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IAM (Identity and Access Management) systems are attracting a wider response and becoming more important. In today’s era where the digital world has a dominant presence in our professional and personal life, IAM technologies protect the systems and data of organizations. 

Identity Management Institute (IMI)® is the first and leading global certification organization dedicated to identity and access management. IMI (Identity Management Institute) and its services address all identified risks and support the professionals in the field to effectively tackle risks around identity management, system access, data security and integrity, compliance, and other related areas.

To meet the industry needs, IMI (Identity Management Institute) has created 8 training and certification programs, an active online community with some of the largest discussion groups with thousands of global experts, as well as a leading identity management blog on the Internet.

The organization also offers other services such as auditing identity and access management programs, compliance programs, product designs, and much more.

Over the years, IMI has established itself as one of the most sought-after and one of the Most Trusted Identity and Access Management Service Companies.

The Identity Management Institute Foundation

Identity Management Institute is a globally recognized identity risk management training and certification organization that serves IT security, identity, and data protection professionals worldwide.

IMI (Identity Management Institute) has established itself as a pioneer and foremost name in the Identity and Access Management (IdM) industry. The organization was founded in 2007 by Henry Bagdasarian, a leading expert in technology risk management, audit, and security who recognized the growing IAM risks as companies moved their infrastructure, platforms, and data to the cloud allowed BYOD and subscribed to various SaaS applications.

IMI (Identity Management Institute) has redefined the term “identity management” to offer comprehensive solutions and services which include professional collaboration, risk awareness, education and training, risk management, and certification for career advancement, skill validation, and knowledge verification. 

IMI (Identity Management Institute) is an eminent international organization that provides thought leadership, training, and professional certification to its global members who are interested in identity and access management (IAM) topics such as governance, access controls, identity theft, fraud prevention, compliance, data protection, and technology.

Why IAM systems are important and how Identity Management Institute changes the game in the industry?

As traditional corporate systems morphed into cloud computing and distributed systems serving a large number of dispersed users, IAM processes and systems became extremely important to address the new threats and risks. The IdM sector emerged in the spotlight owing to the increased vigilance and growing need for enhancing cybersecurity.

As passwords became more predictable and easily accessible while systems lack layered security and multi-factor authentication, we witnessed rising incidents of system breaches, identity theft, and fraud. Also, with the evolution of IoT and the increasing number of connected devices, identity and access management is paramount for addressing cyber security threats around the world.

And to add to the impending issue, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the workforce landscape, as the majority of employees started working remotely, thus changing system security and data protection dynamics.

Identity Management Institute® is a forward-thinking organization that strives to provide solutions for the ever-evolving identity management challenges in the most creative, effective, and efficient ways. IMI (Identity Management Institute) was established to:

  • Redefine and promote the identity management profession and address all identity risks inside or outside of an information system,
  • Foster a community and governing body for all identity management professionals,
  • Establish an independent accreditation process of the highest standard of excellence for the identity management professionals,
  • Serve the members and the public through advocacy for the profession, awareness regarding the identity risks, education, and collaboration for solving the challenges,
  • Contribute to the field through Critical Risk Domains™ (CRD), standards and education tools,
  • Educate its members and the public through events and tools that promote best identity management practices, and
  • Promote the highest professional ethics and standards for the identity management profession.

The journey of Identity Management Institute

IMI (Identity Management Institute) is a leading brand in the IAM thought leadership space first and foremost, and its main aim is to foresee the evolving risks. They provide timely content about industry changes and related risks as well as how companies and their professionals can mitigate the risks.

Alongside, they provide regular content that is published on their website blog as well as a newsletter called Identity Management Journal. One of the main success factors is that they make complicated topics simple, crisp, and easy to grasp for the learners.

When Identity Management Institute began its journey in 2007, the team faced several challenges. The initial challenges consisted of finding the right resources to help grow the organization, support its daily operations, maintain the website, develop content for the blog, and manage certification study guides and exams.

As IMI leverages multiple platforms to support its online operations, ensuring system availability is critical. Thus, finding the right mix of systems, and ensuring a seamless and insightful educational environment always took paramount importance for them.

IMI (Identity Management Institute) initially started with 2 certifications for identity theft management and compliance professionals. With the wide adoption of cloud computing and storage, BYOD, and SaaS applications, the organization introduced 6 more certifications in digital identity management, system access administration, and data protection which resulted in increased demand for their certifications.

Services offered by Identity Management Institute

As the business landscape is ever-changing, and with the work from home model widely accepted, a lot of tasks are being assimilated and completed online. Also with the advent of cloud applications, identity and access management solves many system access and data protection challenges.   

IMI recognizes that identity and access management is essential for securing systems and data. Thus, to enable cybersecurity and identity management professionals to address rising challenges, IMI offers professionals an unmatched opportunity to educate themselves and get certified in the leading fields of identity management, access administration, and data protection.

IMI’s services enable these professionals to improve their resumes and professional standing in the marketplace website. The certification programs cover a wide array of aspects that enhance the identity and access management of any company.

IMI offers eight certification programs; five of them are within the digital identity and access management area, two are within the identity theft area, and another is in data protection and privacy. This ensures trained and certified professionals can tackle various system and data security challenges in the organizations they serve.

How Identity Management Institute goes a step beyond?

IMI is always a step ahead in terms of offering the best and most sought-after certifications. The team continuously analyzes the industry demand and assesses future trends. These crucial steps enable the team to drive the direction of their organization and offer exemplary services. 

IMI also offers certification for identity management programs and products to ensure they meet the business objectives, compliance requirements, and design specifications. 

On the product side, they review identity and access management products based on the IMI’s predefined criteria and product owner assertions to validate product design and stated objectives. 

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

Wayne Dyer

Leadership at Identity Management Institute

An organization like IMI has one of the most experienced and expert teams of professionals under its wing. What sets the organization apart is the visionary and unmatched leadership. IMI has one of the best leadership, where the company is nurtured and services are constantly evolving.

IMI has become a leading name under the exceptional leadership of Henry Bagdasarian who is the Founder and President of the Identity Management Institute (IMI).

He also established the IdentityMate brand and consulting practice to help organizations with risk management in data protection, privacy, and compliance.

Henry started his career in technology risk management and transitioned to information security, privacy, and compliance management as his career progressed. He is a certified professional in cybersecurity, IT audit, and identity management and also the author of the “Identity Diet” book which introduced identity obesity as the root cause of the identity theft epidemic and offered solutions. 

Henry’s proposed frameworks have been incorporated into the IMI’s certification programs and he also created the largest identity theft discussion forum online where thousands of global professionals collaborate to solve the leading and fastest-growing crime.

He has served global companies as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Privacy Officer, and head of compliance and IT audit.

Henry has achieved many milestones in his daunting and insightful professional journey. Some of these achievements are:

  • Starting and growing Identity Management Institute to become the globally recognized certification entity for the identity and access management field.
  • Developing the certification programs and creating frameworks such as Identity KAOS and Information KAGE which have been incorporated into the certification study guides.
  • Introducing various concepts for the identity theft industry such as Identity Obesity which was described as the root cause of identity theft in Identity Diet which also introduced 8 principles for identity theft protection. 
  • Proposing Digital Identity Transformation to address identity risks through a “holistic assessment and improvement of business processes, people, and technologies to achieve excellence in identity and access management, system security, data privacy, and regulatory compliance.” 

Henry’s views on constant vigilance as a need or a strategy

Vigilance is important if we want to reduce our risks whether in business or personal life. One way to stay vigilant is to constantly educate oneself to foresee the coming dangers and prepare to confront threats. 

How Henry manages work-life balance

It’s important to periodically step away from daily business routines when it gets hectic and spend time on more relaxing activities to mentally recharge and allow the emergence of new ideas to solve problems or improve the business. 

Relaxing activities may vary for different people. For me, it’s the contemplation of new ideas, writing, music, and movies.

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