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Infused Innovations: Infused Innovations is much more than a security solutions provider. They offer tools and services to organizations, enabling them to transform and excel. This includes a mix of technology platforms, business workflow improvements, data, security, and enhancements to improve productivity and human interaction.

They aim to help their clients reach their fullest potential. They bring more than traditional services and go the extra mile for each of their clients. The team likes to know their clients well and is always looking at each company’s unique roadmap, direction, and vision in addition to the technology, workflow, and cybersecurity solutions that will help them get there.

Their Secure Intelligent Workplace™ offers a framework for organizations that sets them up optimally for modern work. It provides tools for security and workplace productivity and collaboration: digital transformation, cloud adaptations, protection for endpoints, data and analytics, automation, and more. It’s integrated to provide a seamless experience and a positive work environment for organizations of all sizes and across verticals.

The organization also provides managed cloud security, as technology solutions are always evolving and companies do not always have the resources to adhere to the constant upgrades of their security requirements. Infused Innovations take that burden and manage it for them. They work with clients to build custom security controls that are suited to their organizational needs.

They also make sure they are continuously monitoring each client’s security posture, keeping it up-to-date, and addressing any issues that come up. They provide all these services with the organization’s vision and aim in mind, handling the security and technical details so their clients can focus on their passions.

The company’s journey has been a memorable one, full of complex challenges and successes. The turning point for Infused Innovations was when the team decided to set their identity apart from “transactional” IT providers, which they feel many managed services providers are.

They wanted to channel their focus and resources on advisory services and the Secure Intelligent Workplace framework. Having prepared this model and framework ahead of time, they saw a booming response when COVID-19 struck the world.

Just as remote work started, and businesses faced security issues regarding data, cloud, etc., Infused Innovations was in the market with a solution offering modern flexible work and productivity, a zero-trust security posture, and the usage of data and analytics as a core source of truth for organizations.

This boosted their recognition and set them up as a go-to provider, especially for new businesses, as organizations had to reconcile with what Covid and remote work meant from a security and productivity perspective.

Their services are unique and unmatched by the value and plethora of features they offer. They deserve great recognition as one of the most trusted and sought-after security automation solution providers. Infused Innovations has come a long way since its founding, and its team’s efforts and enthusiasm have only increased over time. Here are some of the recent awards they’ve achieved, showcasing the successful and impressive journey of the company so far!

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