SYSOTEL: Renovating the Hospitality Industry with SaaS

SYSOTEL: Renovating the Hospitality Industry

SYSOTEL: Renovating the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has seen immense growth in the past two decades. Considering the technological advancements in various sectors, the hospitality industry has managed to thrive on it as well to remain relevant and competitive in the market. Amongst the most beloved developments are the SaaS and cloud computing trends are helping the hospitality sector for its betterment. 

SaaS has created new ways of innovation which introduce the world to entirely new functionality. This enables firms to find new ways to collaborate and share vital information within the hotel with their guests and partners. When joined forces of SaaS and the hospitality industry, SaaS has an eminent potential to transform areas such as reservation management, online bookings & reviews, reception & front desk management, housekeeping services, room inventory & rate management, and guest engagement.  

Amongst the various SaaS-based companies which provide an end-to-end hospitality solution is Sysotel. Sysotel was founded by Raj Sahu to provide affordable and insightful solutions to the hospitality industry. His background has given him a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed in the competitive market. This encouraged Raj to build a product that would help hotels increase their revenue by using artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to make intelligent decisions about how to push their rates on various platforms like Expedia or without having to deal with all of the hassles.

Solutions Offered

Sysotel offers plenty of solutions that consist of hospitality tech software. This software is generally based on an Augmented Reality based Hotel website builder, Simple and UI friendly RMS & Powerful hotel channel manager. The key product of the company is SYSIRMS. This solution is much different than the traditional RMS systems which are available within the market. SYSIRMS is mainly powered by AI. In addition to that, the solution is powered with AI with unlimited features and options with Data science trends.

The solutions offered are quite cost-effective for the low-scale, mid-scale, and large-scale industries. The company is known to have ventured with several like-minded groups of experienced persons with a proven track record. This has thereby helped SYSOTEL to observe case studies that have successful hospitality management when teamed up with operations management, e-commerce management, revenue management, sales, top line, and bottom-line GOP achievements.

Apart from that, SYSOTEL is renowned for providing unmatched solutions to entrepreneurs. This has helped these entrepreneurs to accomplish their desired goals without any limitations.

SYSOTEL also offers a powerful Revenue Management AI (Automated Intelligence) System. This AI system helps the small to mid-scale hotel operators to sustain in high traction competition, offers multiple rate discount conditions customization on rates, dates, time, seasons, inventory, and a user-friendly yet informative dashboard. 

Reputation Management

The difference between a hotel’s income and earnings can be determined by its reputation. Taking into consideration the usage of the online reputation management services of a firm like SYSOTEL to monitor and manage the online reputation of a hotel. SYSOTEL assists your hotel in maintaining its online reputation with a portfolio of the best online reputation management technologies.

Controlling how a hotel is perceived by customers or other approaching parties is the goal of hotel reputation management. Because the hotel industry deals directly with consumers, what they have to say about the hotel is essential because they will carry their experience with them. The hotel sector is a customer-facing industry, thus public relations is critical to ensure that clients have a positive impression of the establishment. 

Because there are so many online venues to manage reputation on, reputation management is more crucial than ever. Customers are talking about hotels all over the place, from search engine reviews to third-party booking sites to social media. As a result, using online reputation management services to monitor and regulate what they are saying is critical.

Dealing with the Challenges 

The company has faced its share of true challenges. The initial challenge for the company was to find and develop an affordable world-class system assisted with AI technology. After plenty of effort and lots of research, the company found a way to develop a more agile, powerful, reasonable, and stable solution for the hospitality industry. This solution would help hotels to recover fast and effectively from the effect of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Since the hospitality industry has been affected badly by the pandemic, there was a clash in the profits of these companies. This triggered the growth of SYSOTEL as the company offered solutions with proven track records of hotels that had recovered faster and started earning profits.

Futuristic Developments

SYSOTEL has envisioned being at the forefront of the technological revolution in the hospitality industry and emerge as a pioneer in the field. The company wants to be an established firm that would work as a one-stop solution for all kinds of hospitality tech innovations and added AI elements to solve complex solutions in the user-friendly and simple interactive platform which also enables user to control everything efficiently without having heavy equipment or by just using a simple basic smartphone or tablet with the internet.

The firm wants to help the hoteliers understand the market segment via data analytics. Moreover, this can help businesses to create a memorable experience for their customers. Additionally, with data integration businesses will have the potential to identify risks, competitors, forecast the micro-environment and learn to stay ahead of the curve.

Thus, SYSOTEL ensures that the hoteliers will have enough data which will help them to innovate new products and services which will be in the best interest of the customers. The establishment will help businesses incorporate a consistent data governance policy for long-term customer trust and recognition.

Being a Mentor

Having experience of 20+ years in the hospitality industry, Raj has expertise in hotel operations, sales, revenue management, data analytics, and technology. He founded SYSOTEL intending to offer unique products that would help to attain a 100% success rate.

During his tenure, he conducted several training sessions conducted on a regular basis. These sessions allowed the employees to put forth their inputs and opinions. Their valuable inputs and opinions made SYSOTEL grow even more strong. The team of employees is unique since they are from all the individual domain experts. The firm with all of its employees promises to understand the problem from the core then arrive at a cost-effective and apt solution. 


“Businesses can’t afford to react to what their customers want; they need to anticipate their needs.”

Parker Harris

“Do one thing every day that scares you, one by one and time by the time you will overpass the competition and Become Qnique one, and that will be your unique point to Jump Higher and Sett Goals for rest of the Competition.”

“What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want to be done.”

Tim O’Reilly

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