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Infused Innovations-Delivering Security with Trust Jeff Wilhelm

The world is growing and changing rapidly. Amidst all of this, there are rising security concerns for organizations of all sizes. These include growing threats around cloud and data security, with issues and cases popping up all over around thefts and breaches. 

This has given rise to many companies that provide security solutions. The changing times require enhanced solutions, thus pushing security companies to provide something above the ordinary. 

In come the unique solutions by Infused Innovations. This company is growing at a rapid pace, striving to become a leader in the innovation & security realm. They offer products and services that are integrated with the latest technological advancements, implemented by a team of leading industry professionals.

The Organization

Infused Innovations is much more than a security solutions provider. They offer tools and services to organizations, enabling them to transform and excel. This includes a mix of technology platforms, business workflow improvements, data, security, and enhancements to improve productivity and human interaction.

They aim to help their clients reach their fullest potential. They bring more than traditional services and go the extra mile for each of their clients. The team likes to know their clients well and is always looking at each company’s unique roadmap, direction, and vision in addition to the technology, workflow, and cybersecurity solutions that will help them get there.

Their Secure Intelligent Workplace™ offers a framework for organizations that sets them up optimally for modern work. It provides tools for security and workplace productivity and collaboration: digital transformation, cloud adaptations, protection for endpoints, data and analytics, automation, and more. It’s integrated to provide a seamless experience and a positive work environment for organizations of all sizes and across verticals.

The organization also provides managed cloud security, as technology solutions are always evolving and companies do not always have the resources to adhere to the constant upgrades of their security requirements. Infused Innovations take that burden and manage it for them. They work with clients to build custom security controls that are suited to their organizational needs.

They also make sure they are continuously monitoring each client’s security posture, keeping it up-to-date, and addressing any issues that come up. They provide all these services with the organization’s vision and aim in mind, handling the security and technical details so their clients can focus on their passions.

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. It is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

What makes Infused Innovations highly decorated?

The company’s journey has been a memorable one, full of complex challenges and successes. The turning point for Infused Innovations was when the team decided to set their identity apart from “transactional” IT providers, which they feel many managed services providers are.

They wanted to channel their focus and resources on advisory services and the Secure Intelligent Workplace framework. Having prepared this model and framework ahead of time, they saw a booming response when COVID-19 struck the world.

Just as remote work started, and businesses faced security issues regarding data, cloud, etc., Infused Innovations was in the market with a solution offering modern flexible work and productivity, a zero-trust security posture, and the usage of data and analytics as a core source of truth for organizations.

This boosted their recognition and set them up as a go-to provider, especially for new businesses, as organizations had to reconcile with what Covid and remote work meant from a security and productivity perspective.

Their services are unique and unmatched by the value and plethora of features they offer. They deserve great recognition as one of the most trusted and sought-after security automation solution providers. 

Infused Innovations has come a long way since its founding, and its team’s efforts and enthusiasm have only increased over time. Here are some of the recent awards they’ve achieved, showcasing the successful and impressive journey of the company so far!


  • CIO Bulletin’s 50 Most Influential Companies of the Year
  • Silicon Review Magazine’s 50 Best Workplaces of the Year
  • Microsoft US Partner Award: Modern Work & Security
  • Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies (ranked #2345)
  • CRN Fast 150 (ranked #21)
  • Channel Futures Top 501 MSPs (ranked #16)
  • CIO Views: Top 10 Most Innovative Companies


  • Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies (ranked #1348)
  • Industry Wired Magazine: Top 10 Most Trusted Cybersecurity Company


  • Microsoft Gold Partner (10+ competencies)

The team is pleased and honored to have received these awards. Not only are they a source of pride, but they also bring motivation for the company to keep striving harder and live up to the respect and recognition endowed to them.

Sought-after Services

Infused Innovations is a Microsoft Gold Partner; thus, a lot of the technologies they work with are from Microsoft. This also means most of their tools are built on the Microsoft platform, which addresses both productivity and security. 

Technology research groups like Gartner and Forrester consistently find Microsoft to be a reliable and outstanding leader in the field, especially the Microsoft XDR stack, so they feel honored to work closely with them. Infused Innovations offers many integration points with other vendors as well.

The company is oriented towards keeping their relationships and maintaining their clients’ trust in them. Customers can tell the difference when a provider gets to know them and their needs and genuinely wants to help them excel, versus merely trying to make money off them.

That supportive relationship is what their clients crave – a need that is both human and business-related – and Infused Innovations steps in to fill that need.

Why their services are a class apart?

Infused Innovations is always looking at “what’s next.” A natural passion for technology and innate curiosity are woven deep into the organization’s DNA. Peering around the corner and connecting the dots for their clients is something they consider an important part of their job.

The company is also working on launching a new practice in the area of Managed Innovation. The goal of this new addition is to help clients manage the ongoing innovation processes within their organization. 

The new service includes the curation of ideas, evaluation, and implementation of innovation-based initiatives. While the team of Infused Innovations is highly focused on emerging technologies, they will also work with clients to make sure the people and processes are in place to support these initiatives.

They are keen on developing this practice because many of their clients have been asking for their expertise and vision in enabling them to transform their organizations and disrupt their respective industries.

Why Infused Innovations?

Apart from the unrivaled services and responsive support from the team, it is the company’s relationship-centric philosophy that truly sets them apart. They get to know their clients and build long-term, trusted relationships. 

They want to be there for their clients, help them through each complex challenge, and celebrate together in their successes. When you work with Infused Innovations, you matter to them.

It’s fulfilling to their team to know the details of what their clients want to achieve and enable them to achieve those long-term goals with them side by side. 

They provide the tools and assistance that businesses need to take off, and it’s a great feeling for them to watch that happen. Since the clients know they have someone they can trust supporting them throughout their journey, the satisfaction of success and motivation to aim higher are boosted for both parties.

What next?

There are a lot of emerging technologies that will change the way organizations work and bring big advancements throughout industries. Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain and ongoing security requirements are all part of this equation. 

However, what many organizations don’t see are the intersection points – the synergies of marrying a number of these technologies together. That’s where things are going to get exciting and have a huge impact both within organizations and in combating some of our most troubling global challenges. 

Their goal of providing the latest technologies and most reliable services pushes the team at Infused Innovations to stay forward-thinking and help organizations make the most of these emerging opportunities.

“We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.” – Max De Pree

Leadership at Infused Innovations

A great company is often known for its talented and decorated management team. The leader is responsible for driving the face and value of a company. It takes a lot to form a team, collaborate, market, and – most importantly – create trust and impact in the client’s organization.

Infused Innovations is proud of its team and leadership. Spearheading the group is a visionary and enthusiastic leader, Jeffrey Wilhelm. Unafraid of challenges, he is always pushing for the extra mile. The company’s values and vision reflect much about the ambitious person who founded it.

Jeff Wilhelm, the Founder, and CEO of Infused Innovations

Jeff started his professional journey with the emergence and accessibility of the internet in the mid-90s. As a young student, he spent time learning HTML, PERL / CGI, PHP, MySQL, and, soon after, ASP.

Later, Jeff started putting those skills to use for various non-profit and for-profit causes. This early consulting taught him to understand the client’s desired outcomes and the “why” around what a technology solution would bring to the table. 

By the early 2000s, Jeff was consulting for several organizations nationally, across datacenter and office technologies, Active Directory, firewall and networking, and soon enough, virtualization. 

Jeff also debuted as an entrepreneur in a few startups (one in the data and analytics space, another as a SaaS provider of campaign management tools) that went through mergers and acquisitions. As time went on, he became more and more interested in building a business of his own. 

Jeff spent time at another consulting provider, which taught him things that he would eventually want to emulate, but also things he would want to avoid. Ready to start his own company, he built Infused Innovations with a focus on technology innovations, advisory partnerships, and delivering a positive client experience.

The team at Infused Innovations

The company’s office was established in Rhode Island, but the most interesting fact is that the entire company works remotely. The team shares most of its interactions digitally and is spread around 15 different states in the U.S. 

Their deliverables, precision, and top-notch services and support set an example of how well a company can operate remotely. 

Employees use Microsoft Teams to make it easy for everyone to communicate and collaborate through that central hub. They share a hardworking yet comfortable atmosphere at work. 

The team knows that Jeff is always accessible and has their backs whenever challenges arise. They can reach out to him anytime, not just for work but also for guidance and learning. This adds to the cordial nature of the team and also unites them to continuously strive for the company’s vision and goals.

The group also makes time for relaxing and fun, because they recognize that that’s a big part of employee well-being too. They have virtual events and games, and they find ways to reward and encourage one another with shoutouts, gift cards, and weekly activities. 

With an environment like this, the team becomes much more than just a company. It’s a close-knit unit that empathizes with each other as well as the business leaders they work with. This helps them meet their clients’ challenges and carry out solutions that improve their organizations and enhance the legacy of their work.

“It’s all about striving for continual improvement, never being complacent, and not underestimating your power to do something great. We always need to be moving forward and reaching for what we haven’t achieved yet, and thinking about how we can change the world!” – Jeff Wilhelm.

Constant vigilance: a need or a strategy? Jeff’s views

Staying on guard is both a need and a strategy, according to Jeff. In today’s environment, awareness and vigilance are critical, particularly regarding cybersecurity. The threat landscape is evolving quickly, and most organizations are unprepared for the speed at which attacks can occur. 

In that regard, Infused Innovations adopts and promotes a zero-trust strategy and provides the tools that monitor everything that’s going on in a client’s environment(s). When companies let their guard down, they make themselves vulnerable to a breach or problem that’s going to end up very costly and damaging. So being constantly vigilant (internally and externally) is a real immediate need and a required strategy.

How Jeff handles the competition in the market, on a professional and a personal level?

Industries, technologies, trends, and needs are always changing. Rather than focusing on difficulties or thinking of it as a rat race, Jeff tries to stay optimistic and focus on what’s exciting about the change. Out of every transformation – even difficult ones – he recognizes that there is growth and improvement that can come out of it. 

The world is at a point where we’re facing some of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced – but we also have the best tools at our disposal that we’ve ever had. Seeing the potential in that, Jeff takes pride in Infused Innovations’ role in that process. Looking at the big picture keeps him and his team motivated and positive.

On a more individual, day-to-day level, Jeff also notes that it’s important to take time to decompress. He likes to make sure he gives his team a chance to do that in the work environment, and he tries to find ways to make it happen for himself as well. 

As the leader of a company, it can be hard to put down the phone and take a break from work. But Jeff tries to incorporate that disconnected time with his family or on his own as a breather to refresh and be ready to take on everything when he comes back. There’s a lot to tackle, and he and his team at Infused Innovations are up for it.

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