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Franchise businesses have undergone a lot of change throughout time. Initially, the majority of businesses depended on conventional marketing techniques like word of mouth, company leaflets, etc. Because of changes in trends and technical improvements, businesses have adapted to more modern methods. Similarly, many entrepreneurs might think about entering the very profitable and high-demand sector of home care. Since it gives seniors the freedom to choose where and how they want to live as they age, high-quality in-home care has become a crucial component of the long-term care solution for millions of people.

In Home Personal Services was founded 18 years ago with the goal of not just providing care for elders, veterans, and individuals with disabilities, but also of making personal connections, building relationships, and allowing clients to preserve their independence.

Journey to Better lives

In-Home Personal Services (IHPS) is a national franchise system that provides non-medical senior care. The system, designed for the true entrepreneur, has been evolving since its beginning in 2004 to address the demands of the aging population. Today, the services have evolved and spread across the United States under the guidance of CEO Michael A Collura, with active franchises in various states.

IHPS’s mission is to provide real-world and genuine value to individuals who have entrusted it with their care. The company believes that its franchisees are the ideal resource for expanding the care services model and meeting the needs of countless elders across the country. Recent years have revealed that there is a considerable demand for home-based senior care. In many ways, In Home Personal Services is set to meet that need well ahead of the competitors and the current standard of usual care. 

As an In-Home Personal Services’s caregiver, clients will receive extensive, hands-on training that will prepare them to anticipate the requirements of each person. The training process goes above and above the state-mandated requirements, including ongoing and refresher training. In-Home Personal Services collaborates to deliver the best possible care. This includes not only assisting with physical requirements but also developing relationships with their customers and their families, providing invaluable companionship.

Suite of Services 

In-Home Personal Services is more than just a supplier of senior care. As a home care organization, it has expanded its services into many “Specialty Services” that are designed to suit the needs of anybody who requires care and support in their everyday life, not simply the elder care population. The company sought, developed, and created these services from the ground up to provide a truly unique and personalized experience for everybody who needed its services. This is not just a smart tagline, as many other firms will include it in their marketing materials because it places true real-world assets behind the promise and has a nearly 20-year track record to back it up.

In terms of products/services, Michael believes in keeping things simple and aims to stick to what has worked in the past. “The need was there, the demand was tremendous, and the potential we possess is real,” he says. We wanted to help others; this is not a job for us; it is a life purpose to which we dedicate ourselves.”

Last year, the company debuted numerous new service models and had even more planned for the future year. Being the first, being innovative, and doing something not because it sounds like an excellent idea but to make a difference in the lives of others works.

Some of the added value benefits and services include,

  • Around-Clock Flex Care
  • Going Places
  • Lifestyle Care
  • Hygiene Care
  • Supportive Living Care Options

1. Specialty Services

IHPS’s innovation is being driven by the need for acute home care. It recognizes the importance of providing truly compassionate, high-quality care to every person in whose life it is trusted and welcomed. As a result, the company created training, service guidelines, and a team to understand the care needs of clients with distinct disease progression/care needs at home. The team has made an effort to comprehend and refine its procedures to ensure that people with special needs are adequately cared for.

2. Live-In Caregiver

IHPS’s Live-in Care gives a one-of-a-kind chance for client-driven care, unlike any other service it provides. The caregivers recognize this need and build a relationship based on professional expertise, compassion, and a genuine desire to improve the lives of others.

3. One-On-One Care

Services are delivered on time and according to the clients’ schedules. These services offer unparalleled flexibility in meeting client demands at the precise moment they require that little more help. During this period, any of its services are offered to clients as needed.

4. Individual Services

In-Home Personal Services has the most comprehensive and exhaustive range of service offerings to meet customers’ particular demands on a fully tailored and individualized schedule of care services to fit their lifestyle, needs, and independence.

Experience and Achievements as a Leader

Michael has worked with awful managers and has an opinion about them. Throughout his career, he has been both respected and despised, but he has never been a lousy manager. He stood there with the fortitude to accomplish what was required, refusing to hide, complain, or abdicate his leadership responsibilities. “I will, and I have failed, but I will never, and I have never given up,” he declares. That is how Michael got to where he is today: via his hard work, dedication, and recognition that he is nothing without a team.

When it comes to accomplishments, Michael believes that team accomplishments are the most important to him. There are too many to count, dating back to the early days and continuing to this day. Among other things, he is proud of the influence IHPS makes in the lives of people daily, as well as the team that makes this possible.

Initial Challenges & Way to Success

In the case of In-Home Personal Services, developing a financial model that ensures the original objective is not compromised. When a brand expands in size, it frequently loses the human touch that developed its reputation and culture. It was an early difficulty to ensure that did not happen as IHPS grew. Today, the corporation can stand firm and is proud of what it has created together.

According to Michael, the company expanded quickly. “The need, the desire to care for others with compassion, and the real manner in which we care about what we do and how it touches the lives of others was a wonderful prescription for success,” he says. “This is a brand where we make an impact on the quality of life of people,” he continues. No graph or chart can demonstrate that success. It is numerous, apparent, and frequently spoken by individuals who have trusted our brand to be their care provider. We don’t need to prove how much of a difference we make in the lives of others; they do it for us,” he adds.

Furthermore, the testimonials back up the CEO’s comments. He also feels that it is the team, the people who have helped to create In-Home Personal Services, who strive every day to improve the lives of others, and the mission that this team upholds every hour of every day.

Take on Entrepreneurship

Michael offers a unique perspective on entrepreneurship. He considers himself to be a leader, not a manager. “To do the right thing regardless of the consequences. Understanding your responsibility means prioritizing the needs of people who have entrusted you with their care. Listening without being hindered or prevented by negative voices that try to silence or slow you down. To be resolute when making difficult judgments and to be aware that there will be criticism. Now you can go on to your next mission.” He insists.

True entrepreneurs, he believes, go forward and create something of their own. Fake entrepreneurs have unrealistic expectations of their abilities, are unable to achieve them, and will replicate rather than stand on their own. These poor leaders will fail. He cautions against imitating them.

Culture & Importance to Employees

IHPS has a fantastic culture, according to Michael. It introduced “Culture of Safety” efforts aimed at its team members in 2023. It is the most significant investment in team assistance ever made. It is a unique and brand-new addition to its already amazing benefits package that will ensure the team understands how important they are to the company. This was created in collaboration with the company’s franchisees, the families of those it serves, former and present clients, and people in the business who understand what it takes to be a real professional care provider. In-Home Personal Services receives applications every week from people who want to work there because of the culture.

Personal Likes and Preferences 

Ash Maurya’s “Scaling Lean” is Michael’s favorite book. He feels it should be obligatory education for everybody thinking about launching a business. Ash has also written other books that any entrepreneur should read before establishing a business.

However, he feels that while inspiration might illuminate a route, it cannot pave it. Too frequently he observes others striving to “do it as they did”. They are poor imitations of others. “Would you like to be inspired? “First, find it within yourself, and then expand from there,” he says.

Michael’s mojo is to “F*%$ Around and Find Out,” since he feels that the right way can sometimes be dirty. “To be a leader and defend ideas, one will realize the point I am attempting to communicate in this easy, funny, and yes, vital quote for today’s difficulties,” he says.

Coping with the Competition

Michael enjoys competing. Every day, the company works hard to make it appear excellent. However, it is entirely focused on itself and its mission. The company is motivated to improve on what it has built rather than what others are doing.


“In-Home Personal Services goal is not just to provide care for elders, veterans, and individuals with disabilities, but also to make personal connections, build relationships, and allow clients to preserve their independence.”

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