The Most Trusted Identity and Access Management Service Companies

The Most Trusted Identity and Access Management Service Companies features,

Identity and Access Management is one of the most sought-after services in today’s times. As the working and functioning of companies have taken drastic changes, from office to remote, etc. This change has called for beer security and safety solutions for the employees and the company’s valuable data and information.

Featured in this edition are some of the leading and most trusted names in the Identity and Access Management space. These companies are leading the industry and offer cutting-edge services, integrated with the latest technology and innovations. They are changing the face of security and ensuring companies that their employees and data are always safe and highly secured at all times.

Featured on the cover story is Identity Management Institute (IMI). IMI is a globally recognized identity risk management training and certification organization that serves IT security, identity, and data protection professionals worldwide. IMI (Identity Management Institute) has established itself as a pioneer and foremost name in the Identity and Access Management (IdM) industry. The organization was founded in 2007 by Henry Bagdasarian, a leading expert in technology risk management, audit, and security who recognized the growing IAM risks as companies moved their infrastructure, platforms, and data to the cloud allowed BYOD and subscribed to various SaaS applications.

In an insightful and engrossing conversation with Kris Poria, Co-founder, and CEO of EarlyBirds. Let’s get to know more about the company, their journey, and what innovative services they offer.

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