Naples, Italy, 10 Aug 2023. Founder of IM GROUP, Inkmaker has completed a major installation for blending water-based inks specifically for flexographic printing, at Samograph in Sant’Anastasia, Campania, Italy.

The newly installed Inkmaker P32 dispenser, comes powered by IM GROUP’s proprietary software, Inkpro, purposely designed for controlling accurate mixing whilst dispensing. The dosing heads—capable of dispensing up to 32 colourants and additive components—have an output of over 1,000 litres of Inks, distributable across pails or drums using a double scale; 30kg scale with a readability of up to 1g and 1,500Kg scale with a readability of up to 2g. The automated production line also comes equipped with full traceability conforming to ISO food certifications, registration of formulas and processing history—with optional customisation of dosage parameters to optimise production times and conditions when required—and production reports throughout the process. Powered by IM GROUP’s industry 4.0 technology, twenty pumps are dedicated to flexo Inks specifically for food packaging.

A newly added feature of the installation is the double semi-automatic stirring system, which includes the “Stirplus” stand-alone mixer, manufactured by sister company IEC+ (a member of IM GROUP), to guarantee the correct mixing of spot-colours for all production formats.

“The P32 is amongst Inkmaker’s top-of-the range systems designed for maximum efficiency and output,” explained Alessandro Tallone, Area Sales Manager for IM GROUP responsible for securing the project, “together with Inkmaker’s Polare twin-mixing offset station, which we installed here in 2021, this equipment will ensure that Samograph, will continue to be a leader in its fields. We’d like to thank Samograph for their loyal support and look forward to working with them soon on their next projects.”

Samograph, a leading manufacturer and distributor of inks and materials for the graphic arts for over two decades, specialises in various printing techniques and in the supply of spot colours in southern Italy for; conventional offset inks, offset food inks, UV-offset inks, UV flexo and flexo water-based inks in both the commercial and technical-scientific industries. It is renowned for its quality, efficiency and innovation, having attained numerous certifications amongst which are the GMP (good manufacturing practices) certifications for all its company processes, as well as ISO; 9001-14001 and 45001.

“This is the third Inkmaker automatic-dosing system from IM GROUP that Samograph has invested in over the past two years. Their accuracy, speed and reliability coupled with the power of their software, traceability and ink returns is unrivalled,” said Salvatore Montella, director of SAMOGRAPH, “we have been very satisfied with the results to date and are looking forward to start production of our water-based flexo inks.”

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