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Haroon and Saba Ahmad Co-founders Infoglen

Know your customer! Understanding your customer and their needs is paramount to any company’s success. To achieve that, effective customer relationship management (CRM) is key. Businesses need this visibility into customer behavior to track, retain, and grow their customer base. Recognizing the importance of CRM, Haroon and Saba Ahmad founded Infoglen in 2015 with a mission to provide delightful turn-key CRM services to customers of all sizes. Today Infoglen’s customers consist of small, medium, and large businesses spanning multiple industries including high tech, fintech, staffing & payroll, telecom, enterprise software, non-profits, and healthcare.

The Journey

Before founding Infoglen, Haroon and Saba worked in Salesforce technology in large multinationals, including Google. Seeing the great potential of the Salesforce technology, they realised that they could leverage their expanding experience on a host of other business needs in a more effective manner as an independent Salesforce Technology Provider. This was the seed for the founding of Infoglen, and after some initial risk assessment, they decided to take the plunge. Infoglen’s success has been built off on strong word-of-mouth referrals from their initial customers. At Infoglen, Saba and Haroon have instilled a culture of doing-what-it-takes to enable their customers. As customers came onboard and liked Infoglen’s salesforce solutions which provided immediate and long term business value, timely delivery and value for money, the recommendations and new projects through customer referrals started coming in regularly. It’s no surprise that a customer relationship management services company would take customer relationships seriously!

The Products and Services

Infoglen is based in the heart of Silicon Valley and has a zeal and a mission to deliver a broad range of high-quality CRM solutions and services to their customers. They build solutions that transform their customer’s experience and foster innovation in their organizations.

Salesforce is a cloud based customer relationship management(CRM) platform that also offers a suite of supporting enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, e-commerce, healthcare, analytics, and finance and the platform allows businesses to fully customize it and also build custom applications on top of it.

Infoglen offers end-to-end solutions for the entire suite of Salesforce offerings but their main expert focus areas in Salesforce are: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, CPQ, Field Service Lightning, Lightning Web Component Development, and Custom enterprise solutions for Business Process Automation.

  • Sales Cloud:  is part of the CRM platform that Salesforce offers, which is focused on enhancing the effectiveness of the sales team of an organization. Sales Cloud helps organizations manage information and workflows about leads, customers and sales opportunities all in one place.
  • Service Cloud: is a solution for customer service and support that allows companies to automate customer support processes and  streamline workflows  to support  Customer Support agents.
  • Salesforce CPQ:  Configure, Price, Quote  (CPQ)  is a Salesforce module that works in tandem with Sales Cloud and is focused on allowing companies to provide accurate quotes for their sales orders with any given product configuration scenario with complex pricing and business rules.
  • FSL: Field Service Lightning is an extension of Service Cloud that provides a comprehensive view of workforce management. This solution enables the customer support teams or dispatchers to delegate work to Field Service technicians and monitor them constantly. You can create and track work orders, appointments, resources, inventory, maintenance, actions, and more.
  • Lightning Web Component Development: The Salesforce Lightning Experience brings in a modern UI with new features, increased productivity, faster deployments, and a seamless transition across desktop and mobile environments. Lightning Platform Development combines the new Lightning Design System, Lightning Components and the latest Lightning Web Components to enable anyone to quickly and easily create modern enterprise apps. Lightning Web Components is a programming model for JavaScript developers to code on the Lightning Platform that gives developers the freedom to use the tools they most prefer to build reusable building blocks.

Custom Solutions for Business Process Automation:

Salesforce is built at API level which means that they can go beyond CRM and leverage the™ platform to build custom solutions to automate their client’s unique business needs. It can also be the platform that brings together all aspects of their business under one roof for a customer-360 view.

How is Infoglen Different from  other Partners

What really makes the difference between us and them is our commitment to our client as a partner and not simply a service provider.

Through this dynamic change in the approach to their business, Infoglen invests not just their time and effort to complete a project, but they also assume the responsibility for the success of their partner’s goals. Therein lies what might be termed as Infoglen’s secret to success. That commitment is rewarded daily in the company with successful implementations, repeat customer projects, and great referrals to new business.

Infoglen believes in working closely with their customers, and developing an intimate working relationship. This is precisely why the company believes in understanding their customer’s pain points to be able to give them a solution that meets all their needs. Infoglen’s standards of success stem from their values of dedication and commitment towards the success of the customers, employees, and partners.

One should always practice what they preach, and both Haroon and Saba strongly believe in that philosophy. They say that their clients have shown much more confidence in them when they recommend solutions to them in areas of their niche expertise. To ensure that their team keeps building expertise in niche Salesforce areas, they have set up Centers of Excellence (CoE), where they focus and help their team to get trained and certified through Infoglen University. These CoEs are usually in hot and upcoming areas which are of interest to a lot of their current customers and prospects.

Current CoE’s are in areas of CPQ (Configure Price and Quote),  FSL (Field Service Lightning), LWC ( Lightning Web Component Development). Infoglen’s motto is “Customer First“, which is  aligned with the overall business strategy of treating their customers as their “partners”.

Haroon Ahmad says “We have deliberately chosen to own the outcome of our efforts and we take it upon ourselves to advise our partners of potential shortfalls, probable issues, and remedies that are openly discussed long before they occur and thereby relieve the relationship of conflict or any stress. The question we ask ourselves every day is ‘What is the present or upcoming need of our client that we must be able to fulfill?’.”

The Growth Quotient-

Since its foundation, Infoglen has seen significant growth, both in revenue and in the size of the company. The company’s revenue growth rate has shown a steady above average growth over and above the CRM Services industry rate.

In terms of team size, from just the two people team in 2015, they are now eighty plus people, with more than 145 certifications. Haroon and Saba started Infoglen in a small room in their home, but today Infoglen is aSalesforce Silver partner with headquarters in San Jose, and operations in Vancouver, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Gurugram with a team of 80+ dedicated people (including solution architects, developers, and QA engineers) that brings together an effective blend of engineering talent and business experience to deliver cost effective and impactful solutions. They work with start-ups as well Fortune 100 companies and large enterprises.

What really makes the difference between us and them is our commitment to our client as a partner and not simply a service provider.

Leading the Way: Haroon and Saba-


Haroon, an alumni of IIT Roorkee and AMU Aligarh, has spent  over two decades working on innovative technologies, specially defining and implementing CRM strategies and  roadmaps for organizations like Deutsche Bank, Google, YouTube, Dell, and Motorola. He is a global technology leader with experience in building turnkey digital transformational solutions in various organisations in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Chicago, before setting up base in San Jose, the tech capital of the world. Today, he is a technology Architect who believes in the power of IT in customer relationship management and  is passionate about building an organization which delivers world class, high-quality solutions and services together with excellent customer service and high employee satisfaction.


With a background in MBA, Saba is a transformational technology leader who brings a unique blend of business knowledge and technical expertises with a wide range of global experience in areas of Business Development, Business Operations, and Business systems having worked in India, Malaysia, Singapore and US.  Over years Saba has built CRM solutions that are well designed and built to last for various industry verticals to solve their real problems and help achieve their business goals.  She has been a key change agent with a passion for innovating and building “High Performance”  global and cross-functional teams. She has built her skills in Leadership,  Business Change Management; Strategic Corporate Planning , Marketing and Executive Relationship Management.

Our employees are our biggest asset,  we can not accomplish what we do everyday without them.

The Team-

Infoglen team consists of  Delivery Leaders, Software Developers, QA engineers, Solution Architects, Business Analysts, Sales and Marketing specialists, Recruitment Leaders, HR Specialists and many others who all come together as a part of a well oiled and  well orchestrated team that runs together to serve their customers.  Infoglen takes care of their employees in every possible way, they believe that you will only be able to do your best work when you are happy and satisfied in your place.  They encourage team learning and collaboration with initiatives like Infoglen University training sessions and cross project Knowledge share sessions.

The Infoglen Team Lunch

Team Infoglen is an empowered collective of people who are encouraged to be self motivated, to be accountable for the quality of their work, exercise their out-of-the-box thinking and be creative and innovate everyday to delight the customers.

When it comes to hiring people, Infoglen makes prospective candidates go through a rigorous interview process to make sure that they hire  the best in the field, who are ideologically aligned to their “Customer First” motto and believe in “Customer Partnership” approach, That is what makes their team unique.

We have established a customer centric approach and make sure we align our goals to the goals of our customers so that our success is always measured by the success of our client.”

Haroon and Saba’s Take on the Competition-

“The rat-race is a sad reality today, a product of our own greed and ambition.”

The best thing a person can do is not to get caught up in the rat-race, remember that life is a journey and not the destination. Infoglen encourages people to identify their passions and areas that they love to work on, so that the journey itself becomes enjoyable for everyone and we are not just running towards material goals.  Your performance will be better when you  are working for the joy of doing what you love and taking time to stop and smell the roses.

As a team, they try to keep themselves focused and prevent tripping over the shiny obstacles that far too many people stumble over. They say “The world is too fast paced today, and while we are purveyors of technology, we need to  maintain a balance of human values that tend to deter against losing sight of what is really – meaningful, not just for ourselves but also for our clients and partners as well.

Infoglen is not just a talented technology team,  but they become very much a part of the clients creative journey, in achieving strategic business goals through high quality technology solution.

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