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No matter what sector it is, the well-managed workflow can lead to business growth. In the traditional business processes, there are many flaws like extra time consumption, complicated data management and etc.  With the rise of digitization, businesses are now at the cusp of revolution, a digital revolution. In this context, integrated financial advisors a.k.a. IFAs are also trying to move ahead and simplify their workflow. IFA planet is being a partner in their growth and changing the market scenario with the cutting edge solution offerings.

The solution that making a difference – IFA Planet

An IFA spends several hours in a day to manage his financial advisory business and to serve his existing clients’ needs, which is indirectly costing a lot to his profession. To reduce this additional time deployment, to delight the customer with timely and managed service, and to increase the productivity of IFAs, they have come with the solution IFA-Planet.

IFA-Planet has changed the conventional financial advisory business to a more efficient, productive and result-oriented business model. With the help of IFA-Planet, an IFA will always be able to manage his entire mutual fund business by getting all the key business data, statistics, and analysis including the client’s portfolio management and research.

Along with this, an IFA can also manage his entire business in a state of the art cloud-based system which is accessible 24*7 over any device and at any place. The company is 100% confident that the service and features of IFA-Planet will definitely increase IFA’s ability, to serve his client, by approximately 20%-30%.

Secondly, IFAs also struggle to create their own brand identity in the industry. IFA Planet is helping them to establish this brand identity by various options in software as well as from various websites too.

Based on different business levels of IFAs, their expectations can be differentiated. For example, an IFA, who has just entered the MF advisory business, expects more towards lead generation, marketing, and new customer engagements.

IFAs that are already in business from quite some time look more into brand creation and business expansions and stability into the business. And the IFAs who are already established into business with several years of experience, expect a strong way to keep their customers satisfied and ability to serve them in the fastest manner. IFA Planet is working to fulfill the needs of all three segments by providing them various tools for lead management, self-branding options, portfolio management system, CRMs, and many more.

Being a Techno-Financial solution provider, usually, the expectations are always on the higher side. But frankly, IFA Planet loves to address those expectations as the advisors are the persons who are facing the challenges on the ground levels. They have strong Suggestions/Feedback management systems from which they get regular inputs to form their three volunteer team of 10 IFA each.       

The Inception

IFA Planet was started in the year 2015 by Mr. Paresh Madani, who has the experience of more than 16 years in the Techo-Financial domain, with a motive to provide ease to all segments of the IFAs by addressing their challenges through technology. In this time span, IFA Planet has emerged as a brand, serving more than 4200 IFAs with a combined client base of around 32 Lac investors across 760+ cities in India and abroad. In the IFA community, IFA Planet is reputed as the most User-Friendly and affordable technology across the industry.

IFA-Planet is India’s first comprehensive asset management portal with the clear objective to empower every IFA with Technology.

Mr. Paresh Madani- CEO & Founder- IFA Planet

Started 5 years ago, today IFA Planet has made a unique position in the market with the comprehensive technology offerings for financial advisors. IFA planet aims to provide a really efficient/user-friendly and affordable solution so that the advisor fraternity can adapt it easily. The company runs smoothly through two offices, one is at Rajkot and the head-office at Indore.

In just 5 years, IFA-Planet has become a brand in the industry. Having 4200 IFAs who are currently managing their business and portfolios of their clients combined to 32Lac clients in almost every city in India.

ifa planet

Their Offerings

The company has worked its way to make IFA Planet, the more affordable for every IFA, with a dream to join their hands with revolutionary New Age Technology. IFA Planet is helping IFAs to deliver all operational tasks just in few clicks. For example, an IFA can get the valuation report of his client in just 3 clicks. With the help of IFA Planet, now IFAs have more time to increase their productivity and ability to support existing clients even better than the corporates, focus more on getting more and more business by an increased level of engagements and create their own Brand Identity.

Some of the unique features that IFA Planet offers are:

  • Live-SOA:  IFA Plant is the first and the only service provider in the industry to offer the facility of Live SOA with instant download, for which IFAs had to give a lot of time to get from conventional sources. Now they can directly download it in a single click from their IFA Planet desk itself. 
  • User and device friendly UI/UX: In today’s world people have adopted the equation of Time = Money and this is the reason why mobile technology is booming day by day. Due to this equation, people need their day to day operations to be handy and with minimal involvement. IFA Planet has worked both ways to fulfill IFA’s needs. Firstly, the software is made completely user friendly with access to every important utility of the IFAs at minimum possible clicks. For example, IFAs can take out a valuation report of their clients in just 3 clicks at the dashboard and can share instantly with them in just a single click. This has helped IFAs to save a lot of time. Secondly, the whole platform is completely device friendly, which means no matter what size of the device an IFA is using, like mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, the software aligns itself accordingly in such a way that it gives the same ease of use. So now, even if the IFA is far from the clients, he can still serve them in a timely manner.
  • Affordability and simple pricing matrix: In the industry, various companies have a very complex pricing model where they have a different pricing structure based on IFAs AUM, and distributed features accordingly, which are very expensive too. Unlike them, IFA Planet offers affordable and simple pricing models common for all the IFAs irrespective of their AUM sizes.
  • Different approach to on-board IFAs: IFA Planet has adopted the policy of giving “7 Days’ fully-featured trial desk” along with a small training to the IFAs so that they can explore the features and utility of the software themselves and get convinced with the value proposition that we offer. This has helped us to boost the sale with a larger conversion ratio in the industry.
  • After Sales Support: In the whole industry, IFA Planet is known for the best service and support to the associated IFAs. The reason behind this is the multichannel ways of reporting. The IFA can connect with us in his convenient way such as phone calls, WhatsApp, email, ticket, etc.

The best way to identify the level of support service that any company can know about is first from the feedback of the user and secondly from the ratio of renewals, and we are proud to say that IFA Planet’s renewal ratio is more than 95% which is greater than any company in the industry.

Mr. Paresh Madani

The Team

No matter how big is your team in numbers, all business need is how much the team is skilled. IFA Planet has a small team of highly efficient members that make hard and smart efforts to fulfill client needs. IFA Planet’s team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership in order to provide innovative strategies and solutions required to meet the needs in the Financial Advisory market. The team relies on unparalleled project management, monitoring and evaluation, information technology, risk management, team management, and stakeholder management experience in order to ensure their valuable clients’ success.

An Unmatched Leadership

Paresh Madani (CEO and Founder)

Mr. Paresh Madani is a Techno-Financial person who is well known in the financial industry with over 16 years of experience and the last 12 years in financial technologies, projects in the areas of financial management, mutual funds, strategic & financial planning, monitoring & evaluation.

Ms. Nandini Baidyanathan (Chief Mentor)

A TED Speaker, Ms. Nandini Baidyanathan is a traveling teacher who teaches entrepreneurship in several ivy-league business schools around the world including Princeton, London School of Economics, and the National University of Singapore, overseas and in India in IIM–A, IIM–B, IIM–L and ISB.

Hitesh Soni (COO)

Mr. Hitesh Soni has 7 years of proven experience in Client Servicing and Operations in one of the esteemed bank in India. IFA Planet is continuously working for the benefit of the IFA fraternity and they say “We have a pretty big road map in front of us to serve them and help them to increase their productivity in a much easier and efficient way.”

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