Lynne Peyton Consultancy – Where Leaders of Tomorrow are Made!

Lynne Peyton Consultancy – Where Leaders of Tomorrow are Made!

In the search for exemplary leadership and successful ventures, we discovered many entrepreneurs and businessmen/women. But what makes a person a leader, and above all what qualifies as a leader?

We have heard many stories revolving around leadership, and necessary qualities, etc. They hold that being a leader is more than just a character, a persona, discipline, etc. It is a way of life!

This takes years to develop and nurture but with the boom in e-com and work from home culture, many companies and ventures are picking pace. Most of them have a single operating person or a team of few. Then how to develop those leadership attributes, and turn your team and company into a successful unit?

Lynne Peyton has been enabling organizations to get better results and pushing aspiring/budding entrepreneurs to become renowned personalities for more than 20 years now. Being a successful entrepreneur herself, owning several businesses in the UK, Ireland, and the USA. Lynne Peyton has withered every challenge thrown at her, standing out like a true leader and a beacon for all women aspiring to own a business.

She has seen many turbulent times, right from the 2008 Financial crisis to the Covid-19 pandemic, all her businesses not only survived but also grew throughout the crisis. 

Lynne Peyton has carved leaders out of amateur business professionals by strengthening their focus and leadership. She is passionate about Lynne Peyton Consultancy – A coaching and mentoring service. She is now helping organizations working with vulnerable children and families to get scalable and positive results.

Lynne Peyton is one of the leading women entrepreneurs, motivating, inspiring, and rising as one of the most admired women leaders in business 2021.

Lynne Peyton’s skill in challenging, motivating, and maximizing results from individuals and groups is unsurpassed. She brings a unique, highly expert approach to all her work and has an amazing ability to unlock individual potential and bring out the best in people.


The Services

Lynne Peyton Consultancy offers a C.O.R.E. training package that offers a multi-level system that helps leaders at all levels in organizations to grow and develop. The training package is focused on making you a leader, and into a persona that is admired and revered.

The training package is focused on four key areas. These key areas are designed to turn you into an effective business professional, equipping you with all the tools and tricks you need to become the next big name in the business world!

These four key areas are:

  • Communication – Leaders should be clear, concise, and consistent in their communication. They should understand the importance of listening rather than speaking. They should be able to communicate in a way that influences the workforce and unites them to work in unison.
  • Optimization – Leaders get the most productive results when their staff is in the right role, teams are aligned for the appropriate purpose, and everyone optimizes their time, energy, and focus. Identifying and addressing time wasters, understanding and overcoming procrastination, focusing on solutions rather than problems are key aspects of the coaching program.
  • Relationships – Effective leaders build and invest in relationships internally within the organization, across different departments, and externally within the multi-agency network to provide comprehensive services. The secret to networking is to add value.
  • Evaluation – Everything we do, we have to try it, test it, and tweak it. This helps us see what is working and change what is not. Leaders learn quickly to do more of what gets results.

While leaders strive for excellence they also understand that perfection is not an achievable standard. Better to quote Hugh Hilton and ask how can we do this better, faster, and more efficiently?

The C.O.R.E. program meticulously covers all aspects there are to become a better and effective leader. This program is not only meant for leaders, but for everyone who wishes to have a command over their professional life, and a charismatic spark in their overall personality.

The program is delivered through a combination of one-to-one coaching for managers and leaders at all levels in the organization. The program is not like other programs which pay no heed to overall performance, results, etc.

Here you will be given your due homework and other light assignments that will shape you into a disciplined and responsible self. So, the program nurtures you in a 360 degree as well as group activities and workshops focused on team building and resolving common issues. 

The Woman of the hour – Lynne Peyton

Lynne Peyton has enjoyed and proved her mettle, withering away challenges of both operational and strategic management. She has held many roles during her career as a leader and entrepreneur.

She has also served as a senior manager in the public sector, with responsibility for both children’s services and mental health services. Her magnified observational skills, and ability to assess what kinds of services would have the greatest impact and ensure those were delivered with the highest quality and assurance.

For the past ten years, thousands of people have benefited from the impact of her C.O.R.E. Leadership Development and Change Management Programme. Regardless of how effective and skilled their practice is, busy professionals in the Health and Social Care sectors need to have excellent managerial and leadership skills so they can get better returns on their investment, Lynne Peyton adds.

When Lynne attended a Tony Robbins ‘Unleash the Power Within’ seminar in Geneva, Switzerland in 1999, it stimulated her to set up Lynne Peyton Consultancy. 

What makes the company so successful is that Lynne understands how to integrate solid business principles and a good lead in to the delivery of child protection services whether these are delivered by statutory or not-for-profit agencies. Her clients say a great deal about Lynne Peyton Consultancy, her passion, courage, and credibility in equal measure.

A prolific reader, her constant search for more creative and effective ways of service delivery as well as striving for personal development led her to listen to self-development and motivational programs by the great Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Zigler, and Jay Abraham.

Lynne recognizes that supporting first-line managers can only bring about limited change unless those at the top of the organization understand the needs of the workforce as well as the needs of clients. 

What makes this and Lynne’s other businesses so successful is that they continue to stay relevant and constantly adapt to changing circumstances. She does this by engaging with other leaders through global mastermind groups and other multinational learning events.  

She was honored to be a senior leader with the Tony Robbins organization for nearly 10 years and facilitated a monthly international mastermind group of thought leaders, on behalf of Success Resources America.

School is never out, says Lynne and strong leaders recognize that change is inevitable and you have to stay in front of it, or at least respond quickly to changing circumstances. Having great coaches in my corner means I am never complacent.

Lynne has been an unwavering source of support as I have expanded my work beyond Australia.

Service Provider and Educationalist

Lynne’s views on Leaders, and how she handled the Lynne Peyton Consultancy during Covid-19

Leaders have to go first; they have to lead by example and that requires considerable self-discipline. Leaders have to ‘walk the talk’ and above all get things done and empower their people to grow and develop. 

Lynne Peyton, Lynne Peyton Consultancy

One of Lynne’s least favorite words is ‘support’ as often managers want to support their employees by doing things for them. Good leaders focus on training and empowering their staff so they become independent as soon as possible, see opportunities for change and encourage suggestions from the team. 

Success is Never Accidental

Success is the sum of all of the choices we make and above all else, success requires awareness, decisions, commitment, and it requires action. Covid was a great wake-up call, working from home became the new norm and everyone has had to learn new ways. Instead of postponing workshops, Lynne switched to delivering them online and found that with reduced traveling times, she was able to support even more clients.

Lynne also believes that the most fundamental aspect of doing good business is to over-deliver and give your clients more than they paid for. She provides weekly email insights into elements of leadership and has a comprehensive portfolio of leadership topics on her website in the Leadership Library. 

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