those puzzle games do not offer the kind of challenge that puzzle lovers are really looking for. As such, a few more high-quality puzzle games would be a smart choice for game developers.

Heart-Racing Racing and Driving Mobile Game apps

Race car and driving games are some of the most classic games on the market. If you think about the video game arcades that dominated the 1980s and 1990s, racing and driving games were some of the first and most popular. It is no wonder so many people love and are nostalgic for these games today.

That has left a massive gap in the mobile game apps and online gaming industry. So many modern consumers would be delighted with more driving or racing options – something that is strangely lacking in today’s gaming industry. With just a few solid additions in app stores, these games could quickly return to their original popularity.

Children’s Games to Keep Kids Busy

There are so many options for children’s games available today. But, a lot of those options are of incredibly low quality. Better games for children – with more engaging content and more educational content – would be a welcome addition to the popular device stores for parents of active children.

All these game suggestions are simple, but that is why they are so genius. Just a few simple changes to the current mobile game apps and online game offerings could potentially revolutionize the industry and re-energize consumers!

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